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Old 14th February 2010   #1
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Default Kailee: Bold Biffi for MXM

Only one preliminary image has been posted so far, but here's some exciting news: Kailee O'Sullivan will soon be back at MXM modelling the new Jessica Biffi collection:

The Kailee/MXM combination has been one of the industry's most exciting model/client pairings, and seeing her modelling Jessica's fashions will be a new high.

Jessica was, of course, a contestant on Project Runway Canada, and she herself is full-figured, so it will be exciting to see what designs she comes up with for curvy girls. I already love this first piece, in a gorgeous shade of purple with gold trim.

I can't wait to see more pictures of Kailee in MXM's new collection!
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Old 15th February 2010   #2
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Default Re: Kailee: Biffi for MXM

This is exciting. MXM has created a brand-new microsite dedicated especially to the "Bold Biffi" line:

It features more images of Kailee, by far the most gorgeous of which is this one. The top accentuates her buxom curves. I love how voluptuous her hair looks, and the big, heavy earring is stunning. Kailee looks wild and hungry here.

Another page shows the preview image from Hannahs post. This too is electrifying. The sensuality, the passion. Wow.

Another stunning image. I love the accessories that go with this outfit, and how Kailees hair flows over her shoulder.

This one-shoulder top is very alluring, as it displays a bare neck and shoulder area. I am thrilled by how many of the Biffi pieces show bare arms.

If you visit the "Collection" page, you can also see the looks in full-length. I definitely love the top two outfits best, especially the one on the left. And the colour is so rich, but young.

This collection is just amazing, and Kailee does a spectacular job showing it off. I cannot wait for this collection to officially debut, and to be released in stores.
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Old 16th February 2010   #3
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Default Re: Kailee: Bold Biffi for MXM

The "Collection" page has an interesting comment from the designer about her inspiration for the line:

“To me MXM is a place where fashion is about fun and pushing the envelope a little. In that spirit, I wanted a playful collection with some attitude and an exotic vibe inspired by other cultures... The Maharaja's Mistress is influenced by India's saris and tunics, with little touches of Moroccan flavor. For spring, I also wanted a fun and fresh color palette. Of course, all my MXM pieces reflect my love for gold and my signature drape & pleats.”

That sounds fascinating. Designers sometimes call their models their "muses," and I wonder if Kailee wasn't Jessica's muse. In Kailee's interview for the Judgment of Paris, when asked about what her ideal shoot would be like, she said:

"Mmm. Probably India, or Indonesia,” she reflected. “Somewhere in the Far East. I love nature, and I just feel like… It was just so me, the clothes and the feeling, the vibe. I just love it. So anything kind of earthy, natural. I love Eastern everything: food, decor, belief system. It’s all fascinating to me. I love it.

It sounds like Jessica and Kailee were on the same wavelength for this collection. I love the idea of Kailee as a "Maharaja's Mistress," living a life of pure luxury, never having to exert herself in any way, being surrounded with all the wealth and food she could ever want, with servants attending her - an opulent world of pure indulgence, for an opulent beauty.

She looks gorgeous in these fashions, especially the purple tops.
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Old 17th February 2010   #4
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Default Re: Kailee: Bold Biffi for MXM

The "Bold Biffi" microsite also features an online press release with a number of interesting news items:

Jessica is once again quoted as to her inspiration for the line:

"Bold Biffi for MXM, is hip, youthful, and exotic – inspired by the culture, colours, embellishments, and traditional clothing of evocative countries such as India and Morocco.”

There's info about the forthcoming availability of the pieces:

The ‘Bold Biffi for MXM’ collection will be available exclusively at 40 Penningtons stores across Canada and the signature ‘Jessica Biffi for Addition Elle’ line will be carried by 30 select Addition Elle stores. Customers who shop at these locations may have an opportunity to meet Jessica Biffi as she crosses the country to make personal appearances during the month of April.

The official launch event will be at Toronto’s LG Fashion Week in March, 2010, and the two collections will be available in select stores across Canada starting April 1st, 2010.

A launch at Toronto Fashion Week? How intriguing. I wonder if that will mean a runway show? Wouldn't it be amazing if there were an MXM runway show featuring Kailee, Kelsey, and other Judgment of Paris favourites!

Here's another exciting possibility:

The current ‘Biffi Buzz’ from Addition Elle and MXM is that Jessica Biffi will be a guest blogger on the corporate blog ( and Facebook fan pages so that customers can get a sneak peak at what’s to come … and later there will be video ‘teasers’ … and a lot of ‘tweeting’ as things progress. Stay tuned for updates!

"Video teasers"? Ooh, I wonder if those might feature Kailee -- perhaps product videos, or a behind-the-scenes clip of the shoot!

I can't wait to see what's coming up.
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Old 22nd February 2010   #5
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Default ''Maharaja's Mistress''

Know ye the land of the cedar and vine,
Where the flowers ever blossom, the beams ever shine;
Where the light wings of Zephyr, oppress'd with perfume,
Wax faint o'er the gardens of Gúl in her bloom;
Where the citron and olive are fairest of fruit,
And the voice of the nightingale never is mute:
Where the tints of the earth, and the hues of the sky,
In colour though varied, in beauty may vie,
And the purple of ocean is deepest in dye;
Where the virgins are soft as the roses they twine,
And all, save the spirit of man, is divine?
'Tis the clime of the East; 'tis the land of the Sun.

-Byron, The Bride of Abydos (1813)

While we generally prefer images that play up the soft roundness of Kailee's facial features, these pictures, which showcase a different look for her, are also stunning, and demonstrate her remarkable versatility.

Without a doubt, she is one of the two or three more gorgeous plus-size models working today, and an extraordinary talent. MXM could not have found a more perfect model to show off its new line.

In addition to the images posted above, the "Bold Biffi" microsite also features close-ups of Kailee as part of its opening flash sequence. The photograph in the purple keyhole top is undoubtedly the most arresting. There is something carnivorous about her look. She is an adorable beauty, but with a ferocious side, like a rapacious young tigress. The top embraces her buxom curves, and its sleeveless design shows off her soft, round limbs. The heaviness of the accessories harmonizes with Kailee's sumptuous beauty, endowing the overall look with a palpable opulence--as does the voluminous weight of her magnificent tresses, which prompts a longing in every viewer for tactile engagement.

The second image in the gold-trimmed purple top conveys the strongest impression of Kailee as a "Maharaja's Mistress," as the MXM copy describes her. Her voluptuous tresses appear more tousled here--a romantic touch. The lower-cut top displays more of her bare neck area, and the trim with the spherical designs suggest gold coins, prompting one to imagine Kailee is an Eastern palace surrounded by chests of doubloons and florins and precious jewels--the extravagant tribute that the maharaja pays her in an attempt to win her favour. Kailee's alluring glance conveys dark passions intermingling with her beauty, even a strain of exciting cruelty. She is beyond spoiled--a girl of such legendary allure that her wants have become insatiable. Every man who gazes upon her becomes her lovesick slave. She has come to enjoy the fact that men suffer such pain from their hopeless desire for her. She feels, rightly, that it is the tribute that she is due, given her incomparable beauty. And her admirers suffer such pain gladly, for they know that any torture is worth enduring for the incomparable bliss of gazing upon her fairness.

In the image of Kailee in her black one-shoulder top, she further cultivates her voracious persona. Again, he eyes flash a heavily lidded, carnal look, but her seductive greed is even more nakedly apparent here, her cruelty more intoxicating--fittingly so, given the fact that the top exposes more of her person. The ornate earrings, so prominently displayed, testify to her bewitching vanity, for she clearly enjoys displaying the lavish tribute that men have given her, thus showcasing the power of her allure, and putting other women in their place as her inferiors.

In the final image, Kailee continues the impression of vain display, with her bejeweled necklace catching the light. In her most private moments, she even feels that it is right that all of the maharaja's subjects should suffer untold deprivations--even starving, or living in abject poverty--so long as she is kept in the luxury that she considers her due. And she is absolutely correct in this assessment--for extravagantly feminine beauty such as hers deserves every entitlement.

The Bold Biffi designs may be contemporary, but the model's manner of showing them off indicates how a girl wearing them could indulge in a touch of fantasy about herself. Kailee creates a thrilling persona in these images that heightens and elaborates on the designer's inspiration for creating the line. Never was there a "maharaja's mistress" as beautiful as she, or one so richly deserving of worship and tribute.

We eagerly look forward to further examples of Kailee's stunning art.

- ''Bold Biffi'' microsite

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Old 26th February 2010   #6
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Default Re: Kailee: Bold Biffi for MXM

Originally Posted by Meredith
"Video teasers"? Ooh, I wonder if those might feature Kailee -- perhaps product videos, or a behind-the-scenes clip of the shoot

Here it is! The first video that MXM has released showcasing the "Bold Biffi" line, and yes, thrillingly, it begins with several scenes of Kailee modelling the outfit!

She looks gorgeous, of course! Her sinuous moves really bring the top to life. You wouldn't think it's possible, but she looks even more beautiful on video than in the stills.

But Kailee has always had a special affinity for the video medium. I'm so thrilled that MXM is offering these clips. Plus, I get an even better sense of the look of the garment (and how much I want it!) from the shots of Kailee in motion than in the pictures.

I hope there will be more videos like this.

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Old 1st March 2010   #7
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Default Re: Kailee: Bold Biffi for MXM

The shots of Miss O'Sullivan in the new MXM video may be brief, but oh, how they display her stunning beauty. They also demonstrate how effectively she brings the Biffi top to life. Kailee was obviously channelling the "Maharajan's Mistress" mindset of the collection during the shoot, because her movements are alluringly languid and sinuous. Observe how, instead of negotiating "angles," she forms her body into undulating feminine curves, emphasizing the womanliness of her figure.

Her magnificent tresses appear longer and more luxuriant than ever in this shoot, adding to her innate sensuality. Their voluptuousness and fullness adds to the seductive impression of weight that she conveys. Even without any backdrop other than a rich, gold panel, she conveys the sultry heat of the East. The top enhances her allure, suggesting the buxom curves rising beneath the fabric, and its gilded detail contributes to the rich aesthetic of the picture.

The highlight of the video is the moment when the wind machine wafts her loose tresses over her eye. No living mortal could resist falling under Kailee's spell at this point. The unbound, heavy locks suggest the model's own unbridled passions, which smoulder within her. She has freed herself of all restraint, and indulges freely in every pleasure that life has to offer.

The following pose appears in the still photograph that showcases this item, but the video demonstrates that Kailee generated a host of exciting looks and expressions that were even wilder and more sensual than this, every one of which undoubtedly created a photographic masterpiece.

Throughout the video, Kailee captures the very spirit that Jessica described as the inspiration for her new MXM line. With her romantic beauty and languorous demeanour, she evokes an impression of femininity and fantasy that takes the innate appeal of the outfit to a higher level.

The rest of the video, featuring Miss Biffi describing the inspiration for the outfit, is fascinating as well. We eagerly look forward to more clips showcasing the "Bold Biffi" collection.

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