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Old 5th September 2009   #1
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Default Skinny thighs unhealthy (article)

Here's yet another study that confirms what basic common sense should tell anyone - that being thin is unhealthy for women, and being full-figured is natural and advantageous.

A new study proves that having thin thighs is unhealthy - and not just a little unhealthy, but quite seriously so.

Here are the facts:

At last, good news for anyone who ever despaired of fitting into skinny jeans: Thin thighs might actually kill you. Or at least put a strain on your heart.

That’s the word from Danish researchers who studied more than 2,800 middle-aged people for up to a dozen years, only to find that those with the slimmest thighs had the highest chance of heart disease and premature death.

“There was up to a double risk for the people with the smallest thighs,” said Dr. Berit L. Heitmann, a director of research at Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark. “It’s quite substantial.”

People whose thighs measured less than 60 centimeters, or about 23.6 inches in circumference, were in trouble. And those with stick-thin gams (less than 18 inches around) were at the greatest risk, according to new study in the online version of the British Medical Journal.

By that measure, supermodels everywhere would be in grave danger

How sad that some women feel uncomfortable about having large thighs. Women are naturally predisposed to have fullness in this area - for good reason, as it turns out. Full, curvaceous thighs are beautiful figure features, and markers of health too - as are all features of plus-size beauty in women.

When will society finally realize that full-figured women are more beautiful and healthier than their underweight rivals? The fact that women have generous appetites is nature's way to give them the inclination to be plus-size, because that's their most attractive and healthiest condition.

Instead of fighting their natural instincts to be curvy, women should embrace them.
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Old 5th September 2009   #2
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Default Re: Skinny thighs unhealthy (article)

How interesting. This reminds me of another study that we discussed on this forum in 2007:

"Shapely hips and thighs hold essential nutrients that nurse brains and could produce smart kids, too," said one researcher, Steven Gaulin, of the University of California at Santa Barbara.

So not only are women with luscious hips and thighs healthier, their babies are healthier, too.
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Old 29th September 2009   #3
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Skinny thighs unhealthy (article)

Further on the health side, here's a new item that is a rare entity - an article that is mostly free of mixed messages, and is quite size-positive.

The title sets the tone right away:

"Why being a plus size is good for you"
That's right. Not just "okay," but good for you.

Here are some highlights:

What people don't realise is that being a "fuller" woman is healthier than you could possibly imagine.

"The human body requires a certain amount of f** to function. When we force the body to extremes by starving and strenuous exercising, it switches over to its contingency plans in order to keep you alive...The heart is affected first, and later the nervous system and the internal organs," affirms Jacob.

According to Namita Jain, a Mumbai-based wellness expert, dieting can be worse for women than men. "Unmindful dieting can also lead to malnourishment, making the body vulnerable to many medical problems. Nutrients form the hormones in the body. So, when the body doesn't get enough nourishment it starts developing hormonal imbalances resulting in problems like disturbances in the menstrual cycle. It could also affect the bone health, leading to osteoporosis at a very early stage in life."

...A woman should have at least 8 to 11 per cent f** on her body and a man should have at least 4 per cent f** on his body. Beyond this can be good, but lesser can be detrimental."

Many of us have got so used to the fear of gaining weight that we overlook the blessings a few extra pounds bring with them.

Thinness is more of a fad and issue of self esteem than attractiveness and desirability, as men declare they are more attracted to women with fuller looks and natural curves...

People who are too thin may have a lowered immunity, making them more susceptible to picking up colds. They fall sick more often and take a longer time to recuperate than those who are a little overweight. Extra weight gives people the benefit of reserve f** and muscle, and therefore a stronger force of energy which helps them in fighting illness more effectively.

How refreshing to read an article which acknowledges something obvious, but what the media never acknowledges - that starving and exercising are harmful for women, and should be avoided.

It's also nice to see the article distinguishing between men and women, stating that women should be fuller, and men thinner. This accords with Classical ideals of beauty, which presented female goddesses as plus-size and men as muscular. Not only were those Greek ideals correct aesthetically, but health-wise as well.

The terminology in the article is excellent, especially when it refers to "the blessings [that] extra pounds bring with them" (in terms of health and beauty).

Also, notice that the article explains that any weight that is "beyond" the specifications is "good" (that's right - for women, it is literally good to be "over"weight), but a weight that is "lesser" than the specifications is "detrimental."

If only the media published more articles like this, women might finally realize that weight gain actually improves beauty and health, while diet-starvation and exercise-torture ruin both.
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Default Re: Generous thighs healthy (article)

Originally Posted by Hannah
How sad that some women feel uncomfortable about having large thighs. Women are naturally predisposed to have fullness in this area - for good reason, as it turns out. Full, curvaceous thighs are beautiful figure features, and markers of health too - as are all features of plus-size beauty in women.

Like plump upper arms, generous thighs are particularly attractive aspects of full-figured femininity. As is evident from Classical sculpture and Old Master paintings, the great artists of the past loved to depict their goddesses with luscious thighs. They did so not primarily because they realized that these features were attributes of health (although they undoubtedly intuited this, since women with emaciated thighs were very obviously sickly looking, and still are). Rather, they did so because they considered these features sensual and beautiful. And so they are.

The studies cited in this thread offer ample grounds for plus-size models to be photographed with an emphasis on their full thighs; not to have these features hidden, or disguised, or minimized with Photoshop, but accentuated and celebrated. If women regularly viewed images of models with sumptuous thighs, they would feel comfortable, even proud, of possessing these figure features. They would feel beautiful--and healthy too.

Jeanna Crawford, well-fed former Wilhelmina girl, modelling for Penningtons several seasons ago. Notice how the image emphasizes her attractive, womanly, healthy thighs.

- A Baroque Venus with similarly opulent thighs

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