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Old 20th November 2009   #1
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Default Grace Brackstone vs. Kate Moss

So that's her name! Like everyone else on this forum, I've appreciated the images of British plus-size model Grace ever since she was first introduced. (Past threads about her appear here, here and here.)

Well, a new article has just appeared in the British newspaper The Sun, and in it, Grace (whose full name, it turns out, is Grace Braxtone) slams Kate Moss for her recent pro-anorexia comments:

It comes with a gorgeous picture of Grace:

And here's the relevant text:

"[Kate's] comment was ridiculous and irresponsible.

"As a supermodel and designer for Topshop, she should know she is massively influential.

"And I would hope, as a mother, she never wants her daughter to starve herself to look good.

"But her comment puts the issue of skinny models back under the spotlight and that's a good thing.

"Girls starving themselves to attain a skeletal frame is still too common in the fashion industry. At least one in four of the girls I've met working as 'regular' models have eating issues.

"A lot of girls, like Kate, join the industry as naturally skinny young teenagers and then have to start dieting like mad to try to maintain that figure for their whole career.

"There is massive pressure to be super slim and most plus-size models I know started out as regular models and couldn't cope with the demands.

"Today's trend for thin is scary and Kate's comment shows how far some go for the [underweight] figure.

"Sophie Dahl is a classic example of everything that's wrong with the fashion industry today.

"She burst on to the scene as an amazing, voluptuous woman, declaring how happy she was with her shape.

"But within a few years she had shrunk to a size 8-10

Girls look at models like Sophie and Kate, as well as skinny celebs such as Lindsay Lohan and Victoria Beckham and think their lives are glamorous.

"But there's nothing glamorous about spending your life obsessing over what you eat.

"Some younger models go to extreme lengths to get skinny - visiting the gym daily when they're already underweight or living on an apple a day.

"But not all of us are like that. The girls I work with are healthy and happy.

"So what kind of message is Kate trying to get across exactly? That risking your health is fashionable? Grow up.

"Accepting your body and loving yourself is important for young girls and boys, so comments like this are damaging.

"Luckily, I'm happy with my body and don't take it personally.

"Using super-skinny models is unrealistic and causes normal women to criticise themselves.

"We've been talking about the size zero issue for years, but no one in the industry has the guts to do anything.

"The Mark Fast show at London Fashion Week, when he used size 14 models on the catwalk, was a good step but using curvier girls shouldn't be a one-off...

"Accept your body and enjoy it. And don't listen to Kate."

So it turns out that Grace is not only gorgeous, she's very intelligent too, and a believer in size celebration. An excellent fashion model, and role model as well. Bravo!
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Old 20th November 2009   #2
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Default Re: Grace Bracktone vs. Kate Moss

Something that is easy for a grown woman to shrug off can cut right to the heart of a growing girl. Young girls lack the perspective of adults. A healthy woman might see a skinny model and think some version of, "Yeah, right," understanding the torture behind the glamour and wanting no part of it. But young girls see a hollow-cheeked face filling the cover of a fashion magazine and take that computer-manipulated image as a command: if you want to be admired, this is what you must be. Ms. Braxtone is absolutely right. No one should listen to Kate Moss.

Last edited by HSG : 22nd November 2009 at 03:38. Reason: Model's name corrected
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Old 21st November 2009   #3
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Default Re: Grace Brackstone slams Kate Moss

Stop the presses. I just discovered that although The Sun was close in spelling out Grace's surname, it was a bit off. In fact, her name is spelled Grace Brackstone.

I discovered this when I stumbled across a brief but wonderful interview with Grace in a U.K. online e-zine called Plus. This publication appears to have lasted only three issues, from March to May earlier this year, but the April issue featured one of Grace's test images on the cover, and included an interview with her.

Here's the link to the online issue. I can't link the interview page directly, so just click forward via the "next" button until you get to page 12-13. There you'll find Miss Brackstone's interview, along with a stunning picture of the model in Oola lingerie, showing off her gorgeously full figure.


The article is quite positive. The writer praises Grace for "showing off her luscious curves." Grace herself sounds very confident about her physique - as she should be:

"I like to wear figure-hugging clothes and high heels"

"I wouldn't change my curves for anything. I represent all the young women out there."

"I feel confident about my shape"

"Nobody has ever said I needed to lose weight, they have only ever appreciated the way I look," she said

I especially like this quote, because it sounds so self-assured:

"I'm a size 16 -- I don't care what size I am because I can carry it off."

She's absolutely right to feel that way. If she were fuller-figured than she currently is, she'd be even more gorgeous. She's so attractive that she never needs to think about her weight. It's so inspiring that she realizes this about herself, recognizes her own beauty.

She even acknowledges a love of eating:

Grace admitted her idea of a perfect night out was meeting up with friends and family for a slap-up meal. "I'm not into all this binge-drinking. I would far rather go to a restaurant and catch up with friends and family"

Not being familiar with British idioms, I looked up that phrase online and discovered that "To have a slap-up meal means to eat well" - which was just what I hoped it meant.

So Grace is proud of her figure, knows she's gorgeous, has a good appetite and is proud to admit it. Those are just the kinds of qualities that all full-figured goddesses should possess.
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Old 29th November 2009   #4
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Default Re: Grace Brackstone vs. Kate Moss

How refreshing to discover that this gorgeous model is also perceptive, and has a size-celebratory attitude. Her criticism of Sophie Dahl is particularly valid, and extremely encouraging to read. Hopefully, the fact that Miss Brackstone finds Sophie's apostasy from curvaceousness so disappointing means that Grace will never diminish herself; and if she alters her figure at all, it will be to become fuller-figured, not thinner.

Here is a scan of her interview in the aforementioned British magazine. (You may click on the image to view it at a larger, readable size.)

Click to enlarge

It's wonderful to hear her describing how "relaxed" she felt while shooting the Oola Lingerie promotion, because that campaign is truly size-positive. Although we are usually reticent to post sleepwear images, in this case we will make an exception, because her Oola work richly deserve our praise.

Just look at this absolutely stunning image of Grace. She possesses that most gorgeous of all facial features, the swell of a "slope toward the throat." Furthermore, her figure is visibly soft and attractively untoned--i.e., quintessentially feminine.

This casual image from the cover of the Oola site is very appealing, as are all images associating plus-size models with food. Notice how the fullness of her midsection is evident even in this white top. Her golden hair glows in the sunlight.

This cropped picture is regrettably a tad blurry, but it displays the overwhelmingly alluring curve under her chin.

Here's a tiny image that is nevertheless very pretty and girlish.

Even Miss Brackstone's ordinary product photos for Oola are veritable masterpieces. Here is the original of the picture that appeared with the magazine interview.

With the soft fullness of her midriff, Grace possesses a truly Rubenesque body type.

How appropriate that Grace should have described her mood as "relaxed" during this shoot, because that is precisely the quality that the images convey. Her figure is beautiful because it possesses a very comfortable, natural shape, one that intimates the model's life as being one of ease and pleasure.

Click to enlarge

What makes her proportions so attractive is the fullness at the waist. She possesses the ideal combination of all three figure types--buxom, with a generous midsection, and womanly hips. Her shape epitomizes essential femininity.

Click to enlarge

But however appealing the campaigns photos may be, the ideal presentation of the model's curves is Oola's video guide to fit. The video even has a simple narrative: a modestly-proportioned friend comes to help the luxuriously curvy Grace take her measurements. Notice the seductive swell of her midriff even in this black high-waisted garment.

The video is not merely instructive, but also highly size-positive. As Grace is measured, the camera unapologetically displays the natural contours of her figure, such as the curves along her back.

But the most stunning portion is an extended clip showing Grace admiring her lavish proportions in the mirror, like the Venus of a Renaissance painting enamoured of her own reflection. This scene celebrates the sumptuous curves of the model's physique, particularly the roundness of her midsection.

She appears unmistakably full-figured, but just look at how delighted with herself she is. The model considers herself beautiful because of her opulent proportions, not despite them. She knows just how alluring her softness has made her. One remembers her seductively vain statement, "I don't care what size I am because I can carry it off." She certainly can--and does.

Like a Classical goddess, she seems created for relaxation, not exertion; for indulgence, not deprivation; for pleasure, not punishment. She embodies an absolute freedom from guilt, an uninhibited, eager surrender to her own appetitive nature. She is an inspiring example for all full-figured goddesses to follow; a living refutation of the rigid minimalism of the modern world.

This campaign is significant not only because Grace's robust fullness is a vital antidote to the "death aesthetic," but also because when plus-size models are typically featured in intimate apparel, they are chosen for how non-plus they appear. This is profoundly disappointing, and counter-productive. One might as well use straight-size models, if one is going to choose only faux-plus girls who have androgynously "toned" figures.

But if sleepwear campaigns featured models with figures like Grace's (sumptuously curvy, soft, untoned, and naturally proportioned)--in short, models who look full-figured, who perfectly embody Classical beauty--then not only would the promotions be more effective at selling apparel, but they would also help plus-size women become more comfortable with their physiques. With enough Oola-style size-positive imagery, full-figured girls could learn to appreciate the way they look; even to love their appearance. This would be a fine goal in and of itself, and it would also help with the "bottom line," for these customers would then feel that they deserved to adorn themselves with attractive intimate apparel.

A size-celebratory campaign such as this is a win-win, both commercially and socially. One hopes that the industry will use it as a guide for future promotions.

We eagerly look forward to Miss Brackstone's next campaign.

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Old 2nd December 2009   #5
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Thumbs up Re: Grace Brackstone vs. Kate Moss

I would like to thank this site for posting this lovely lingerie campaign featuring Miss Brackstone. I am in complete agreement with the statement made, that with enough of these types of pictorials on display, full-figured women would learn to appreciate their naturally beautiful contours.

I believe that full-figured women truly want to accept themselves. Intuitively we know we are beautiful, but we have been assailed and bombarded with such negative messages that we become ambivalant about our own bodies. We need to see positive representations of ourselves to counter all of the lies and negativity that has been perpetrated in the media and in the fashion world. I am grateful for a website such as this, which continues to uphold the true beauty ideal.
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