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Default Katherine & Lindsey: Aurora Formals 2010

No campaign has been more eagerly anticipated this year than Aurora Formals 2010. Today, the company finally released the images showcasing its newest line, and they surpass even our wildest expectations.

Never did anyone dare to believe that the company's unforgettable 2008 campaign featuring Kelsey and Lindsey could be equalled, but that is just what has happened here. This promotion rivals Kelsey's work for Alfred Angelo, and Kailee O'Sullivan's appearances for MXM, as the finest photoshoot of the year--in any fashion category. Aurora Formals is, quite simply, the most size-celebratory label in the industry, for no other company features models this beautiful, and this legitimately full-figured.

The campaign is also a stunning commercial print debut for Katherine Roll (Model Service Agency, NY), who now indisputably joins Kelsey, Kailee, Christina, Charlotte, etc. as one of the most beautiful models currently working in the industry. All of the promise that fans discerned in her celebrated appearance at FFFWeek has finally been realized here. With her golden tresses, round facial features, and sumptuous figure, she is the very definition of timeless beauty.

Just look (if you can do so without fainting) at the gorgeous fullness of Katherine's arm in this image. She redefines the term "luscious." Indeed, all honorifics for plus-size models need to be redefined in accordance with her beauty. She may have the most gorgeous figure of any currently active fashion model.

Lindsey Garbelman (MSA, Dorothy Combs) is, of course, the "face" of Aurora Formals, and has appeared in every one of the company's campaigns for many years' running. Indeed, it was Lindsey's first shoot for Aurora which secured her a place on our survey page, and earned her a Judgment of Paris gallery. She looks appropriately regal in this royal shade of purple. She is a perfect visual pairing for Katherine, their complementary nature brilliantly illustrated by the above image. Each girl incarnates her respective type of beauty to perfection--Katherine with her light complexion and softer figure epitomizing the fair angel, Lindsey with her darker skin personifying the seductive brunette.

It is hard to believe that these images actually exist, and are not merely the stuff of dreams--so perfectly do they bring to life the eternal ideal of feminine beauty. This splendour is largely due, of course, to the elegant Aurora Formals gowns, which exhibit the models' opulence in the most attractive manner possible. Notice how this image focusses on Katherine's shapely arms, which are sensually framed by the thin shoulder straps. Those straps make possible the alluring "wrap" design at the bust, yet leave exposed an alluring expanse of the model's sumptuous neck and shoulder area. Consider the adorable roundness of her face. Even her womanly hips and thighs are discernible in this breathtaking picture.

The following image shows, yet again, how perfectly the models' looks balance each other, with Lindsey's darker beauty set off by her vivid fuchsia dress. Observe the lavish fullness of Katherine's arms.

Does this image not seem to have emerged straight from the human subconscious (or from a Rubens painting) as a heavenly vision of loveliness? Katherine appears to be deliberately showing off her curvaceous arm, knowing that no one could resist the sight of such well-fed beauty. She possesses every aspect of feminine allure--curves along her back, and the rise of a slope toward the throat. This picture also indicates her buxom contours.

Again, Lindsey looks stunning in purple--such a regal colour, so perfectly suited to her rich look. She may have the advantage over Katherine in the curviness of her waist, and the dress attractively displays this feature. This style also emphasizes both models' voluptuous charms.

One way in which the Aurora campaigns generate visual interest is in how they show the models interacting with one other. In several images, Lindsey and Katherine pose in a formally complementary fashion, as is the case here.

In other images, the models respond to each other more warmly, as in the following picture, showing Lindsey embracing Katherine tenderly, almost protectively. This is a particularly interesting effect, given the innocent, babylike qualities of Miss Roll's features. Observe the seductive curve under the fair model's chin, and the sensual absence of even a trace of a clavicle, wholly submerged as it is in soft fullness.

This green dress is comfortably loose at the waist, suggesting the luxurious breadth of the model's midsection.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Katherine's modelling technique is how she communicates her awareness of her own beauty, her intoxicating vanity. Notice how, in this image, she encourages the viewer to focus longingly on her alluringly soft, untoned arm, knowing that it is her most irresistible feature. She even highlights her reverse-view curves. One imagines her calling one of her many other suitors while she keeps her prom-date enraptured by the sheer sight of her beauty. But no one could fault her for having countless admirers. A goddess as attractive as this can have anything or anyone she wants. Her heavenly appearance entitles her to the best that life has to offer.

In addition to being a showcase of physical beauty, this photoshoot is also a stunning exhibition of modelling talent. Even when the girls seem nonchalant and playful, they still look enchanting--as is the case in the following photo. Of course, such good spirits are highly appropriate for a prom campaign. Lindsey's joy in this picture is infectious. The image also highlights the round beauty of Katherine's angelic face, and displays the seductive curve under her chin--a trait which Renaissance writers admired above all other facial features.

Any voluptuous vixen seeking to be the star of her prom could find no better source for her dream gown than Aurora Formals.

The dresses are clearly designed with full-figured girls in mind. Just look at how these designs wrap the models' figures closely, but comfortably, holding them in a loving embrace.

Just as important to the success of this promotion is the hairstyling--an area in which Auroral Formals has an exemplary track record. Lindsey always looks more beautiful in her prom work than in any other campaigns, thanks in no small part to the elegant arrangements that the company devises for her brunette mane. And Katherine has the tresses of a storybook heroine, the exact look that a fair, full-figured beauty should have.

Most enchanting of all is this glimpse of Katherine's golden hair tumbling down her back in luxuriant waves. Even her fellow model gazes at Miss Roll appreciatively, admiring her princess-like glamour.

The majority of the Aurora Formals designs are longer styles, which seems only natural, given that the archetypal image of a prom dress is that of a long, resplendent gown that transforms a budding Cinderella into the belle of the ball. However, plus-size models have such beautiful figures that they can get away with shorter dresses too, while their underweight rivals, with their stick-thin limbs, cannot.

Notice that Katherine's eyes have a feline aspect--a look that is reminiscent of Barbara Brickner's. They give her a wicked, mischievous quality.

The highlight of this particular dress-design is, of course, the ruching, which enables it to cling lovingly to wearer's figure. Note how it defines the sensual swell of Miss Roll's shapely midriff.

For a change of pace, here is Katherine rather than Lindsey in purple. The colour choice works, because this lilac hue is much lighter than the darker shades of purple seen in the previous dresses--which suited Miss Garbelman so well.

Here is another nice moment of tenderness between the models. Plus-size figures shape even looser dresses into an attractive, feminine form, particularly in reverse view.

Let no one doubt that this vision of beauty, and not any media-driven glamorization of thinness, is the ideal that resides in the human heart.

As prom seasons go, 2010 will be a year of colour, but white dresses always have a special allure. There is something quintessentially goddesslike about seeing a fair beauty in pristine white, a colour that brings out her angelic identity.

* * *

Do you notice a change in the following image? Yes--Katherine's magnificent tresses have been abbreviated. The following pair of images offer a useful transition into the rest of the prom campaign, which shows Miss Roll, alas, with much shorter hair.

In the meantime, though, notice how attractive this straight-yet-long style is on her. The wavy, romantic tresses seen earlier constitute her ideal look, but this is an appealing choice as well. Also, observe the luscious curve under her chin.

Another transitional image shows Katherine with her tresses (still long at this point) tied back, creating an intermediary stage between her longer style and her shorter 'do. This tied-back style is still preferable to a cropped look, as it generates a certain tension, prompting the viewer to imagine the sight of the model loosening her hair and letting it spill out in a golden mass. The gown shown here is flowy, but nevertheless attractive, particularly due to the decorative hem at the neckline. The wide sash running down the back is an inspired touch, and gives the dress its signature feature. Lindsey is in her regal purple, the exposed curves along her back appearing most sensual. Her hairstyle is quite becoming as well, with the ponytail complementing the sash.

* * *

As if to compensate for the loss of her tresses, Katherine launches the short-hair series of the campaign with her most size-celebratory pose. Her beauty staggers belief. Notice the sensual fullness at her neck and shoulder area, and the generous roundness of her arm. Lindsey's arms are shapely as well, but Katherine's figure is breathtaking.

The expertly designed gown emphasizes Miss Roll's rich decolletage in an alluring, feminine manner. However, the shorter hair on the fairer model gives Lindsey an opportunity. Now the eye turns toward her rich, brunette tresses, and how they emphasize her opulent beauty.

Another excellent Aurora Formals "comparison" pose shows how the two models' looks vie with each other--the fair angel possessing the more lavish figure and luscious arms; the brunette goddess benefitting from resplendent tresses and an exquisite face.

Could any colour more perfectly suit Katherine's snow-white complexion than this delicate, baby blue? Again Miss Roll displays her sumptuous arms enticingly, teasingly, as objects of irresistible desire. The curves of her back press against the hem of her dress. Most of the models' expressions in this campaign are, understandably, of the happy variety, but here AF allows Miss Roll to flash a hungrier, greedier look, which plays off in an intriguing way against her babylike features (emphasized by the gentle colour of the gown). Her reverse-view curves seem especially generous.

Something about this particular design seems eminently appealing on the curvy figures of true plus-size models, because both Lindsey and Katherine appear especially shapely in these images.

Perhaps the Aurora Formals hairstylist--and whoever he is, he's a genius--devoted even more artistry to Lindsey's tresses when he didn't have Katherine's blonde locks to play with, for Lindsey often catches the eye in the second part of the campaign.

The vivid hue of Lindsey's gown in this image is particularly becoming. Notice how it heightens the pink of her cheeks, as well as the peaches-and-cream flush of Miss Roll's delicate complexion.

Observe the resplendent, swooping hairstyle that Lindsey sports in this image, which vividly emphasizes her regal qualities.

Between the blue, the red, and the white trim, this pair of images suggests an American theme.

Whatever else is true, there is no doubt that the 2010 line is Aurora's finest. Never have the company's dresses been more universally beautiful. Consider the fine detail of the long drawstring that gives the back of this dress an attractive, decorative element. Also, note how its straps press sensually into the gorgeous fullness of Miss Roll's back. Aurora knows exactly which aspects of the plus-size figure are most attractive, and designs its gowns to emphasize these features.

The final pair of images in this campaign (and we have featured every single picture, because they are all masterpieces) shows Katherine back in a baby-blue dress, and Lindsey in elegant black.

Let the Vogue groupies rave all they want about faux-plus girls appearing in "edgy," fringe magazines. Such "high-fashion" lovers might as well enthuse about size 0s. The true leading edge of the plus-size industry, its boldest vision, its most affirmative work, is seen right here in this campaign, which shows gorgeous and genuinely full-figured models in elegant gowns, looking both luscious and elegant, sensual and chic, alluring and stylish. It is images like these that can persuade young girls that they don't need to starve to be fashionable or beautiful, but can be even more attractive at a naturally fuller size.

Bravo to Aurora Formals for equalling its 2007/08 promotion with Kelsey as the most stunning prom shoot of all time, and for producing one of, if not the finest campaigns of the year. Every single aspect of this campaign is note-perfect, from the models to the dresses to the hair/makeup to the photography. Anyone looking for an example of how to do plus-size fashion right, of what kind of models to select, and how to shoot them, needs look no further than to this promotion.

And guess what? There's more to come.


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Default Re: Katherine & Lindsey: Aurora Formals 2010

Wow. Just...WOW. I am speechless at the beauty of these pictures. This is everything anyone could ever hope for from a plus campaign.

The models are GORGEOUS. That word is used a lot on this forum (with good reason!), but this is beauty on a whole new level. Katherine is one of the most perfect full-figured models since Shannon Marie. She is just amazing. And its true - these are the first print pictures that really do her justice, that show her to be just as gorgeous in print as she was in FFFWeek. Katherine is a true goddess. Her face is round and pretty, and her figure is incomparable. It is between Kelsey and Katherine for the best figure of any of todays plussize models.

No question about it, though - the longer hair is her ideal look. It gives her the true princess image.

And Lindsey is amazing. All of her prom campaigns have been extraordinary, but this is the best since her very first. I love the variety of looks and expressions that she offers, never the same demeaour twice. Very creative and original - so talented. And that face is ultra-glamorous.

I wish there were dresses that lovely when I was in high school. No wonder the models look so good, when they are wearing such beautiful gowns. Any voluptuous vixen in one of these dresses would be the undisputed prom queen.
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Default Re: Katherine & Lindsey: Aurora Formals 2010

These pictures, especially those of Katherine, are the most inspiring and empowering I've seen in forever. I wish I'd been exposed to images like these when I was in high school. I would have gone to my grad dance for sure, instead of missing it.

I get such a thrill from seeing how confident Katherine is about her amazing figure. I've always wished that I could feel that way. You can see that she knows she's one of the most beautiful women in the world, beautiful because of her classical curves.

I wish all plus-size models were as shapely as she is, and as pretty. I wish we lived in a world where you could see photos like this everywhere.
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Default Re: Katherine & Lindsey: Aurora Formals 2010

I've come back to this thread several times since it was posted, and I can't get enough of it. Katherine is SO incredibly lush, I am entranced by her. And Lindsey is simply adorable.

These are my favourite pictures from the campaign. I adore the looking-over-the-shoulder look.

I hope no anti-plus individual in the industry ever tries to get Katherine to diminish her stunning, stunning figure. Like Kelsey and Charlotte Coyle, she is unbelievably gorgeous and truly curvy. I'd love to see more campaigns with her - and with Lindsey. When she models prom wear and elegant dresses, Lindsey is truly in her element.
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Default Re: Katherine & Lindsey: Aurora Formals 2010

If I had to choose, I still might pick the 2008 campaign with Kelsey and Lindsey as the best of all time, if only because Kelsey really is the most beautiful model in the industry right now. Plus, the photography may have been just a tad better in that shoot, more naturalistic. But seeing these pictures, I agree that Katherine is also a timeless beauty of the first order, and her figure is incomparably gorgeous. Plus, she's terrific at posing. I read somewhere that she's actually had a good deal of modelling experience, and it shows. She's brilliant.

Also these are definitely Aurora Formals' finest dresses ever.

My favourite picture is probably this one. Katherine looks like royalty here. I could easily imagine her sitting on a glittering throne is a castle.

Also, I love the profile shots. Katherine looks especially luscious in these. And that purple dress was made for Lindsey!

Beautiful beyond belief.
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Default Re: Katherine & Lindsey: Aurora Formals 2010

Lindsey's gestures towards Katherine suggest a goddess welcoming the newest divinized beauty to the pantheon. This is a wonderful series.
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Default Re: Katherine & Lindsey: Aurora Formals 2010

Doing a double can be tricky business. Not only do you have to be aware of yourself, you have to be aware of your fellow model. For a newer model, this can be daunting. Katherine and Lindsey pulled it off beautifully! They're quite a dream team. They're both unapologetically gorgeous and visibly full-figured.

The industry is changing. These aren't your mother's jr. plus-size models!
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