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Default Petulant Princess (Christina by Rob Seguin)

Of late, we have mostly seen Christina Schmidt in her intriguing clips from the TV series How To Look Good Naked Canada. Fans of Christina as a print model will thus be delighted to see a series of new test pictures of the Canadian beauty taken by acclaimed Toronto photographer Rob Seguin (

Although we generally prefer colour photographs to black-and-whites, the standout picture in this series is definitely this delightful headshot, showing the model teasing her hair and flashing her trademark smile--possibly the prettiest smile in the industry. The image highlights Christina's flawless, round facial features.

Also lovely is this full-length image showing Miss Schmidt with a somewhat more playful expression. The "measured messiness" of the model's hairstyle is an especially favourable aspect of these black-and-whites. Her tresses appear somewhat wild, but still attractive and skillfully put together--as if the wildness is an expertly created effect (which it surely is). The image presents a remarkable age range for the model, at once acknowledging Christina's youth and establishing her as a young woman. Both of these pictures could appeal to a broad swath of age groups, everyone from teenagers to thirtysomethings and beyond.

For the colour images, Christina experiments with a more passionate demeanour. The sideways glance is quite arresting. Because of Christina's innate, doll-like prettiness, this expression comes off as fetchingly petulant and willful. On a less attractive model, the expression could have been a tad hard, but Christina's facial softness takes the edge off, and renders the effect highly attractive. The hairstyle is a tad more tame here, yet notice how a lock of her hair twirls seductively around her fingers.

A three-quarter shot presents Christina at her most dramatic. The styling is contemporary, but the jacket was a fine choice due to its vibrant colour, which stands out against the grey background and black wardrobe, and plays off against the model's complexion. Hairstyles with straight parts down the middle are generally to be avoided, but the tresses flowing over the model's shoulders are a lovely touch.

Here, Christina adopts an interestingly closed-in pose. It calls to mind the chilly climate of the north. (One could easily see her modelling outerwear with her hands crossed in this manner.) She seems upset, even angry, but her pretty mouth, with the bubblegum-pink lipstick, still gives her a doll-like quality, even when she sports such a vexed look.

How nice to see a new test from a Judgment of Paris favourite. We always wish that the public's most beloved models would test more often. Mr. Seguin did a fine job of capturing Christina's beauty, yet presenting it in the contemporary manner that the model no doubt sought. The black-and-white headshot is an especially fine expression of Christina's sunnier side, while the blue-jacket images illustrate the interesting blend of effects that result when a princess-like model poses in a darker manner, yet still retains her youthful qualities.

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Default Re: Petulant Princess (Christina by Rob Seguin)

Christina is such a treat for the industry. She has created some wonderful images and continues to become more skillful in front of the camera as her career matures. I think her new hair color is a perfect choice.
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