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Default Christina: ''How To Look Good Naked Canada'' 4

Last night's episode of How To Look Good Naked Canada had a charming theme. The lady being made over on the show was approaching her wedding day, and was feeling insecure about appearing in her bridal gown. Consequently, in addition to having her walk down the runway in lingerie in the customary manner, the show also had her wear her wedding dress.

This meant that the professional runway models got to do a turn on the catwalk as pseudo-bridesmaids. Here is Christina, wedding bouquet in hand, upstaging the bride completely with her stunning beauty.

The above is an "extra" clip of Christina that appears before one of the commercial breaks, to whet viewers' appetites for the final runway show. The catwalk segment proper leads off with Christina appearing, once again, in her bridesmaid guise. She even adapts her walk to be especially graceful for this trip down the aisle, as it were.

Was there ever a more adorable bridesmaid? Flowers are pretty and quintessentially feminine, so anytime a model appears with floral accessories (whether a blossom in her tresses, or a bouquet in her hands), she instantly becomes even lovelier.

The episode also features Christina in two more looks--this one a more casual ensemble. The crowd at the event appears to be absolutely delighted with Christina's presentation.

Unlike the sullen, miserable look that accompanies most minus-size skeletons when they clomp down the runway, Christina beams with joy and self-satisfaction as she walks. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and makes everything she wears look like the most attractive ensemble imaginable.

And, yes, for the pièce de resistance, the episode naturally features the models in lingerie as well. Watch as the camera pans lovingly over every inch of Christina's figure, and notice how it holds on an up-close shot of the model's adorable, round face. And what a gorgeous hairstyle! The voluptuous volume suits Christina's full-figured beauty and accentuates the doll-like roundness of her features. She can adopt mature looks when she wishes, but Christina still possesses a girlish charm about her. This smile could gladden the saddest soul.

As always, Christina genuinely and enthusiastically cheers on the show's subject as she does her final runway turn. She is the most exuberant of the model quintet, completely selling the viewer on the show's premise that this is a wonderful, transformative moment for the lady in question.

In fact, at the very end, the subject appears to glance in Christina's direction, as if offering silent thanks for her support and encouragement.

We have compiled Christina's segments from the episode into a brief YouTube video (linked below). Seeing the still images is a treat, but watching Christina in motion is an experience not to be missed.

Degrassi fans are thrilled at having their favourite actress on TV again, and plus-size-beauty aficionados are delighted at seeing full-figured feminine so convincingly presented to a nationwide audience. Anyone watching Miss Schmidt on the program can no longer have any doubt about the superior beauty of curvaceous goddesses over pin-thin waifs.

- Click here to watch excerpts video

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M. Lopez
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Default Re: Christina: ''How To Look Good Naked Canada'' 4

I adore that hairstyle on Christina! The fullness of it - a bit wild and youthful, but great for her facial shape, and classy enough to go with elegant clothing. She looks so cute with the flowers.

She really seems to get into the spirit of the series. I love the fact that she's appearing on such a positive show, and not on one of those body-hating programs on TV, which is usually where you see full-figured actresses/models. (Any plus-size models who appear on body-diminishment shows should be ashamed of themselves.) The overall message of How To Look Good Naked is to love your body just as it is, and Christina shows the viewers that they can be gorgeous because they are curvy, not despite this fact.
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