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Old 22nd January 2010   #1
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Default Crystal Renn: ''Amish Chic''?

Crystal Renn was just in a runway show in Berlin Fashion Week for a line called Hausach Couture. I've brightened the images from Erdbeerlounge ("Strawberry Lounge") a bit so you can see what she's wearing.

With the designer:

Do the outfits remind anyone of the wardrobe worn by the Amish? Or the Mennonites? I smiled when I saw the pictures, but I don't think it's really a send-up. Rather, it's just wardrobe that's inspired by Amish styles, especially with the headwear on Crystal.

I have to say, I find the Amish styles themselves a bit prettier. But I'm guessing this is an attempt to turn such styles into "couture."

It's regrettable how thin Crystal has become. An article in the New York post says that she's a size 8 (and yet also says that she's a 12). Sad if the smaller number is the case.
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Old 22nd January 2010   #2
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Default Re: Crystal Renn: ''Amish Chic''?

Well, it's a look. But I don't think Crystal, or any other model for that matter, will ever have a runway moment as stunning as her famous Gaultier show. That was perfect, from the dress, to the setting of the show, to her curvier frame- everything.

Speaking of curvy models on the runway, according to comments in Interview magazine, republished here, Mark Fast will again be using fuller-figured models in his next show, just as he did in his last one:

The excerpt:

Interview: Can we expect to see some voluptuous mannequins working your Fall 2010 runway?

Fast: Of course! Those women are here to stay!

After SS10’s curvy-gate, a handful of people accused Fast of pulling a PR stunt, a one time gimmick to grab attention for his young brand, but Fast tells Interview he’d planned to include plus size models as early as three months before his show - and they’ll be sticking around.

I just wish he would choose true plus-size models, over a U.S. size 14, not the faux-plus variety.

I'm all for having these kinds of models on the runway instead of waifs, but really, I can't get as excited about this as I am about Full-Figured Fashion Week, where you can see goddesses like Kailee O'Sullivan, Katherine Roll, and many more girls on the catwalk who are genuinely plus-size.
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Old 23rd January 2010   #3
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Default Re: Crystal Renn: ''Amish Chic''?

The Times of London reports that Crystal will be closing one of the major shows at New York Fashion Week.

Is this notable? Sophie Dahl started walking in all kinds of runway shows after she lost weight. It seems to prove little, other than the usual theme - the fashion industry rewards body-diminishment. Plus, this gives the industry "cover" - it can claim to be doing something by including Crystal, then keep all the emaciated girls.

When it's a size 16 who is walking down the runway, that will really be something.

But I definitely agree that an event like FFFWeek, with true plus-size models in the runway, and no waifs at all (thank you very much), is far, far more exciting and empowering than having a size 8 in a runway show. After all, it wasn't so long ago that a size 8 was a standard straight-size model size. Some "progress."
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