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Default Christina: ''How To Look Good Naked Canada'' 12

Alas, last night's episode of How To Look Good Naked Canada was the second-last of the season. Only one more episode remains, but the show is obviously intent on going out with a bang.

Yesterday, Christina modelled several all-new, never-before-seen ensembles and looked utterly gorgeous in each. Pride of place, as always, went to her lingerie look, which was so beautiful that the show featured the clips of Miss Schmidt walking the runway in intimate apparel twice--once before a commercial break, to keep viewers' attentions riveted, and once at the climax of the final runway segment.

The teaser clip showed Christina approaching the camera, doing a graceful turn at the end of the catwalk,

then strolling back down the runway--the last shot being a closer view, to better showcase her figure.

The concluding runway show began with a zoom shot of Christina in an outfit that was professional-looking, but didn't sacrifice pizazz for polish.

As the image indicates, the belt drew in the cardigan to conform to Miss Schmidt's curvy figure. The hairstyle that she wore for this week's episode was very becoming as well.

What made this otherwise conservative outfit exciting was (a) the view of the red shirt emerging, like a splash of blood, from beneath the grey sweater, and (b) how the model's voluptuous contours (for Christina has always been generously buxom) pressed open the sweater, to display the curves beneath. This effect--the sense that a model is veritably swelling out of her clothing--is unfailingly sensual, and is a look that only plus-size models can achieve.

Over the course of its run, How To Look Good Naked Canada has realized that whoever the makeover lady of the week may be, Christina is the real starlet of the show. In each episode's final catwalk presentation, she always walks the runway first and receives the most screen time. Also, the show has progressively grown bolder about showcasing her curves. For example, to display the second outfit that she wore on this week's episode, the camera began with a tight close up that unapologetically celebrated her deep decolletage, alluringly displayed by her low-cut top. Note too how the fitted top conformed to the soft, sensual curves around her middle.

As the camera pulled back, it revealed that Christina's outfit was more passionate than professional. The jacket may have had something of an office quality, but its bold red colour gave it verve. Also, the abbreviated length of the top and the high black hosiery, ever-so-slightly sheer, guaranteed that the effect of the ensemble would be intensely desirable. Thus, Christina's look was that of a young woman who knows how seductive her sinful figure makes her; who, even in a downtown environment, wants every man to gaze upon her, to desire her, and to be distracted by carnal thoughts about her.

Christina's runway technique was as impeccable as always--fluid, graceful, and feminine. Her demeanour in this outfit was cool and sophisticated, allowing the high-temperate ensemble to do the seducing for her.

Knowing that Miss Schmidt's appearances are the highlight of every episode, the show milked her final lingerie walk for all that it was worth. First, it showed her emergence from behind the screen at a distance.

Then it zoomed in on the model's shapely legs.

And finally, it showed a close-up of the model's lovely, doll-like face. This is one of the prettiest shots that the show has yet produced.

Note the black band around the model's neck, a chic touch that gives the intimate apparel a European sophistication. Christina's hairstyle looks ultra-glamorous.

The show concluded with the runway parade (led by Christina, on whom the camera lingered) that was previewed earlier in the episode.

No Victoria's Secret waif, even in the skimpiest apparel, could compare to the sight of Miss Schmidt in alluring unmentionables.

This black garment may seem a tad modest, but what makes it so seductive are the rounded curves beneath the fabric, which it suggests more than it conceals.

The episode concluded with Christina generously applauding the makeover lady du jour.

What a pity that the show is nearing the end of its first-season run. Every week, it has showcased Christina's runway prowess and featured her in a host of exciting outfits--including daring unmentionables. It has demonstrated what a better fashion world could look like, a world with runways peopled by plus-size models, not androgynous anorexics.

Moreover, the program has materially improved the self-esteem of its makeover subjects and of its countless viewers, who have been exposed on a weekly basis to the otherwise rare (indeed, practically nonexistent) sight of a young, full-figured goddess.

Let us hope that other TV programs will take a cue from this show and cast attractive and genuinely curvaceous girls. It is long past time for the Classical ideal to be restored to popular consciousness, and a television program like this can help make that happen.

- Click here to watch video

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Default Re: Christina: ''How To Look Good Naked Canada'' 12

Speaking of watching Christina on film, I recently found a fan-made YouTube video that brings together a slideshow of Christina's most attractive images intercut with clips from her Wilhelmina modelling video:

I especially like the reverse-view shot at 0:26 and her seductive glance at 1:12.

The music is atrocious (Tamika's fan video, set to a Chloe Agnew song, was much better in this regard), but I guess it's what the kids are listening to these days. Regardless, it's great to see such creative enthusiasm for a plus-size model.
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