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Default Angel gone wild (Justine Legault)

The beauty of Quebec goddess Justine Legault is so extraordinary that one feels nothing less than a sense of awe when confronted by her loveliness. She is the ideal living bridge between the Classical aesthetic and contemporary fashion, for she possesses both the softness of plus-size beauty and the chic, elegant look favoured by the present-day fashion world.

In this stunning new test series, shot by the renowned Anthony Turano, one of the finest Canadian photographers, Justine fuses timeless beauty with high fashion in a way that no plus-size model ever has before.

This breathtaking headshot shows how the delicacy of Justine's features softens a mature and sophisticated expression. Her abundant tresses exhibit the dark, golden glow of a natural blonde. Her eyes are crystalline blue, and her gaze is so steamy that the viewer's heart races while staring into her hypnotic blue eyes. The visible traces of her figure appear soft and full. The diaphanous attire heightens her femininity. She exhibits the intense sensuality of a Victoria's Secret angel--and indeed, if any plus-size model could work for VS, it is Justine.

A second colour image is even more alluring, as it displays her buxom curves. Her round, full limbs testify that she is no mere waif, but a true plus-size model. No living mortal could view this image and fail to become Justine's ardent vassal for life, eager to do her bidding, to worship her and fulfill her every whim. Notice how her baby-blue eyes and gentle facial features soften the look. Those traits of childlike innocence augment the seductiveness of the image. Mature as she is, in this picture her youthful winsomeness is evident, enhancing her appeal still further. She is a young woman who has discovered that her attractiveness has entitled her to a life of ease and pleasure, that no force on earth is as powerful as her beauty. She leans back, indolent yet engaged, curious to discover what new wonders her suitors will lay at her feet in an effort to win her favour.

If the above photos, alluring as they are, are still tempered by Justine's Classical qualities, the following pictures are more resolutely contemporary. Here, thanks to the brilliant cosmetics artistry, the focus is on the model's perfect mouth, hued a passionate red that one can sense even in black and white, offering a tantalizing promise of wicked kisses. The smoky eyes, the animal-print top, and the glimpse of decolletage add to the wild, unbridled character of the image. Even her tresses seem more unrestrained. But the key to the brilliance of the photograph is the model's expression. Few plus-size goddesses could project a look that is so mature and sophisticated, and no other model could achieve a comparable aesthetic effect, for only Justine's innate beauty makes it possible for her to pose in such a dark, almost cruel manner, yet still remain indescribably gorgeous. The harder, edgier the expression that a model adopts, the softer and gentler her beauty must be, in order to pull off the look without appearing harsh or aggressive.

The most heart-attack-inducing picture in the series is undoubtedly the following, in which Justine projects a look unlike any she has ever adopted before. Here she gives her passions free reign. Her gaze is overtly voluptuous, even carnal--a look of such alluring greed as to make the viewer audibly gasp, and to further intensify his hopeless attraction. There is something raw in this image, a ferocity that testifies to the undeniable physicality of the plus-size aesthetic. Notice the brilliant styling, both in hair and wardrobe--how the tresses look heavier than before, exhausted (like an elaborate hairstyle hours after an evening's revelry), and how the top is unbuttoned at the bust, as if her proportions are too generous to be constrained. No straight-size model, with her diminished charms, could ever achieve an effect such as this. In this series, Justine opens up a whole new world of possibilities for full-figured models.

The final two images show Justine in a clingy black sweater . . . and nothing else. Yet, overtly seductive as these images are, notice how they nevertheless retain a powerful element of sophistication. This is not the low-rent look of FHM, but something far more chic--and consequently, more alluring. Observe the "measured messiness" of Justine's wild tresses, and her appetitive expression.

The images maintain a thrilling tension between the unbridled seductiveness of the model's look, and the precise control exerted by both the photographer and the model. Mlle Legault poses in a very conscious and deliberate manner, skillfully exhibiting her allure in a way that is calculated to have the maximum effect upon the viewer. Notice the bared shoulder, and the glimpse of decolletage. Also, by provocatively pulling her sweater downwards, she draws attention to her curvy, 45" hips, which are the glory of her figure.

No other girl in the industry today possesses anything like Justine Legault's beauty or posing ability. She is every bit a high-fashion model, yet a timeless beauty as well--one who can bring the soft fullness of the Classical ideal to images that nevertheless satisfy the contemporary aesthetic. Her gentle facial features soften even her darkest, most mature looks. She exhibits the sensual posing ability of a Victoria's Secret model, yet she also possesses a well-fed, voluptuous figure-type that the waifs can only dream about. In this compelling new test series, she surpasses all of her previous work, showing a thrilling range of looks, from steamy sensuality to carnal appetitiveness.

One must also acknowledge the phenomenal technique of the photographer ( and his top-flight team, who shot the model in such an artistic and sophisticated manner.

Mlle Legault could be the plus-size model who finally changes societal attitudes toward ideal feminine proportions. She has every required element, from her voluptuous size-14 figure, to her staggering beauty, to her sophisticated posing technique. Her very existence offers plus-size fashion a tremendous opportunity. It remains to be seen whether the industry's guiding lights have the imagination to capitalize on her limitless potential.

- Justine Legault gallery

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Default Re: Angel gone wild (Justine Legault)

Justine has created some amazingly sexy test images. I wish there were more photos of plus-size models being presented that way. These images combat stereotypes and validate the idea of plus-size beauty. But more importantly, they encourage plus-size women to celebrate their bodies and embrace their sensuality.
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Default Re: Angel gone wild (Justine Legault)

In addition to being represented by Scoop Models Montreal and Ford Toronto, Justine is now also signed with Model Team in Hamburg, an agency that has a fairly populous plus-size board (although Justine is by far the agency's most attractive and popular model).

Dramatic headshot showcasing Mlle Legault's superlative beauty.

- Model Team, Hamburg

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