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Old 19th March 2009   #1
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Default Kailee: Anna Scholz SS '09

Almost a year ago, I remember reading on this forum about Kailee O'Sullivan's forthcoming campaign for plus-size designer Anna Scholz,

and I'm delighted to see that this campaign has finally debuted.

In the past, Anna Scholz campaigns have been a little too...bizarre for me. But Kailee is obviously a good influence on their team, because this campaign goes more for beauty.

The best images are the three gorgeous wallpapers of Kailee that turn up in rotation on the Anna Scholz homepage. Or, you can view them individually. The first one is particularly pretty.

but you can find many more lovely pictures throughout the site.

I like Kailee's dress in this picture:

The flowers in the hair are such pretty details.

More from the collection:

The best images are the ones that capitalize on Kailee's buxom figure.

You can see the rest at the Anna Scholz site:
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Old 19th May 2009   #2
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Default Re: Kailee: Anna Scholz SS '09

I found another image of Kailee modelling the Anna Scholz collection at the Web site of Big Is Beautiful magazine:

The site also features several Anna Scholz adverts. I love her dramatic expression in the image on the left here:

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Old 22nd May 2009   #3
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Default Re: Kailee: Anna Scholz SS '09

I love the style of these photos. Very creative and high end. Very seventies and very feminine with the flowers in the hair and I like the flowing lines of the clothes. Kailee is the right model to show them off.
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Old 24th June 2009   #4
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Default Re: Kailee: Anna Scholz SS '09

Kailee's campaign for Anna Scholz has produced a slew of visual masterpieces, many of which we have already featured either as part of her two-part profile, or to illustrate related posts.

Here, however, are a few more close-ups from Miss O'Sullivan's shoot that deserve attention. You may click on the images to view the product pages, which include large, full-length versions of the photographs in question.

First of all, we see Kailee in an Anna Scholz wrap dress. The pose and expression are very interesting, and the wrap style is ideal for curvy figures. But what really makes this image notable is the floral-ornamented hairstyle.

Click to enlarge

There are no hair accessories quite as enchanting as flowers--or, in this case, flower petals. They add a captivatingly feminine touch--highly romantic, and very Old World. They appear frequently in paintings of beautiful women from past centuries, but not as often in modern fashion. With the floral ornamentation in her hair and her soft, full facial features, Kailee appears to have stepped right out of a 19th-century canvas. Her languid, inward-looking expression with heavily lidded eyes makes the image seem almost dream-like.

Click to enlarge

Kailee achieves a completely different effect in the following photograph. Here, her expression is more passionate, her eyes wide, her lips parted. The hairstyle amplifies this effect, with the loose tendrils of hair falling over her face suggesting wild abandon. The glimpse of decolletage raises the temperature still further.

Click to enlarge

Perhaps the most original pose in the series is the following, with Kailee gracefully negotiating with her attractive, wide-brimmed chapeau (an excellent accessory), touching it in a very delicate, feminine manner. Notice the fairness of her neck area and arms, and how soft and sensually untoned those limbs appear.

Click to enlarge

A closer look offers a better sense of Kailee's fascinating expression. Once again, her eyes are heavily lidded in a languid, sensual manner. (The eyeshadow accentuates the seductiveness.) And notice the hungry pout of her lips. This is the darker side of Kailee's art, her "evil princess" identity. Her expression seems appetitive, even carnal. She creates the impression of a young woman of wealth and status who has fixed her eyes on something--or someone--she desires. And for a moment, her alluring greed is nakedly visible.

Click to enlarge

Then, in the blink of an eye, Miss O'Sullivan transforms back into an angel of light. Sometimes the most attractive image is the simplest--at least, when a model is as naturally beautiful as Kailee. This close-up shows her looking fresh-faced and youthful, her peaches-and-cream complexion the very picture of natural health, seemingly glowing with an inner light. But this is not an innocent image, for her features do look soft and full, sensually well-fed, and her eyes, ever-so-slightly narrowed, still suggest a hint of feline seductiveness. Her golden tresses flow around her face in a romantic manner.

Click to enlarge

A wider view shows how well the peach-hued outfit compliments her fair complexion. Her pose, with the bust displayed, and with the curve of her hip thrust slightly outwards, is self-assured and striking.

Click to enlarge

Does Kailee not resemble Barbara Brickner to an uncommon degree in the following picture? It is as if someone gave her the specific challenge to echo Barbara's work. The downward-looking, eyes-nearly-closed expression is a Barbara signature, her trademark "modest" look that actually augments her attractiveness. And even the hairstyle, the length and arrangement, is familiar from countless Nordstrom pictures. The look suits Kailee very well. And the sleeveless dress is very becoming on her, with the neckline offering a glimpse of decolletage, and the frills adding a romantic element that is ideal for timeless beauties.

Click to enlarge

Romantic frills and ruffles (always beautiful) are also what make the following Anna Scholz dress quite appealing. It has an agreeable rustic quality that one sooner associates with North American designers than with European labels. The most engaging element is the wide-open neckline, which displays a generous expanse of the wearer's soft, white shoulders--and when those shoulders are as pretty as Kailee's, they become the most effective accessories of all. Kailee's pose is intriguing--a "Come hither, if you dare" look of both challenge and invitation.

Click to enlarge

Although the following item is formless, Kailee nevertheless gives it considerable visual interest with her eye-catching pose. The arm over the shoulder amplifies the sense of the model being lost in her own thoughts--compelling the viewer to wonder about the nature of those reflections.

Click to enlarge

A closer view shows that her expression here is both thoughtful and very gentle. This is the most youthful-looking image in the series. Her eyes are half-open, wider than in the other "reflective" poses in this campaign. Those eyes make one ask, "What could she be thinking about?" The luxurious tresses, framing her face in romantic waves, significantly augment her beauty.

Click to enlarge

A direct, head-on gaze from Kailee arrests viewers in their tracks. Her eyes have an almost hypnotic effect, commanding one's undivided attention. The gaze communicates self-possession, confidence, and intelligence, yet it is not overly aggressive, for the model knows just how to inject a hint of softness and vulnerability to sweeten the effect.

Click to enlarge

Fittingly for such an exuberant print, here Kailee strikes a curvy, spiraling pose. The passion seems to well up from inside her, expressing itself in a song. The model's business with the dress is an inspired idea.

Click to enlarge

And finally, here Kailee's expression is somewhat more wry, even skeptical. Just as an earlier image showed her most baby-like aspect, this is her most worldly expression, the demeanour of someone who has seen and heard it all. The romantic hairstyle is, as ever, enticing, the band in the hair being an especially attractive touch.

Click to enlarge

Extraordinary work from Kailee--but one would expect no less from one of the industry's brightest and most beautiful stars. And, as others have mentioned, a special word of praise goes to Anna Scholz, both for selecting such a gorgeous model for its campaign, and for shooting her in an attractive way. Past campaigns from this designer have sometimes veered into modernist territory that is unsuitable for plus-size beauty, but in these images the company allowed Miss O'Sullivan's timeless look to shine.

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Default Re: Kailee: Anna Scholz SS '09

I adore the image where Kailee has the flower petals in her hair. That is such a magical touch, and it suits her perfectly. And in the picture with the wide-brimmed hat, I love her glance to the side. Its very mysterious. I really do see all kinds of new depth in her work ever since I read her profile.

For Kailee fans, it is definitely worth being on the Anna Scholz mailing list. She sends out updates from time to time with new images.

Heres one that I received recently:

It features an image of a new blue dress:

And I got this one just the other day;

The coat is brand new. I usually wouldnt be too interested in this item, but the way in which Kailee wears it is very sexy, with the open cleavage. I like how the necklace leads the eye in that direction. And the hairstyle is beautiful.

Kailee did an amazing job for Anna Scholz.
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Default Re: Kailee: Anna Scholz SS '09

The spring/summer season is almost over, but Kailee admirers will enjoy seeing two more images that recently turned up from her Anna Scholz campaign.

One of these is a close-up showing Miss O'Sullivan giving the camera a captivating look. One of the things that never fails to impress fans about Kailee's work is that her poses and expressions are never forced or "stagy," never overdone. They are always natural and convincingly authentic, like snapshots of real-life expressions, except portrayed in an artful manner. She achieves more interest with subtle inflections than most models can manage with over-the-top expressions. To be so effective at her craft at such a young age is a remarkable testament to her talent and abilities. The flowing strawberry-blonde hairstyle effectively frames her lovely facial features.

Here are two full-length images that appeared in a banner long before the campaign officially debuted. These pictures were never posted on the AS site. Observe, in the image on the left, how enticing Kailee makes her trenchcoat appear by posing in a seductive manner, allowing her figure to form the coat into an attractive, curvaceous shape. By allowing the coat to display her buxom contours, she shows how such a garment can be made to look feminine rather than formless. And in the image on the right, notice how Kailee seductively plays with her tresses, intensifying the allure of the image. Kailee is just as accomplished at full-body movement and graceful stances as she is at striking intriguing facial expressions.

You can find the pictured items at the Anna Scholz site:

- Anna Scholz Online

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