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Default Karen Vermeiren: Flair magazine (Belgium)

Fans of the opulently proportioned goddess Karen Vermeiren will be delighted to learn that she appears in the latest issue of Flair magazine, which is the Belgian equivalent of Glamour or Marie Claire. The magazine is running a nationwide plus-size model competition, and since Karen is the most beautiful full-figured model on the European continent, Flair has selected her to be the role model of the campaign.

In the current issue, Karen appears in a two-page spread, featuring a brand-new interview with the model, along with a gorgeous image that fans have seen before.

For anyone who speaks Flemish, here are the full-size scans of pages one and two of the editorial, which appear at a sufficiently high resolution to render the text legible.

However, for readers who do not have a grasp of the Flemish language, we are fortunate to have obtained a translation of the interview in question, so that Karen's countless fans on this side of the Atlantic can learn a little bit more about this very popular model:

* * *

Shy, but enthusiastic

Four years ago, someone informed me that the Belgian brand Xandres was looking for a full-figured, life-embracing young woman.

I thought it was a silly idea at first. I mean, me, a model? But somehow it stayed on my mind.

I did the shoot with Xandres and it was great! I went home feeling a bit self-conscious, but oh-so-proud of the result!

I thought that it would be just this one time that they would ask me, but soon after the Xandres shoot, another client booked me. It was just a matter of time before I ended up signing with the Dutch model agency Ego's, in Amsterdam.

Currently I am traveling around the world shooting magazines and catalogues. Most of the time I am in Denmark, because plus sizes are very common there.


I've been always full-figured, except when I was a baby. I was extremely tiny, so my grandmother encouraged me to eat.

I wear a European size 46, but it's never been a problem for me. I feel terrific, and since my modeling began, my self-esteem has gotten a huge boost -- which is great, of course!

A lot of plussize women write to me about my modeling and adore every step I make. I hope I can motivate full-figured women to feel good about themselves, and to be proud of their appearance. Don't hide yourselves!

Daily schedule

A typical daily schedule would be: At 4 a.m. I have to get up and drive to the airport to catch a flight between 6 and 7 in the morning, then take a taxi to the final location. Then make-up, styling, hair, accessories, and at last work, work, work!

I am back home or in the hotel by about midnight -- and no late nights for me. I also teach music in high school, and I am a professional opera singer. I am always busy!

Ice, ice baby!

I once had a photoshoot on an old boat in Copenhagen. It was the summer/spring collection and they decided to do this shoot on the boat. It was like -20C, and they asked me to lean over the metal and act as if it was very warm and fun. It was so cold that my skin became frostbitten. But you always have to have a big smile on your face and no complaining, because that would be unprofessional!

As a matter of fact, I still believe that those pictures are the best I've ever made.

It's not always easy, but the result makes it all worth it. And you get to travel, see new places, meet wonderful people, and learn about different cultures.

Enthusiasm, that's what life's about.

Live your dreams, and go for it!

* * *

Here is a larger version of the exciting picture that comes with the article. The outfit is a tad too contemporary, but wraps close to Karen's body, making the image intensely seductive. One clearly sees the attractive fullness of the model's waist. The model's pose heightens the effect, as she positions her profile specifically to display her full waist, as if it were every bit as alluring as her buxom curves--which it assuredly is. No "shapewear" diminishes her contours. The proportions suggest the sensual heaviness of the model's figure, the irresistible sense of her weight.

Click to enlarge

A closer view shows the loveliness of the model's facial features, which look particularly youthful her. The languid look in her eyes is particularly compelling, an indolent glance in which the model simultaneously evidences her self-satisfaction, and asks for pleasurable diversions. She has the magnetic beauty of the sensualist who is completely comfortable with her indulgent tendencies--an essentially feminine identity.

Click to enlarge

At this site, we have been honoured to follow Ms. Vermeiren's career from her very first campaign, and her modelling success over the past several years has been truly encouraging. Karen represents a new generation of genuine plus-size models who are doing away with continental Europe's lamentable use of overly tall faux-plus mannequins, and are emerging as more authentically representative models.

With her beauty and her opulent proportions, Karen is a true goddess, and we look forward to her future campaigns.

- Karen Vermeiren galleries

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