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Old 9th December 2009   #1
M. Lopez
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Default Whitney in the Old West (Faith 21)

Whitney Thompson is currently appearing in a great campaign for Faith 21.

While I wish that the company would use larger models (and I wish Whitney were a but fuller too), I have to say, the campaign is really beautiful.

In several pictures you can see that they tried to emphasize Whitney's curves as much as possible.

I preferred Whitney with blonde hair, but her dark tresses look fantastic in these pictures. The hairstyles are youthful. These are definitely her best pictures since she changed her hair colour back to dark.

What makes the campaign really attractive is the fact that it was shot in an honest-to-goodness location, not in a studio. It's a very interesting backdrop too. It looks like an Arizona ghost town.

It makes such a difference to a photoshoot if you have an attractive, outdoor setting. I can't remember any plus-size campaign being shot in an Old West setting before. Very creative.

I'm glad that the company put some effort into the campaign. It has a lot of visual interest. And Whitney looks very attractive in each of these pictures. The wardrobe styling is excellent too.

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Old 9th December 2009   #2
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Default Re: Whitney in the Old West (Faith 21)

Hey, let's not forget that the latter days of the Old West were the time when Lillian Russell was revered as the most beautiful woman in America. So an Old West town is a very appropriate setting for a plus-size campaign.

Actually, the location is even effective colour-wise, as the clothing stands out against the backdrop of the warm earth tones.

I received a couple of e-mail flyers from Faith 21 recently with images of Whitney. She looks quite attractive in the this image:

I agree that the one thing that would have made this shoot more effective is if Whitney were fuller figured. But apart from that, it's a fine campaign. It reminds me of a magazine editorial - a good one.
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Old 11th December 2009   #3
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Default Re: Whitney in the Old West (Faith 21)

For those who especially enjoy seeing and hearing Whitney on video, here's a news clip showing her interviewed by a TV station in her native Jacksonville:

I always enjoy her energy and enthusiasm. She's so lively in front of the camera. Whether blonde or brunette, I think the most important thing for her look is that her hair be long, as it is here. And her feminine voice is always a treat to listen to.

Story link here:
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Old 15th December 2009   #4
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Default Re: Whitney in the Old West (Faith 21)

Faith21 has now updated each of the images on its landing pages. I preferred the first set, but there are some pretty images of Whitney in this batch too.

Curvy - but oh, if only she were fuller still:

The purple colour looks great on her:

I like her demeanour in this pic:

All shades of lilac look terrific on her. It's the dark hair and the fair complexion that set off the colour so well.

Really gorgeous hairstyling (esp. the hair-down looks), accessories, everything. Whitney's best campaign to date, no doubt.

And shooting in such an original location made all the difference in the world. If there were any way to persuade Whitney to be a 14/16, she's be one of the most gorgeous models ever.
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