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Old 23rd November 2009   #1
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Default Crystal Renn on Oprah & the View (videos)

Never before released anywhere, here are online videos of two of Crystal Renn's most notable television appearances.

Her segment on The View took place December 20th, 2005, and was, in fact, her network-television debut. As you will see in the clip, Crystal was still getting accustomed to a TV setting, and was still finding her voice. But the anti-starvation message is conveyed quite well.

We originally discussed this event here, featuring a number of screencaps from the show, but not providing a video. Crystal's sweater is still not our favourite wardrobe item, but at least she wore a skirt that displayed her shapely legs.

Listen to the audience gasp in disbelief when they hear that a size 12 is considered plus-size. Despite what the plus-size fashion industry thinks, customers simply do not accept the idea of full-figured models being that thin. We have always maintained, on this site, that plus-size models should begin at a size 14, and the general public agrees.

The best moments in the video are the clips of Renn walking the runway for Gaultier. (See the thread linked above for screencaps.) It is likely that no plus-size model will ever have as beautiful a catwalk moment as Crystal did in that show. The rustic, agrarian theme of the collection, and the model's floral-embellished, fitted dress, which defined her Classical physique, created a perfect expression of timeless beauty--one that may never be equalled on any runway.

- Click here to watch Crystal on The View (video)

* * *

Another new offering is the following video of Crystal's appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show from November 7th, 2006. This event was also noted on the forum when it originally aired, specifically in reference to the fact that Oprah herself derided the idea of a size 12 being passed of as plus-size.

Crystal's facial features look quite attractive in her interview clips, displaying an appealing trace of fullness that is regrettably absent from much of her print work.

She wore this passionate, dark-red lip colour in a number of her TV appearances at the time, and it was a fine look for her, contrasting with her raven tresses.

The video also features several dramatic shots of the model at what appears to have been an intriguing fashion shoot.

Fans of Crystal are sure to enjoy these new videos of two of her most notable television appearances.

- Click here to watch Crystal on Oprah (video)

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Old 27th November 2009   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Crystal Renn in Elle Canada

It's interesting that you mention the facial features, because I too thought that she looked pretty good in the Oprah interview, both in the pre-recorded segment and on set, where she had really long tresses. Perhaps her photographers keep asking her to do "hard" facial looks for her editorials, and that's too bad. When she relaxes her face more, it looks softer and more pleasing.

That came to mind when I viewed the pictures from this new editorial by Crystal in the Jan 2010 issue of Elle Canada. On the one hand, I really wish Crystal were fuller. I don't know whether she's been airbrushed in a couple of the photos, or has diminished in size, but the pictures would be so much bolder, more voluptuous, more daring if she were at least a size 14. It would better suit the aesthetic of the shoot.

On the other hand, that's what I do like about the editorial - the aesthetic. It's not modern, like many of Crystal's editorials, but more consciously opulent, with the elaborate decor.

And coming back to facial features, that's another thing that I like in this editorial - gentler, dreamier expressions than Crystal usually adopts. She can do softer looks. I wish she'd try these more often. There's much more creativity involved in being romantic than being harsh.

In this pose, the photog actually tired to show off some curves, and the chair is obviously chosen to harmonize with the roundness of the figure. But she's just not as curvy as she could ideally be.

The one admirably plus-size feature that she still possesses are her thighs, which is probably why I like this image best. It's the closest to being size-positive.

I hope she won't go the Sophie Dahl route. Sophie appeared in more and more magazine editorials as she got smaller and smaller, but really, what was the point? The skinnier she got, the more the message was watered down. Sophie got folded into the regular fashion world, and became irrelevant. Everything Sophie did in 1997/98, when she was visibly plus-size, was worth more than the entire rest of her career.

The same is true for Crystal. It's those rare pictures in which Crystal shows a bit of "dimpled flesh," or where she looks curvy (like the Luis Sanchis editorial) that are really inspiring for full-figured girls. One single editorial as a size 16 is worth a hundred at a faux-plus size.

Think about it this way - who is Crystal doing it for? If it's just to have a career and be in a few magazines, that's not much of a remarkable goal. But if it's to be a plus-size model who is actually pushing the industry to accept truly larger girls, girls who really look full-figured, girls who cannot be mistaken for straight-size models, well, that is a noble and inspiring goal. That's actually worth something. I hope she finds the latter more interesting, and to that end, a fuller size would be more revolutionary - and more beautiful too.

You can see the whole editorial here, each page scanned at a larger, clear size:
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Default Re: Crystal Renn in Elle Canada

I am disappointed in this editorial. Whether she lost more weight or was airbrushed I would usually say is irrelevant but not this time. I would expect someone at Elle to do something like that. But for Crystal to lose weight after saying she would never starve herself again, because it is extremely unhealthy, would be an awful betrayal. And she said herself she doesn't work out intensely so that is the only way. She listed her weight as between 160 and 175 in her book but in this spread she looks more like 150. But I really do hope that this is the magazines fault and Crystal hasn't slimmed down. By now she should know what power she has and to know to use it to help size-celebration, not hinder it.
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