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Default Charlotte Coyle in New York

Amid all of the attention that the media is currently devoting to plus-size models, the danger is (as it has always been) that the industry will focus exclusively on faux-plus girls, leaving full-figured women more marginalized than ever.

But every once in a while, one sees hopeful indications that true plus-size models, girls over a size 14 (and preferably well over a size 14) are getting recognition. Kelsey Olson, a 16/18, is currently the most popular of all plus-size models. Kailee is far more beloved by fans as a full 14 than she was as a 12. The new Formal Source bridal/prom campaign featuring Katherine Roll (45-37-51) has caused an absolute sensation. Lindsey Garbelman's pictures show that even in the most figure-defining attire, genuinely full-figured girls completely outshine their underweight rivals.

And now we are pleased to share two new test photos from the star who very publicly blazed the path for curvier models, Charlotte Coyle (Wilhelmnia NY). Her 2006 prime-time British television special originated directly out of her frustration at the narrow-mindedness of the European fashion industry. In 2009, her campaign for Monif C may have been the most popular and size-positive promotion of the year.

The following thrilling images were provided to us by a reader who discovered them on the Web log (linked below) of Mia Amber Davis, a plus-size model and actress known for her part in the film Road Trip. In addition to her other credits, Davis is an accomplished stylist, and chose the wardrobe for this test.

And oh, what wardrobe she chose! Straight from the Monif C closet comes this exciting abbreviated blue dress that showcases Charlotte's beauty as never before. Just look at the shapely fullness of her legs. Charlotte caused a sensation in her Monif C campaign by baring her legs and showing curvy girls that the pin-thin limbs of faux-plus models aren't nearly as gorgeous as the luscious legs of true goddesses, and if anything, her legs are now even more opulent. The dress plunges low to expose a dizzying view of the model's decolletage, coming in just under the bust, defining the model's shape, but allowing the garment to go easy on the midsection. Yet despite the flowly fabric, the generous curves of the model's waist are seductively visible.

Click to enlarge

A closer view shows the model adopting one of her signature, smouldering glances. Charlotte can never be a shrinking violet--she always commands the viewer's attention. Her blonde tresses flow in romantic waves; her icy blue eyes penetrate to the soul. Her collarbone is sensually submerged in fullness. But in this image too, it is the sumptuous shape of her legs that catches the eye.

Click to enlarge

A second image shows Charlotte in a zebra-print robe. Animal prints are a matter of personal taste, but Charlotte has such intense presence, such a dramatic sense of self, that she makes the outfit look stunning. Very few models could exude the kind of thrilling self-assurance and vanity that would make this robe work--but Charlotte does, and on her it becomes a thing of beauty. With just the slightest emphasis of her womanly hip, she gives the garment a seductive shape. On a lesser model, it would hang empty and formless, but Charlotte makes it follow the lavish curves of body, creating an intensely alluring effect.

Click to enlarge

A closer view provides a better sense of Charlotte's wild expression, the parted mouth and lidded eyes that communicate a dark sensuality which belies her fair features. The red lip colour, ring, and sash suggest the model's hot-blooded, passionate nature. But the supreme touch, the element that makes the image, is Charlotte's hand gesture, a coy, sinuous motion that draws attention to her decolletage (which is actually quite concealed) and thrills the viewer with interest about what her next movement may be. Will she open her neckline a little more? Will she caress her golden tresses? A unique talent exhibited by the best plus-size models is their ability to create the illusion of movement in a still image, simply by adopting a gesture that makes the viewer eagerly imagine what will happen in the very next instant after the shutter clicks.

Click to enlarge

While it is vital for the plus-size industry to embrace fuller-figured models, it is crucial that those models be self-assured goddesses, girls with even more confidence in their beauty than their underweight rivals, and even finer posing abilities and dramatic expressiveness. Charlotte (who is based in New York) possesses all of these qualities. She has the raw attractiveness, the talent, and the luscious size to transform the public's understanding of femininity, and redefine it according to the timeless preference for the fuller female figure.

(Click images to view them at a larger size.)

- Mia styling Charlotte Coyle

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M. Lopez
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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle in New York

Wow. Just wow. She is so curvy, and she doesn't apologize for it at all. She knows she's gorgeous, and with her eyes, with the way she stands, with everything about her, she lets you know it too.

I'm so thrilled to see the successes that the genuinely full-figured models are having. Parts of the industry are still stuck in a faux-plus mindset, to be sure, but I want to believe that those walls are crumbling.

More exciting to me than just seeing increased visibility of "plus-size models" in 2010 would be seeing truly full-size goddesses achieving real successes. If this happens, then size celebration really will reform society's perceptions of true beauty.

I find it especially interesting and inspiring that the most beautiful plus-size models, from Kelsey to Charlotte to Katherine, etc., are also all size 16 or better.
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Default Re: Charlotte Coyle in New York

Having worked in the plus-size fashion industry for a few years, I can attest to the fact that agents, photographers and clients frequently try to hide the truly plus aspects of their models' bodies. Elite Miami frequently had their plus-size models test with a photographer who was notorious for making the girls look straight size. So I'm thrilled by Charlotte Coyle's unapologetic flaunting of her genuinely full figure. She is wonderfully brave and so appreciated.

Charlotte, lead and we will follow!

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