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Default Charlotte Coyle in Glamour!

What a thrill it is for plus-size-beauty aficionados to see Wilhelmina superstar Charlotte Coyle in the editorial pages of Glamour magazine in the August 2009 issue. Glamour has a fine track record of enlisting the services of the industry's most desirable models, and with this appearance, the magazine has reached a new zenith.

The image is one of Glamour's well-known "Before and After" features, and jaws will drop as fans see the glory of Miss Coyle's curves in this picture. Charlotte quite simply possesses the best figure of any model in the industry today, and no goddess has ever filled out a pair of jeans as desirably as she does here. The fitted denim pants define her luscious thighs, the womanly curve of her hips, and, most seductive of all, the generous swell of her abdomen (a singularly alluring figure feature).

Although this is not always the case in Glamour's comparison photos, here the "After" image is indisputably superior, and we are even pleased to preserve the text, as it is genuinely size-positive. The top is not as fitted as one would like, but, as is only right in a denim-oriented image, the emphasis in this picture is on Charlotte's curvaceous hips and legs. The advice is absolutely correct--the more closely-fitted the jeans, the more sensual the overall look will be. While straight-size models need to wear baggy clothing to disguise their stick-thin limbs, goddesses like Miss Coyle, blessed with opulent feminine proportions, should wear attire as snug as possible in order to look terrific--as she vividly does.

Since this is an image of Charlotte, perhaps the most attractive model currently working, it is worth zooming in for a closer look. Her faraway gaze is soft and sweet, but brimming with wit and personality. Her princess-like tresses cascade over her shoulders in a mass of gold. Her pink lipstick adds just the right youthful, girlish touch, and complements her fair complexion.

It is a thrill to be seeing more of the exciting Charlotte Coyle in recent weeks, from her acclaimed Monif C campaign to her Wilhelmina test images to this stunning appearance in Glamour. One only wishes that the magazine had given her a multi-page fashion editorial; but this is a step in the right direction. Glamour's diet ads and mixed messages are a deeply regrettable part of the magazine, but one must applaud it for featuring such a lovely and genuinely full-figured model.

Fans are now eager to see even more of Miss Coyle's thrilling work. She may be the most subversively gorgeous plus-size model working today.

- A Panegyric

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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle in Glamour!

Originally Posted by HSG
Charlotte quite simply possesses the best figure of any model in the industry today, and no goddess has ever filled out a pair of jeans as desirably as she does here.
So true! Charlotte is absolutely GORGEOUS in that photo. Only she could look that good in one of Glamour's "before and after" pictures. I've always adored her long blonde hair and ultra-beautiful face, but I especially admire the fact that she is a true plus-size model with a genuinely curvaceous figure, who has NOT starved herself into a faux-plus size, but remained womanly and sexy. She is so empowering and inspirational. I keep hoping to see more plus-size models who are above a size 14, and indisputably beautiful.

And it's true- the page does offer a good fashion tip. Charlotte looks ten times better in closely-fitted jeans than in loose ones.

The picture comparison also makes another important point. Notice the difference in hairstyles. Another key reason why Charlotte looks SO much better in the "after" picture is because she's wearing her hair long, loose, and flowing, showing off those amazing tresses. In the "before" photo she has her hair tied back, invisible, and that detracts from the look.
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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle in Glamour!

Let's face it: Anyone, anyone would have to acknowledge that Charlotte is (to use the popular term) "hot." She just is. And as such, she represents the real way that curvy women think about themselves today.

Today's full-figured girls don't see themselves as matronly "best friend" types and nothing more; they see themselves as voluptuous vixens. Charlotte embodies their self-image.

And the best thing about it is that all of her beauty is matched with an undeniably plus-size figure. She proves, beyond a doubt, that girls don't need to lose a pound, not an inch, to be ultra-glamorous, even in casual attire. Charlotte's figure is far more seductive than that of any faux-plus model.

If the industry wants to attract new customers, especially among the younger generation, Charlotte's is the image that they should put forward.
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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle in Glamour!

The before-and-after comparison of Charlotte Coyle is now online at the Glamour site:

I think Glamour became aware that its "before" images were sometimes outshining its "after" images, so this time the magazine made sure to create as poorly styled a "before" image as possible, so that there would be no question that the "after" image was an improvement.

And not only it is amazing to see how gorgeous Charlotte is in that "after" photo, but the comparison vividly proves how much of a difference a more beautiful hairstyle, wardrobe, and confident attitude can make.

I have no doubt that there are many curvy women who could be far more beautiful than they think they are, if only they would devote their resources to dressing themselves well instead of wasting their money on starvation techniques.

Charlotte really does have the most womanly, curvaceous figure of any current plus-size model, and those jeans show it off. Every time she appears anywhere, her images cause a sensation. I wish she would get even more exposure.
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