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Old 3rd November 2009   #1
M. Lopez
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Default JMS fashion show, with Melissa King (video)

Here's something rather exciting - a new fashion-show video put out by Just My Size. Apparently this fashion show was recently held in New York, and it promotes the company's new collection.

Here's the page link:

Featured is Melissa King, who looks stunning at her current, gorgeous size (size 18, according to a recent post on this forum). She looks like she really adores her figure.

Sarah Slick (Wilhelmina, size 14) opens the show, and while her print work hasn't been notable, on the runway she's something special. She has a host of terrific poses and expressions that show how delighted with herself she is. Her cuteness and confidence is infectious.

The first outfits are rather boring and formless, but more interesting looks appear toward the end of the show:

You can view a better-quality version in Quicktime:

I love the fact that the models are size 14 or better (much better). This is the size of girls that all plus-size retailers should be using - closer to FFFWeek than to those disappointing faux-plus European runway shows. Great job by JMS, and by the models.

I only wish that some of our favourites, like Kelsey, Kailee, Charlotte, etc., had appeared in the show too.

It also appears on YouTube:

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Old 9th November 2009   #2
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Default Re: JMS fashion show, with Melissa King (video)

Originally Posted by M. Lopez
I love the fact that the models are size 14 or better (much better). This is the size of girls that all plus-size retailers should be using - closer to FFFWeek than to those disappointing faux-plus European runway shows.

Yes! I heartily agree. Melissa makes a terrific showing in this runway event. She has never looked better, thanks to her more augmented curves. And she moves beautifully on the runway. The sleeveless dress that she models at the end is a pretty item.

Melissa is also in the November issue of Oprah's O magazine. Her picture from the issue also appears online at the Oprah site:

She looks gorgeous. It's a shame that with the coat overtop, the image doesn't really show off her luscious figure, but you can still perceive her generous curves. She's the living proof that nothing enhances a model's appearance, and makes her look more youthful, than acquiring richer proportions.
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Old 17th November 2009   #3
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Default Re: JMS fashion show, with Melissa King (video)

Just My Size deserves considerable praise for using genuinely full-figured models for this runway show. Model size is a persistent stumbling block on the full-figured-fashion catwalk, with many companies resorting to using faux-plus models--a decision that is insulting to their customers, and that renders the shows irrelevant to the promotion of the plus-size aesthetic.

However, this video, along with the acclaimed final runway presentation during FFFWeek, which featured Kailee O'Sullivan and Katherine Roll, stands out as a rare example of getting it right.

Melissa King is definitely the headliner of the show, and her figure has never been more gorgeous. Even in casual attire, as the following image demonstrates, her curves give her outfits shape. Look at how womanly her proportions appear--layered clothing notwithstanding--and how snugly her jeans fit her substantial legs.

With her buxom contours and full arms--exhibiting dimpled elbows--the richness of her physique is evident.

Ever since her acclaimed Gloria Vanderbilt ad of several season ago, Melissa has been a renowned model of denim attire, and the reasons for this are not hard to determine.

She looks like she was poured into her jeans, which fit her hips like a second skin, and define her generous shape.

Notice too, in this video, how good a runway model she is, moving smoothly and sinuously on the catwalk.

True plus-size models are far more effective on the runway than faux-plus girls--let alone minus-size waifs.

Note, in this image in particular, how tightly her jeans fit over her luscious thighs, their replete proportions clearly shown. With a sufficiently close fit, even casual outfits like this can look intensely seductive on an abundant figure.

Perhaps the most sensual outfit in the video is the following blouse/skirt combination. A wraparound design is always alluring, especially on a sumptuous figure like Melissa's.

What makes the blouse so irresistible is not merely how it emphasizes her buxom contours, but also how it defines her curvy waist. The model's poses are languorous and deliberate, as if seductively emphasizing this feature.

Melissa appears to be luxuriating in her curves in this outfit. This view shows the sensual swell of her waist, attractively unconstrained, as well as her reverse-view contours.

A turn at the end of the catwalk gives an alluring sense of the weight of the model's well-fed physique. Not even the skimpiest attire on a thinner model could be as seductive as the sight of this relatively conservative outfit on Melissa. The opulence of the figure is what makes it so attractive.

No question that Sarah Slick does a fine job in this show; however, stills cannot capture the brilliance of her runway technique. For that, one needs to see her in motion. So far, none of her print work has showcased her figure as well as this video does. Because she is very tall, she may need to go up a size, to match Charlotte Coyle's goddesslike proportions, in order to be fully effective in print. But her catwalk technique is brilliant, demonstrating the flair and Úlan of incomparable runway adepts like Kailee, Kelsey, and Christina.

Alas, the best outfit of the entire show is only seen in the final parade of models, but observe just how delicious Melissa appears in this sleeveless dress.

Her arms are so soft and round as to be overwhelmingly alluring, and the dress frames those limbs perfectly, drawing attention to their gorgeous fullness. Even though the dress is loose, the viewer still perceives the sensual heaviness of her figure beneath the fabric.

In the final lineup, showing all of the models applauding, the sumptuous fullness of Melissa's arms is evident.

And as she turns to depart, the camera catches one final glimpse of her rich proportions.

Props to JMS for selecting truly curvy models for this runway show, and for posting the video online for the general public to see, rather than merely keeping it "in house." And kudos to Melissa King for luxuriously augmenting her figure, and becoming more gorgeous than ever before. Fans have always appreciated Mrs. King as one of the shapelier of plus-size models, but with her current proportions, she has definitely become a talent to watch. We hope to see more of her work at this size in the near future, in images that boldly display her luscious shape.


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Old 17th November 2009   #4
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Default Re: JMS fashion show, with Melissa King (video)

That was delightful to watch! What I noticed and struck me the most were the lovely expressions that the models wore, contrary to the way the waif models look on the catwalk. Our plus-size models exude life and beauty, a joy and satisfaction with their full-figured charms. When you see the waifs on the catwalk, they look depleted, emaciated, and glum, like dead women walking!

The contrast in demeanor is obvious. When women are allowed to be natural, full-figured and beautiful, they denote sensuality, contentment, and true beauty.
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Old 8th December 2009   #5
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Default Melissa King in Oprah magazine

Originally Posted by Hannah
Melissa is also in the November issue of Oprah's O magazine.

There is no industry news more encouraging than discovering that a plus-size model has augmented her curves and beauty. The Wilhelmina agency now lists Mrs. King as a full size 16, and while we have it on incontrovertible authority that she is in fact a size 18, this is nevertheless an admirable admission from Wilhelmina, which has listed Melissa as a 14 for ages.

Here is a scan of Melissa King's page in the November issue of Oprah:

Click to enlarge

The pose isn't exactly designed to exhibit her curves, and some of the text is not as size-positive as it could be, but it's nevertheless a fine showing. Mrs. King easily puts the other, underweight model on her page to shame.

Click to enlarge

The weight definitely agrees with Melissa. She looks youthful and attractive (no waif looks half this good at age 32), and even with the pose and the overcoat, the opulence of her figure--buxom, and full around the middle--is perceptible.

Click to enlarge

All plus-size models would benefit from an increase in dress size and, consequently, beauty. And it is a pleasure to see entities like Just My Size, and Oprah magazine, featuring a genuinely full-figured model. Other retailers, and other magazines, should take note and follow suit.

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Old 8th December 2009   #6
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Default Re: Melissa King in Oprah magazine

Hello everyone. Just registered today. I so enjoy reading through this site!

I totally agree, Melissa looks so much more youthful and lovely than the other skinny model on the opposite page of the article. Beautiful pictures, and most definitely, those jeans fit her perfectly!
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