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Old 10th December 2009   #1
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Default Crystal Renn in Brigitte

Well, I don't know how the rest of the magazine's issues will be, but despite Brigitte's strange vow not to use plus-size models, it does feature Crystal Renn in a new editorial that's posted online at the Brigitte site;

I like this one better than her Elle Canada spread, because although the aesthetic of that layout was nice, Crystal looked very thin. In these pictures, she looks curvier - which makes me wonder again about nefarious photoshopping by Elle.

This image shows the attractive fullness of her arms.

Reverse-view curves:

And how nice to see Crystal juxtaposed with elegant old tomes. The association of plus-size models with the tangible artifacts of Old World culture is highly welcome.

There are a few more pictures if you click forward from this page:

I really like the aesthetic of this shoot. It's my favourite Crystal editorial in a long time. It reminds me of the opulent editorials that she was doing at the beginning of her plus career. I definitely still wish that she were fuller-figured, though.

The Brigitte site also features a video about Crystal on this shoot. It's in German, but the best moments are clips from the Gaultier runway show, and a fine moment near the end which shows Crystal eating a decadent-looking dessert. An interviewer asks her how many calories are in it, and she says she doesn't care, and adds, "If I'm hungry, I eat."

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Old 11th December 2009   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Re: Crystal Renn in Brigitte

I don't know why the magazine saw the need to make Crystal quite so tan, but I like the overall aesthetic, and the green dress. Nice shoot, and yes, the bit with the dessert in the video was a great touch.

I wonder if this is just a one-off for Brigitte, and the rest of the issues will feature non-models, as they claimed, or if the magazine will feature other professional full-figured models in future issues?

The trouble is, the magazine is German based, and the German plus-size industry is almost wholly limited to faux-plus sizes, so it might not matter either way.

As for Crystal, it seems that she and some other plus-size models will be in the January issue of V Magazine - which, despite its name, is not a publicity accessory for the revived '80s TV series, but a "high" fashion glossy.

On the down side, this sounds like it's going to be one of those "shape" issues, like what Vogue puts out once a year, with models of various sizes, and those types of issues are usually disappointing. It's humorous to see that Karl Lagerfeld will be one of the shooters. I wonder if he'll be photographing any plus-size models, given her recent appalling statements that no one wants to see them.

It would be nice if some of the other models for this issue would be fuller-figured than Crystal, and if the aesthetic would be traditional, like this Brigitte editorial, rather than ugly/modern. Maybe this will be a pleasant surprise - but I'm not betting on it.
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Old 17th December 2009   #3
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Default Crystal making bows

Because Crystal potentially has a hard look, she always comes out prettiest, I think, when the aesthetic of the shoot is gentler, like her 2005 Lane Bryant campaign, or some of the Elle Canada pictures (despite the horrifying Photoshopping of her figure that layout), or like this elegant Brigitte editorial.

Here's a video that I really enjoy. It shows Crystal making hair bows. I like it because it's such a nice, traditional, girly activity, and the bows themselves are very feminine (although I don't care for the look of a plaid bow). Also, among the tear sheets that the video shows is one of her Torrid ads, and those were great pictures because she was probably at her curviest at that point, and had a great figure.

If the embedding doesn't work, here's the page link:
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Old 18th December 2009   #4
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Default Re: Crystal Renn in Brigitte

Crystal will be blonde in a future issue of Italian Vanity Fair, and a faux-plus model will be in a different magazine:

Better than if the magazines were using waif models, but until these mags start featuring models size 16 or better, who actually look plus, this is all basically futile. We'll see how the images turn out, but this is likely to turn out to be the problem noted in a recent thread, of becoming the very thing you're combating.

Still, I'll be curious to see how Crystal looks as a blonde. How the shoot turns out will really depend on the photographer's aesthetic. Brigitte had a nice approach.

On the other hand, it's rather insulting, in the linked article, to read that there weren't any teen plus-size models before Crystal Renn. As if! Shannon Marie, as a teen, did her famous editorial in Seventeen magazine. Valerie was working as a plus-size model in her teens. Kailee began as teen. Christina Schmidt too. It seems the magazines just didn't want models with truly feminine, pretty looks.

Anyway, I'd like to think that the more these things happen, the likelier something exciting will turn up, if only by the law of averages. But as long as the magazines have the models looking basically straight-size, I don't have a lot of hope.
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Old 19th December 2009   #5
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Default Re: Crystal Renn in Brigitte

While it will be interesting to see Crystal as a blonde, there are many very exciting blonde plus-size models in the industry. This would have been a logical time for the publication to have used a different girl. If they wanted a blonde, they should have booked a blonde.

It would benefit the industry to have more than one plus-size model in the public eye at a time (first Emme, then Kate Dillon, now Crystal), just as in the 90s there wasn't just one "supermodel" like Claudia Schiffer, but a group of them.
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