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Default Kelly S. in Dec/Jan Seventeen

Every time we see Kelly S., she appears to become more gorgeous, and her full-page triptych in the December2009/January2010 issue of Seventeen magazine is by far her finest editorial to date.

Moreover, this is the magazine's most beautiful and size-positive page since Shannon Marie's legendary Seventeen editorial, from the beginning of her career.

"Curvy" is right. Just look at how the pretty outfits that Seventeen has chosen for Kelly celebrate her luscious figure--truly luscious, for never has the model appeared as gorgeously proportioned as she does in these images.

Click to enlarge

The jeans in the left image fit her hips and thighs like a second skin, showing off her womanly shape. The pink top in the central image (perhaps Kelly's all-time best) shows off her buxom contours, and that skirt--oh, how it embraces her opulent physique, defining her sensually rounded abdomen and reverse-view curves. The dress on the right is belted where it should be--high, just under the bust, emphasizing her voluptuousness, and ensuring that her generous waist and sumptuous abdomen are not compressed. Moreover, all three outfits display her celebrated legs--the right and central images by exhibiting them, the left by clothing them so snugly.

Click to enlarge

Furthermore, look at how pleased with herself the young model appears. The curvier she becomes, the more she loves her appearance--as she should. She seems more relaxed, and comfortable, and self-assured than ever.

Click to enlarge

When we see the left image closely, we notice another highly seductive detail--a soft curve at the model's waist. That, along with the visible womanliness of her hips, makes this image phenomenally size-positive.

Click to enlarge

In the right image, what catches the eye first is the lovely hairstyle. The sparkling headband is like the coronet of a princess--for Kelly's beauty is definitely of fairy-tale magnitude. Her thick, brunette tresses flow heavily over her shoulders in romantic waves. Although her arms are not clearly visible in this picture, one perceives their gorgeous roundness.

Click to enlarge

Even Kelly's facial features seem prettier than ever. The dress is not closely fitted, but the generous roundness of her waist is nevertheless evident. She resembles a fuller-figured Kristin Kreuk, and what could be more attractive than that?

Click to enlarge

But it is the central image that is Kelly and Seventeen's masterpiece. Could there be anything more alluring than the sensual fullness of the model's nether-hourglass curves, so lovingly defined by that pretty skirt? No one could mistake Kelly for a typical, underweight fashion waif. She is an opulent beauty, the luxurious weight of her figure clearly evident.

Click to enlarge

The accessories are fun and youthful--perfect for the "party" theme of this editorial page. And Kelly herself, an exceptionally talented model, plays up the festive mood with her relaxed demeanour, carefree yet invigorated. The vibrant pink hue of her top is quintessentially girly, and draws attention to her voluptuous charms. But above all, it is the round swell of her abdomen that catches the eye. The skirt fits perfectly, holding her figure in a loving embrace. Its ruffles are a fine touch. She is breathtaking.

Click to enlarge

No one at a party would give any other girl a second glance if Kelly were to arrive in any of these three looks (especially the middle ensemble). Seventeen chose the ideal model, and dressed her in perfect apparel, for a holiday fête. The magazine deserves special praise for choosing such curve-defining outfits for her, and for not airbrushing away her luscious shape. (Even the text is size-positive, and for once, we didn't have to block out or alter a single word.) And Kelly herself deserves the most praise of all, for becoming curvier and more beautiful than ever.

Kelly is one of the most exciting young models in the industry, gorgeous and visibly plus-size. Every aficionado of timeless beauty hopes to see her in more campaigns in the near future.

- Kelly S. gallery

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Default Re: Kelly S. in Dec/Jan Seventeen

Absolutely stunning. Kelly is getting prettier and shapelier with every shoot.

Someone should show this page to Glamour and tell them, "This is how its done." So far, I am sorry to say, Glamour isnt doing nearly as well at presenting plussize beauty. Glamour was actually doing better before they made their big announcement! They featured Charlotte Coyle, Kailee, etc. earlier this year. But since their pro-curvy declaration, the plussize models have been either nonexistent, or so faux-plus that theyve been indistinguishable from the waifs.

But Seventeen is getting better and better. They are now giving "Curvy" girl Kelly whole pages, not just partial pages the way Glamour does for its dress-your-shape features, and this time, Kelly even has three looks. Its still not as good as a multi-page editorial would be, but the progress is incremental and real.

Nothing can take the place of an all-curvy magazine like Figure. But at least Seventeen really appreciates Kelly, dresses her well, and shows off her curves.

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Default Re: Kelly S. in Dec/Jan Seventeen

What an absolutely gorgeous girl. We're fortunate to have a pack of young models coming up who are not only beautiful, but visibly full-figured as well. These girls have an opportunity to affect real change and become true role models for women everywhere.

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