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Old 9th June 2009   #1
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Default Justline Legault interview at

I just discovered a too-short but absolutely terrific new interview with Quebec beauty Justine Legault, at the 14+ portal of LouLou magazine online:

They chose the perfect picture to go with it- a LouLou page that shows her looking steamy-eyed and drop-dead gorgeous.

I really, really like Justine, based on the interview. She says that she likes travelling, and nature (and that she even lives in the countryside):

What do you like to do when you’re not modeling?

Lots of things. I love animals and nature. My family has a dairy farm. I also like to travel and experience different cultures.

But my favourite is the answer that she gives here:

What do like most about your job?

I like that I can eat. I can have fun and be the way I am. I can show other women that there are other sizes out there. Plus size women can still be fashionable.

It's always such a pleasure to hear plus-size models openly say that they love to eat.

Hmm. Food, nature, travel- she reminds me of Christina Schmidt and Kailee. I'll bet that a lot of the top plus-size models share these interests, because they're unmodern pursuits, and are some of the real pleasures of life.
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Old 11th June 2009   #2
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Default Re: Justline Legault interview at

The interview is simply wonderful. It's not surprising to discover that Mlle Legault's fashion icon is Sophie Dahl, as she resembles her more than a little. In fact, Justine gives the industry a rare opportunity for a Sophie Dahl do-over, except that this time the model in question will (hopefully) not starve herself into a minus size, but will remain gorgeously curvy.

The interview's revelations about Justine's love of food, travel, and nature are simply delightful. The fact that she grew up in an agrarian setting no doubt contributes much to her beauty. She has a farm girl's flawless, milk-white complexion, and radiates a health that is untouched by urban depredation.

This thread provides us with an ideal opportunity to share one of Justine's stunning test photos, a headshot that is among the most gorgeous images that any model has ever created. Her facial features exhibit babylike softness in this picture. Her cheeks glow with just a hint of a flush. Her coral-pink lips look full, but not overly so, slightly parted in a sensual manner. Her gaze is direct but gentle and inviting, not challenging. The wisps of blonde hair framing her face create an illusion of motion from a faint, warm breeze. The expanse of Justine's unclothed form is, of course, highly alluring. And the flower and green laurel around her neck are a touch of styling brilliance, making her seem to be an incarnation of natural beauty, the prettiest blossom of nature's garden of delights.

Justine's beauty never fails to melt fans' hearts, and her new interview demonstrates that her personality is just as radiant. We hope that all of her dreams of modelling success come true.

- Click to view larger

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Old 3rd October 2009   #3
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Default Re: Justline Legault interview at

If there is any goddess who deserves to be seen more frequently, it is Justine Legault. She has the look of a true supermodel--more so than any other currently working plus-size beauty--but in a luscious, size-14 incarnation. With her fair features and soft, feminine appearance, she is the epitome of the timeless ideal.

We are delighted to be able to share two new pictures of Mlle Legault from her Winter 2009 campaign for Sportive Plus, a full-figured activewear label in Quebec. The results of this campaign do not yet appear on the company site, but we have obtained two images in advance of the promotion.

First, here is Justine looking like a living angel. The light colours of the jacket and toque complement her sapphire eyes. The delicate blues harmonize with her heavenly blonde tresses. Her fair complexion endows her with a truly Nordic look, one that is accentuated by the northern attire. Her features look so delicate, so baby-soft and gentle, that even in sub-zero temperatures the sight of this goddess would warm anyone's heart. She is the epitome of an "ice princess"; yet the sweetness of her expression, and the fur trim of her jacket, offer a promise of coziness as well. This may be the most gorgeous winter-themed image that any model has ever created.

Another Sportive image, this one from Justine's portfolio, shows the model looking utterly adorable. Here, her expression is a shade less innocent, more mischievous and coy. Although neither jacket offers a view of her figure, the silhouette offers a tantalizing suggestion of her sumptuous, pear-shaped proportions. Despite the ostensibly "sportive" nature of the outwear, Justine creates the enticing impression of a goddess who joins ski trips not for physical activity of any kind, but rather to lounge in the chalet and to be adored by countless male admirers--to be seen looking chic and breathtakingly beautiful, the dream-girl who resides in the core of the human psyche.

Like every image that Justine creates, these new photos for Sportive Plus testify to the superlative beauty and extraordinary talent of one of Canada's two most gorgeous models (the other being Christina Schmidt). Fans earnestly hope to see more of Justine in the near future.

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Default Re: Justline Legault interview at

Justine is almost impossibly gorgeous. SO curvy, and with a face that's more beautiful than any supermodel past or present. She looks delicate and almost childlike in that picture with the wreath around her next, but she has a womanly figure to go with it. It's a breathtaking combination. Her beauty is truly transcendent - anyone, whatever their size bias, would have to acknowledge that she's stunning.

Justine's pictures are now on the Sportive Plus site. Here's the first product, the blue jacket - the one that makes her look like an ice princess:

And here's the snow parka:

Whatever the weather conditions, the temperature anywhere in the vicinity of Justine would be hot.
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