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Default Men love curvy women (article)

The Dear Abby advice column received a letter a little while back from a young girl who wrote in under the pen name "Happy Being Me," whose mother was berating her for being curvy, and trying to make her think that no man would ever love her if she didn't start starving herself. But "Happy Being Me" already had some self-confidence, and didn't think she needed to start punishing herself.

The Dear Abby columnist wrote her an encouraging response, telling her that there were many men who not just loved, but preferred full-figured girls. And just the other day the column printed a slew of follow-up letters that the newspaper had received from men and women affirming this idea.

I think they're worth sharing here. One lady writes:

Well, I was a size 18/20 and weighed more than 200 pounds when I met my husband while out with mutual friends. He’s good-looking, smart, witty, affectionate and passionate. He’s everything a woman looks for.

He had never dated a plus-size woman before, but he was smitten from the moment he saw me, and pursued me from the start. We have one child and another on the way, and he finds me as appealing now as he did the night we met.

No woman should ever “settle” for a partner, and “Happy” should not do so just because her mother thinks she’s “too heavy.” That mother is trying to pass her low self-esteem issues along to her daughter, and I hope “Happy” is savvy enough to brush it off. Big girls can be sexy, too, because there’s nothing sexier than confidence. — Michelle in Michigan

Here's one from a male contributor:

“Happy Being Me” needs to know that there are men like me who prefer plus-size women. My wife weighs 275 pounds, and I think she’s gorgeous. “Happy” just needs to put herself out there, and one of us will find her.

One lady writes that ending a relationship with a man who had problems with her curves was actually a blessing, as it led to the better relationship that she has today, with someone who adores her just as she is:

I met my first husband when I wore a much smaller size. As the years went on, my size increased. He ended up leaving me for a smaller girl.

After our split, I moved home and the first words out of my mother’s mouth were, “You need to work on yourself because you’re not going to find someone new looking like you do.” It was extremely hurtful, but beyond that, it was wrong.

Less than a year after my divorce, I was in a healthy relationship with a man who loved me for myself. We married, have a baby and are happy. The size of my jeans has never mattered — only the size of my heart.

Another man writes:

My mother, who is big, wonderful and loving, made me appreciate large women. My wife was small in high school and “blossomed” later. I love my “big gal wife” and support her in every way possible. “Happy Being Me” just needs to be confident in her own skin.

It's so important for women to know this, that despite what the media claims, there are many men who adore and prefer curvy women. Instead of trying to diminish themselves, more full-figured girls need to appreciate their appearance, be secure in themselves, "work what they have," and know that they deserve to be with the men who appreciate everything about them, especially their full-figured beauty.

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Default Re: Men love curvy women (article)

A new article in the Irish Independent newspaper confirms the fact that men prefer fuller-figured women.

The writer begins by pointing out how revolted most men are by the skeletal standard that dominates the fashion industry.

For most regular guys, watching the E! channel or picking up the girlfriend's Heat or Grazia magazine is a confusing and frustrating experience.

There is a weird disconnect between what the fashion industry and the media defines as feminine beauty and what real men go for.

Watch Xposé or Entertainment Tonight (and we do, purely for research purposes) and you will see a lot of very thin, scarily toned women looking like 14-year-old boys in wigs and Lanvin frocks.

Open up Grazia and it's all bony arms, flat chests and stick-thin thighs. Turn on MTV and even the pop singers look as though their lunch consists of having a flunky wave a stick of celery in their general direction.

Just look what they did to Girls Aloud. They took five (okay, four-and-a-half) gorgeous young women and turned them into androgynous androids. What's going on? Where have all the curves gone?

Did we miss the meeting where it was decided that the ideal woman should have arms like a fly-weight boxer and the kind of rear you see propelling bicycles up mountains in the Tour de France?

The fashion industry and the media appear to be involved in a conspiracy to make women feel bad about their bodies and annoy the hell out of men who love to see the odd curve now and again.

It's easy to blame the designers, stylists and fashion editors, who tend to be gay men or slightly unnerving middle-aged women who haven't seen a carb since 1982...

I especially appreciate the slam of "scarily toned" frames. Men find luxuriously soft figures attractive, not androgynousy, repellently "toned" ones.

The writer also points out that the male preference is for soft-figured women with actual flesh:

Most Irish men like a woman with a healthy appetite who looks as if she enjoys life and is built for comfort rather than speed. We have no idea how Kate Moss remains a fashion industry icon. Seriously...

And if you are asking yourself, "Does my bum look big in this?" take heart if the answer is yes.

Whatever the fashion industry says, men like curves. They always have and they always will.

Hear, hear. The fact that men prefer curvy women cannot be stated often enough, because the media continually parrots the myth that the emaciated, "androgynous androids" of the fashion industry, and of Hollywood, are some kind of standard to measure up to, when heterosexual men find this look utterly distasteful.

There is no reason for women to be starving themselves to look less attractive, when they could be indulging themselves freely and happily, and looking better in the process.
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Default Re: Men love curvy women (article)

The responses that Meredith quotes are joyous and inspiring. They read almost like statements from an alternative reality--a reality in which full-figured women embody the ideal of feminine beauty.

In that reality, a man is "smitten from the moment" that he sees a plus-size woman.

In that reality, a man finds his 275-lb wife gorgeous (as she surely is).

In that reality, a woman divorces a size-bigoted husband and finds a superior relationship with a better man who loves her because her size is increasing.

In that reality, a man adores his wife because she is "blossoming" in weight.

But here is the crucial point: those wonderful statements are not from an alternative reality at all. They are from our own reality--the reality in which we all live. They reflect this world. Not the world of the past. The world of today. They are an accurate expression of men's true preferences, even in the here and now.

Real men do fall in love at first sight because of the sheer physical beauty of full-figured girls. Real men do find 275-lb goddesses irresistibly alluring. Real men are deeply, sensually attracted to women who freely indulge themselves and whose feminine physiques grow ever-more opulent.

No wonder the diet/exercise-pushers suppress this truth. Consider what would happen if the majority of women discovered that men would be even more attracted to them if they would eat whatever they like, and as much as they like, and would allow their figures to blossom comfortably into their natural, womaly, plus-size proportions instead of withering their physiques in gym prisons: the starvation/torture industries would be revealed as complete frauds, as purveyors of pointless misery, and they would quickly be shut down. Women would realize that they could lead more easygoing, more enjoyable lives rather than trying to acquire unnatural, unattractive, androgynous physiques. They would acquire real freedom--the freedom to eat, to relax, and to be happy.

The media creates a false world in which men supposedly drool over "androgynous androids," but that world, the media world, is the one that's a lie. It is nothing but Hollywood propaganda. The statements in this thread represent how real men feel about women with curves.

And can you blame them? Just look at what an actual plus-size goddess looks like. No underfed waif can hold a candle to the soft, well-fed, fair-featured angel of loveliness that is size-16 Kelsey Olson:

Click to enlarge

The above image is a brand-new Polaroid of Kelsey from Heffner Management. Observe the soulful, faraway look in her eyes, the round fullness of her facial features, the gentle pose and expression. She embodies the true apogee of beauty.

(Click to enlarge.)

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