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Old 7th September 2009   #1
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Default Men prefer curves; women think men don't (study)

Here is an astounding new article that demonstrates just how misguided women are when it comes to knowing what figure-types men actually prefer.

The title of the article makes the point:

85% of Single Men Would Date Heavy Women; 90% of Single Women Feel Men Can't See Past a Few Extra Pounds

That explains a LOT about what is wrong with society when it comes to appreciating feminine curves. Men DO love full-figured women - but women just dont believe this.

Here is the link:

And the facts:

A whopping 85% of single men professed their love for heavier women...

Since the beginning of time, men and women have failed to understand each other and this latest poll shows that this continues. While the majority of men have no issue with an "over"weight woman, 90% of women think men find extra weight unattractive, and that heavy women have a much harder time dating.

"These poll results show such a significant discrepancy in the way men feel about dating overweight women, and what women think men are looking for when it comes to relationships. Unfortunately, these types of misconceptions between the sexes are extremely common, and result in a lot of missed dating and relationship opportunities," said Shira Zwebner... "At the end of the day, what's important to men is that the women they date be open and receptive to being loved and to giving love, not whether or not they're a perfect size zero. And once "over"weight women realize that men aren't looking for a thin woman, they'll have a lot more self-confidence when dating, which will ultimately result in more successful romances."

Some of you will be thinking - "Do they just mean 'overweight' as in faux-plus?" The answer is NO. The survey specifically determined just how full-figured a woman can be for men to find her attractive. Here is the result:

if you would date an overweight woman, how heavy can she be?

Following are the complete results:

She can be obe**; it doesn't matter as long as I love her: 79.9%

So not only are 85% of men attracted to "over"weight women, nearly 80% even find so-called "obe**" women attractive!

In other words, the vast majority of men even find women who are way beyond "plus-size" absolutely gorgeous.

And yet almost all women dont accept this. 90% are of the delusion that men only find thin women attractive.

Its just appalling.

It shows, once again, how terribly brainwashed women are by the media about what ideal beauty really is, and about who men actually find attractive.
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Old 23rd September 2009   #2
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Default Re: Men prefer curves; women think men don't (study)

Originally Posted by MelanieW
It shows, once again, how terribly brainwashed women are by the media about what ideal beauty really is, and about who men actually find attractive.

The media have a lot to do with it, even beyond the anorexic images of women that are all over the screen. I've seen countless shows scripted to make it seem as if men are against women being heavier. I had hope for a while when "Rescue Me" did a bit on a firefighter's affair with a plus-size woman. The rest of the house really came down on him (unlikely in real life, I would think), and he dumped her. The arc ended when he realized she was the best thing that had happened to his love life, and he tried to go back to her; but she had moved on, and was with another man.

Other than that, it's rare to find size-positive mass media.
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Old 11th October 2009   #3
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Thumbs up Re: Men prefer curves; women think men don't (study)

I remember when Cindy Crawford was all the rage. I looked at her, leaned my head to the right, then over to the left . . . and I just didn't see it.

She was just too thin! She wasn't the least bit attractive to me. So I started casually bringing the question up to my brother and friends.

I was shocked at how many felt the way I did. "Too thin" was pretty much the universal consensus. None of them found her really attractive.

We joked, "You'd be afraid to hug her. You might break something."

But women couldn't believe we felt that way. They thought we were just making it up, like we were playing some kind of practical joke on them.

It was kind of insulting really. We were actually accused of lying when we said we preferred fuller figured women to women Crawford's size.
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Old 19th October 2009   #4
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Default Re: Men prefer curves; women think men don't (study)

And to think, some people actually consider Ms. Crawford a curvaceous model! No offense intended, but I never did see it myself!
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Old 29th October 2009   #5
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Default Re: Men prefer curves; women think men don't (study)

There is simply no end to the evidence that most men prefer fuller-figured women. Another new study out of Britain confirms this:

The point:

Why curves will get you a man

Survey finds men like plump partners

Posted: Tuesday 27 Oct 2009

DON'T guilt yourself over that mid-afternoon sugar hit - it turns out men prefer curvy woman to stick-thin size-zeros.
A survey of more than a thousand people found a staggering 89 per cent of men...preferred a bed partner with more meat on their bones.

Respondents to the Silentnight survey felt curvier partners were more considerate of their feelings, try harder to impress, are more "giving" and have "more to love" than their stick-thin rivals...

There's even some science behind the preference. Apparently skinny people have more pressure points where blood settles in their body - forcing them to toss and turn more frequently than their plumper counterparts.

It all results in an interrupted night's sleep.

Silentnight sleep scientist Iftikhar Mirza said: “Curvy women all over should be feeling pretty happy right now.”

Still more reason for girls to stop punishing themselves with exercise-torture, and to just enjoy life's pleasures. Doing so actually improves their appeal.
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Old 31st October 2009   #6
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Default Re: Men prefer curves; women think men don't (study)

Originally Posted by Luminosa
And to think, some people actually consider Ms. Crawford a curvaceous model! No offense intended, but I never did see it myself!

That's exactly right. People compare yesterday's supermodels favourably with today's anorexics, but those size-6 models were underweight too. It's an indication of just how much the fashion industry has warped public minds that yesterday's models, who were already emaciated, seem "better" just because today's models are even more horribly corpse-like and malnourished.

It's like saying one lethal narcotic is "okay" just because it's a shade less fatal than an even worse narcotic. BOTH are toxic.

An article mentioned this just the other day:

As the writer says:

I think these magazines and fashion people, along with outrageously scrawny celebrities, are a big part of what's causing our young girls to develop a higher incidence of body hatred and eating disorders.

I witnessed what these images can do to a young woman while attending college in the '80s — when the term “supermodel” first came into vogue.

Many times I watched a girl diet herself to illness...fretting over each little thing she managed to swallow.

Some left college, their parents placing them in treatment centers for eating disorders.

The entire culture focused on thinness and grew into an unhealthy mess that continues and worsens today, affecting even younger girls.

So let's not have any revisionist history and pretend that the supermodels of the '80s were "healthy." They were severely underweight too - just not quite as literally skeletal as today's waifs. But that's just a question of degrees - BOTH types of "supermodels" are harmful.

Really, there is no reason for any model to be any skinnier than a faux-plus model. Many of the models who are passed off as "plus-size" today should be what companies use to represent straight-size fashion, and then the actual plus-size models should be TRULY plus (size 16 or better).

And the waifs, honestly, should just go and eat something, for goodness' sake.
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Old 29th December 2009   #7
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Default Re: Men prefer curves; women think men don't (study)

No question that the fashion industry has pulled a devious and sinister trick by diminishing models' sizes to the point where people look back on yesterday's so-called supermodels and consider them "curvy." Those models were underweight then, and they are still underweight today. The fact that the standard has gone from an 8 to a 6 to an emaciated 2 or 0 doesn't change the reality that a size 8 was, and still is, far below the natural, median size for women. To call models the size of yesterday's supermodels "plus-size" is a grotesque deception, and an insult to full-figured women. Plus-size models should, at the very least, be over a size 14--large enough to actually purchase plus-size clothing.

But let's come back to the original article in this thread, which reaches such a dismaying conclusion about women's seeming inability to believe in the male preference for plus-size beauty.

The fact that men prefer fuller-figured women has been widely reported. What hasn't been acknowledged, until now, is that men are attracted to women who are truly plus-size, not just "Christina Hendricks size" (which isn't full-figured at all).

So why do women refuse to believe this? Much of it may have to do with how plus-size women are depicted in the media. In the fashion world, they are all but invisible. In film and television, they are shown as the frumpy "best friend," not the girlfriend; the marginal outcast, plagued by body-image issues, riddled with low self-esteem, who sees herself as unlovable (and is often scripted to be just that). No wonder women refuse to acknowledge that men could be attracted to plus sizes. That's what the media has taught them to believe--and women, even more than men, have a tragic tendency to accept media propaganda as the gospel truth, as a genuine depiction of reality.

But the fact is that most men do not picture a frumpy Rosie O'Donnell when they yearn for a curvier beloved. Rather, they picture Kelsey Olson, or Shannon Marie, or Charlotte Coyle. They associate a fuller female figure with sexiness, with voluptuousness, with buxom seductiveness. And it doesn't diminish their attraction in the least if a goddess is a size 16 or a size 26. The soft, well-fed, feminine look is what they find irresistible.

If images of today's most popular full-figured models proliferated in the media, then women would believe that plus-size beauty represents the epitome of attractiveness for most men.

Consider this captivating image of Kelsey Olson, the loveliest and most popular plus-size model working today. With her flowing blonde hair, baby-blue eyes, soft figure, and soulful, faraway gaze, she seems to have materialized from a dream of ideal beauty--the dream that resides in every human heart. The tresses draw the eye towards her buxom curves in a gently sensual manner.

If full-figured girls thought to themselves "I look like Kelsey Olson," not "I look like Camryn Manheim," then they would see themselves as desirable, and attractive, and irresistible too. Anyone looking at Kelsey would have to acknowledge her as one of the most beautiful women of all time, and if they associated themselves with her look, even a little, they would realize that they were beautiful as well.

- Photograph by Michael Anthony Hermogeno

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