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Old 13th February 2010   #1
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Default Kelsey Olson for LucieLu

Any individuals who are starting up new plus-size labels should know that there is no better way to attract attention to their line than by acquiring the most gorgeous of all full-figured goddesses to showcase their fashions.

Case in point: Sometime late last year (or early this year), a new plus-size fashion brand called LucieLu was born, and the company came up with the truly inspired idea to present its fashions on the breathtaking Kelsey Olson.

The results are every bit as spectacular as one would expect.

The most stunning image of the campaign is this photograph of Kelsey in an "Eau Claire Dress." Just look at how adorable Miss Olson appears, with her blonde tresses flowing gently over her face. Her expression in this picture is one of the model's signature looks--a gaze of soft, dreamy vulnerability. The dress emphasizes her buxom beauty while tantalizingly hinting at the luscious fullness of her waist.

Click for product page

(You may click on any of these images to view the product pages on the LucieLu site.)

Having Kelsey garbed in this dress proved to be such an attractive sight that LucieLu wisely put another take of the model in the same outfit on its cover page. Here the model's pose is more boldly assertive.

Click for product page

Although we prefer the dress on its own, as it shows off Kelsey's shapely arms, adding a "Petra Sweater" in plum creates an ensemble with an interesting dark/light colour mixture. In this picture, Kelsey's pose is comparatively closed in, befitting the more demure nature of the outfit.

Click for product page

However, one simply does not enlist the services of the industry's most attractive model and continually cover her up. This "Iliana Top" clings lovingly to Miss Olson's well-fed figure, sensually defining her every contour. Note in particular the opulent curve along her side and back, and consider the brilliance of Kelsey's pose. Unlike the modern "high fashion" approach (according to which models contort themselves into ugly, figure-minimizing, slouched positions), Kelsey adopts a provocative stance, one that celebrates her buxom beauty. The business with the accessory is an inspired gesture. And not even Kim Novak herself could make a closely fitted skirt look as sinfully desirable as Kelsey makes this "Rosa Skirt" appear.

Click for product page

An image of the model with a "Saunder Jacket" over the previous outfit is no less enticing. The wounded look in her eyes is profoundly stirring. One immediately wishes to protect her and take care of her. The way in which she pulls on her collar, as if she were cold, suggests irresistible neediness. In her pictures, Kelsey has a way of drawing viewers in, captivating their imaginations, creating a wholly realized persona with just a glance, a gaze, a gesture.

Click for product page

Perhaps the most alluring image in the entire campaign is the following, showing Miss Olson in deliciously snug jeans and a "Keela Sweater." Notice how the knit top (knits of any kind are always exciting choices for plus-size goddesses) defines her voluptuous charms. In all the world, no sight could be more seductive than this view of the model's generous waist pressing open the sweater at the midsection. Again, the model's pose is gorgeously size positive, showcasing every aspect of her feminine rondeur.

Click for product page

A straight-on photograph better showcases the perfectly fitted dungarees, which embrace her womanly hips and thighs. This is a very sculptural pose--appropriately so, given how defined her figure is by the snug pants. Her captivating expression is filled with passion, but completely convincing, without a trace of contrivance. One feels the emotion that she conveys--the longing, the want, the smouldering fire of desire that plays off against her soft, angelic appearance.

Click for product page

A detail view is also well worth a look, as it shows how the sweater lingers over every sensual curve along the model's back. Notice too how breathtakingly long Kelsey's tresses are--truly the locks of a fairy-tale princess.

Click for product page

Did we deem an earlier image the most seductive in the series? Perhaps we spoke too hastily, for although this "Tresor Tunic" is rather contemporary, the way in which it gently embraces Kelsey's soft waist and displays the round contours of her midsection is intensely alluring. The model plays up the softness of the image (to take the edge off the modernity of the top) by exhibiting a doll-like, little-girl-lost expression. Her baby-blue, beseeching eyes touch the heart. Observe how beautifully her tresses tumble over her shoulders in heavy, half-uncurled waves.

Click for product page

Even those who read the recent thread about Miss Olson's Heffner video, in which she showcased dozens of perfect looks in a matter of seconds, and were already suitably impressed by Kelsey's modelling prowess, will still be awed by the variety and creativity that she brings to this shoot, striking a host of different poses, each one unique and original, each one remarkably effective at showcasing the garments on display, each one creating a compelling new persona. With her stance in the following picture, Kelsey emphasizes her womanly silhouette, her sumptuous proportions--full at the bust, soft at the waist, generous at the hips--which epitomize the Classical ideal. She truly is a Venus of Antiquity brought to life.

Click for product page

There is something especially gorgeous about plus-size goddesses in recumbent poses. It suggests their luxurious indolence, and intimates the alluring weightiness of their figures. This image of a reclining Kelsey is particularly beautiful, as the deep cut of the "Gwendolyn Dress" exhibits a dizzying view of her decolletage. The model's demeanour is appropriately languorous, betokening a passive expectation of tribute (with an undercurrent of appetitiveness) that heightens the sensuality of the picture.

Click for product page

Naturally, our favourite view of the garment is one without the cardigan (which is nevertheless an attractive piece in its own right). For this picture with the cardigan removed (leaving her arms bare), Miss Olson presents her most alluring pose: a playing-with-the-tresses gesture that immediately transforms her every viewer into an ardent worshipper. Her heavily lidded eyes smoulder with passion; her parted lips suggest insatiable cravings. Kelsey's most exciting images are those in which she unleashes her wantonness, her carnality, knowing that the effect will always be softened by her delicate, childlike beauty. The blending of these two metaphysical impressions in one thrilling persona--both angel and temptress, saint and sinner--is utterly irresistible, and is an effect that no other model can generate in as stirring a manner.

Click for product page

But with just a turn to the side and a glance over her shoulder, Kelsey generates a completely different impression, something casual, seemingly effortless--like the glimpse of a stunning beauty whom one might see in passing; a glimpse that creates an indelible memory (no less powerful because of the brevity of the sight), a recollection of a goddess in human form, seen once but never viewed again, yet lingering in the mind as the human incarnation of the essential ideal of female loveliness.

Click for product page

And then, with another shift of her body, and a change of expression, Kelsey transforms herself once again, this time exuding pure helplessness and vulnerability. No look could be more compelling, no glace more effective at capturing the viewer's heart. The delicacy of her gaze plays off against the robustness of her figure. It is not mere sustenance that this goddess craves, but profligacy, extravagance, unchecked abundance--to be kept in the luxury that befits her princess-like beauty. Her wants, her desires, are limitless, and her every suitor would give all that he had to satisfy her needs.

Click for product page

However, while angelic and vulnerable looks may be Kelsey's specialty, she can create a host of different personae as the situation requires. In this image, Miss Olson presents herself in an intriguingly chic and sophisticated manner---fittingly so for this more serious-looking garment, a "Teagan Dress." Now her blue eyes seem all-knowing, impressing upon the viewer a sense of great wisdom, and containing a reservoir of secrets that she coyly declines to reveal. She seems uncommonly mysterious, like a femme fatale, yet her fair tresses and full facial features still soften the effect, rendering the impression one of silver-screen glamour. (Again, Kim Novak comes to mind--but even Kim was never as lovely as this; not with Kelsey's golden tresses and sumptuous physique.)

Click for product page

This pose evokes a sense of "morning awakening." Kelsey has a unique gift for positioning herself in ways that are original, yet never strained. Her poses seem natural, yet they are photographically ideal for displaying any given attire. The jacket adds considerable visual interest to the ensemble, and contributes to the Old World elegance of the look.

Click for product page

Inevitably, though, fans prefer to see Kelsey sans outerwear, especially when she models sleeveless dresses. This picture provides the tightest close-up of the series, a marvellous look at the beauty of the model's facial features. The viewer is mesmerized by the sight of her voluminous hair. His eyes trace her soft waves. He observes with rapt wonder how they cascade along her shoulders. Note too a seductive detail--how the model's generous bust presses open the dress at the buttons. And notice the softness of her neck and shoulder area, free of even a hint of an unsightly clavicle.

Click for product page

A full-length better exhibits the loveliness of the dress. Notice how in this, and in many of the images, Kelsey deftly tugs at the corner of the garment to display it in a better manner, yet she does so in a way that is almost unnoticeable, and never detracts from the naturalness of her pose. The tilt of the model's head allows her tresses to drape down like a curtain of gold. Her balletic pose emphasizes curves, not angles. Other models who attempt stances such as this usually end up looking painfully awkward, but Kelsey appears completely relaxed and graceful.

Click for product page

Of the many items that Kelsey has modelled in her young life (but extensive career), remarkably few have been green--particularly not as vibrant a green as exemplified by this "Annalise Blouse." As it turns out, Miss Olson looks stunning in green. To be fair, she looks good in everything--but the natural, organic hue of this garment suits Kelsey very well, and complements her fair tresses.

Click for product page

A look at Kelsey in this "Odalys Dress" provides an opportunity to single out the work of another member of the LucieLu creative team--the wardrobe stylist. Note how the scarlet shoes match the red top that the models wears underneath her dress. Both items add welcome touches of colour to the ensemble. Intoxicated as you will be by Kelsey's beauty (particularly by the soft roundness of her arms), do not ignore fine styling details such as these, seen in every one of the pictures posted in this thread.

Click for product page

Finally, this image shows Kelsey adopting another graceful pose while exhibiting a floral-print dress. Wrap bustlines such as this are always flattering cuts for full-figured goddesses--especially one as voluptuous as Kelsey. Consider how Miss Olson's stance creates the illusion of movement. This is another example of the magic of the model's art--to be able to create the impression of motion in a still image, simply by the placement of the limbs and the position of the body.

Click for product page

* * *

Bravo to LucieLu for enlisting Kelsey to showcase its appealing designs, and for photographing her in such an attractive (and size-positive) manner. Miss Olson is quite simply the most gorgeous and popular plus-size model in the industry today, and in these images she demonstrates her beauty, her versatility, and her ability to convey the most intense emotions via convincing and natural expressions.

LucieLu offers a host of other items besides the ones posted above, but nothing adds to the appeal of a garment like seeing it showcased on Kelsey. We look forward to future campaigns from this exciting new company--and hopefully, further LucieLu images of the crown princess of plus-size modelling.

- Click here to browse the LucieLu site

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Default Re: Kelsey Olson for LucieLu

Amazing! Kelsey is always magnificent, but here even more than usual. She makes every dress look fun and pretty.

The very first picture is my favourite. Something about the way her face looks there is so enchanting. And wow- the "Iliana Top," let's be honest, makes her look ultra-sexy (but in a classy way). Kelsey really knows how to turn up the heat, but remain chic while doing so. And in the picture where she's sitting down, in the "Gwendolyn Dress," I get an Anita Ekberg vibe from her. Very, very alluring.

The clothing is body-conscious but it's tasteful too, and Kelsey has the perfect figure to show it off. GORGEOUS pictures, every single one.
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson for LucieLu

The company's design philosophy, as found on its "about" page, is very appealing:

The LucieLu line will always be part timeless classics & part trend. A mix & match collection that will easily lend itself to cultivating your individual style. Play it safe or take a risk. Borrow from others or invent it yourself. Go neutral or pop a color. Be conservative or be bold. Keep comfortable or put yourself out there. And in the end, your style is born.

I like that concept: "part timeless classic and part trend." And LucieLu found the perfect model to showcase both.

Timeless classic:


I would have to agree with what others have said, that Kelsey is my favorite among plus-size models who are currently working in the industry. I'm so tired of the hard, modern looks in fashion. Kelsey shows that a model can have a soft, feminine appearance and do curvy poses, and look far more interesting, and unique, and beautiful, than a harsh, chiseled look (ugh!). It's so empowering to see a model who has a natural figure, and looks like a goddess.

Thank you to LucieLu for such great designs presented on such a lovely model.
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson for LucieLu

I adore the top picture, and I also love the first "Keela Sweater" photo, which shows a hint of Kelsey's curvy waist. You can tell by the cut of the items and the close fit that LucieLu really appreciates shapely, full figures - and when they're working with a perfect model like Kelsey, how could they not? This is definitely a pro-plus label. There are many pieces here that I'd like to add to my wardrobe. I only wish that the company showed all of its offerings on Miss Olson!

Kelsey is a phenomenal beauty. Her every shoot inspires me.
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson for LucieLu

I can't tear myself away from this thread. What a beauty Kelsey is. Even at a forum where extraordinary gorgeousness is the norm, not the exception, Kelsey stands out as a goddess beyond compare. Wherever other plus-size models are in terms of size-celebration, Kelsey takes it to a higher level. She becomes more attractive with every shoot.

Just like the clothing that she's modelling in this thread, she can be contemporary, or she can be timeless, or both at the same time; she can be girly and sophisticated, youthful and mature. Amazing talent.

Whenever I want to persuade someone of the true look of femininity, whenever I want to show them what the healthy, natural ideal should be, rather than the cadaverous appearance that the media promotes, I turn to Kelsey's images. Her beauty cannot be denied.
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Default A composite ideal

Originally Posted by Graham
Whenever I want to persuade someone of the true look of femininity, whenever I want to show them what the healthy, natural ideal should be, rather than the cadaverous appearance that the media promotes, I turn to Kelsey's images. Her beauty cannot be denied.

I would agree with that.

The other day, I engaged in a thought experiment. I mused about creating a composite plus-size model to represent curvaceous femininity in just such a circumstance as Graham describes -- trying to exhibit the timeless ideal to a new audience. Well, here's what happened.

For the loveliest facial features, I immediately thought of Kelsey.
For most beautiful tresses, well, Kelsey obviously wins in that regard.
Most attractive figure? Kelsey's soft physique is definitely timeless rather than modern, and classically feminine rather than androgynous.
I even considered which model's poses I favoured the most, and again Kelsey came to mind, with her gentle, vulnerable looks.

In short, although I set out to assemble a composite, I discovered that every aspect of timeless beauty was already present in one model -- Miss Olson.

It might be different if Shannon Marie were still modelling, but as it stands, I don't think there's any doubt that Kelsey is the prettiest plus-size goddess working today. I adore the images in this thread especially, and there are more than a few pieces that I'm thinking of buying for myself.
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Default Re: A composite ideal

I love how unapologetic Kelsey is about her figure. She never tries to angle herself in a manner that hides her shape. That is what girls and women need to see. A model who is confident and proud of her body.

On a side note, I own those sparkly gold heels and LOVE them.
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