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Default Karen Vermeiren: Bountiful Bride

Although we generally restrict ourselves to posting professional images of plus-size goddesses, we occasionally receive permission to feature candids of the models. In this case, Belgian beauty Karen Vermeiren--one of the few true plus-size models working on the continent--allowed us to post snapshots of her wedding day, which took place over the summer.

Karen's marriage ceremony was held inside Antwerp's Stadhuis, or city hall. Without a doubt, if one is going to be married in a town hall rather than in a cathedral, this is the one to choose. A Renaissance masterpiece embellished with Gothic touches, it is one of the most beautiful structures in Western Europe:

Here we see Karen arriving for the great event. Her gown emphasizes her luscious figure, yet avoids constricting her womanly hips, instead playing up her generous proportions.

The Stadhuis is every bit as opulent on the inside as it is on the outside. The luxury of its Old World decor perfectly harmonizes with Karen's own sumptuous beauty. Note the princess-like length of her train.

The gown defines her body closely, emphasizing her most alluring figure feature, the seductive swell of her curvy abdomen.

Aficionados of plus-size beauty will be delighted by the fact that Karen chose a sleeveless dress, one which shows off her round, sensually untoned arms.

As Karen's bridesmaid and family look on, note in particular the curvy vixen in the red dress. We will see more of her presently.

This photograph of Karen signing the registry offers another view of her shapely arms, as well as showcasing the rich decor of the Stadhuis. Such an ornate building would make an ideal location for a bona fide plus-size fashion shoot.

Like a scene from one of the classic Disney films, (the ones that were made when the great Walt Disney was still alive,) here is Karen descending the grand stairway of Antwerp's most beautiful building, looking for all the world like a storybook princess--but one who is gorgeously full-figured, with womanly hips and a curvy midsection. The same timeless aesthetic that governed the creation of this elaborate structure would have acknowledged Karen's replete beauty as the feminine ideal.

Here we see the newlyweds in Antwerp's central square. This photograph offers a lovely view of the alluring breadth of Karen's figure, so lovingly emphasized by her gown.

A wider view, showing the couple in a playful mood, also captures another glimpse of the girl in red. Who is she, you ask?

Why, she is none other than Karen's younger, fair-haired sister. Beauty obviously runs in the family! She shares her sister's natural, feminine figure-type and innate camera presence.

Here is the couple with the magnificent Stadhuis as a backdrop, the banners underscoring the festivity of the occasion.

And here they are with the tower of Antwerp Cathedral--the other great jewel of Belgian architecture--rising behind them.

* * *

The couple's marriage at the Stadhuis was followed, later the same day, by an outdoor reception at a local hall. This snapshot catches the bride moments before the arrival of the guests. Notice the sensual curves along her back escaping her halter-cut dress. Karen's luscious figure represents the epitome of soft fullness.

With the guests in place, the time comes for the father of the bride to ceremonially give away his lovely daughter.

Observe the seductive curve of her abdomen in each of these images.

One can always count on the best plus-size models to avoid figure-constricting styles and instead to choose attractive designs that emphasize their luxurious curves.

This tender image of the father embracing his daughter offers another view of the alluring curves along the model's back.

Perhaps the finest figure shot of the entire series is the following, showing the exchange of rings. It offers a clear picture of the intoxicating fullness of the model's figure, from her plump arms to her buxom contours to the sumptuous expanse of her silhouette. Notice even the sensual curve under her chin. Karen has a rich, replete look that is virtually unmatched by any other model.

As the crowd looks on, we catch another glimpse of Karen's equally beautiful younger sister, with her romantic hairstyle. The red dress looks like it was tailored just for her--a breathtaking design that plays up her voluptuous charms and frames the soft, untoned beauty of her limbs.

Fans earnestly hope that she will follow her older sister's lead and become a plus-size model as well. Here she gives a speech at the reception, praising her sister's virtues, and possibly relating a humorous anecdote or two.

The day's festivities culminate in a dance inside the hall. Karen appears to be in her element, obviously sharing the affinity that so many plus-size goddesses have for Dionysian revelry.

A view from behind offers one more glimpse of the seductive fleshiness of the model's back. The sight of her soft curves is infinitely more attractive than a view of the jutting shoulder blades of a straight-size model would be.

The final image offers the most exciting view of the intoxicating fullness of the model's midsection, unconstrained in any way. Yet notice the supreme self-confidence of her gaze. Karen is completely comfortable with her replete body, proud of every inch of her well-fed figure. And so she should be, because her attractiveness is directly proportionate to her fullness. Her generous contours are precisely what make her a goddess, and one of the most exciting models in the industry.

All of Karen's fans at the Judgment of Paris offer her their sincerest congratulations on her nuptials, and give her their thanks for sharing such lovely pictures of the blessed event. These snapshots testify just as vividly to her lavish beauty as do her modelling photos. We cannot wait to see her next thrilling fashion campaign.

- Karen Vermeiren galleries

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