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Default Alba Ruiz (Biluzik)

For several seasons now, (particularly S/S '08 and F/W '08,) fans have enthused about the size-positive campaigns of Biluzik, the "Spanish Torrid," and particularly about the curvy appearance of its well-fed young model.

We are now delighted to be able to identify this goddess by name. She is Alba Ruiz, and may be the most attractive Spanish model since Goya immortalized Doņa Isabel de Porcel in his most celebrated depiction of feminine beauty.

Alas, Miss Ruiz appears in only three images in Biluzik's S/S '09 campaign, but oh, those images are stunning.

Pride of place goes to this captivating denim photo. Alba rivals Charlotte Coyle as the most exciting denim model we have yet seen. Notice how snugly her pants fit her, how closely they embrace her thighs, as if she was barely able to fit these jeans onto her luscious legs.

Click to enlarge

If we come in closer, we see that Alba has adopted a captivating expression. The parted mouth is a sensual touch, and the opulent fullness of her face is extremely alluring. Her cheeks are as soft and plump as ripe peaches. The hairstyle is seductive as well, with the hair flowing flirtatiously over one eye. Also, the model's heavily-lidded gaze is languid and inviting. It's thrilling to see a model who is so genuinely full-figured presenting herself in such a boldly confident manner, being so calmly provocative, so sure of her ability to enslave the viewer's heart.

Click to enlarge

We aren't particularly fond of this striped top, but the following image once again shows the opulent fullness of the model's thighs and womanly hips. Only models as generously proportioned as Charlotte Coyle and Miss Ruiz can make denim items look this good.

Click to enlarge

A closer view shows us the soft fullness of the model's arms, which look as round and smooth as those of a sculpture of a Classical goddess. Again, the fleshiness of the model's facial features makes her extraordinarily desirable. In this case, the model didn't even need to adopt an alluring expression. Her coy, bewitching smile is enticement enough.

Click to enlarge

There is always a relaxed confidence about Alba, a palpable sense of her comfort with her weight, which makes her utterly compelling.

Click to enlarge

But this would not be a Biluzik campaign if the company were not pushing the envelope and showing the fashion industry how attractive a truly full figure can be. Here, in a behind-the-scenes photograph of the shoot, viewers witness the decadent richness of the model's proportions, particularly the opulence of her waist. Alba's figure has not diminished from previous seasons; rather, she has retained or augmented her embonpoint. Her top fits snugly over her every curve, the denim jacket suggesting her generous silhouette. The image also showcases the full beauty of her facial features, particularly the curve under her chin--that most attractive characteristic of plus-size beauty.

Click to enlarge

How one wishes that other companies would feature youthful models as pretty and generously proportioned as Alba. The world deserves to see that young girls can be full-figured and self-assuredly desirable--veritably in love with their own beauty. The persona that Miss Ruiz creates in her Biluzik campaigns is of a young woman who indulges herself freely, who denies herself no pleasures, and who is confident of being able to attract any man she wants. And that is the true identity of today's voluptuous vixens.

Bravo to Biluzik for another size-positive promotion.

(Click images to enlarge.)


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