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Default Christina: ''How To Look Good Naked Canada'' 11

After several episodes in which Christina Schmidt joined the show's "lineup ladies," How To Look Good Naked Canada this week returned Christina to her original role as the series's principal runway model.

Nevertheless, glimpses of Miss Schmidt appeared throughout the broadcast--undoubtedly placed there by the show's editors to keep viewers breathless with anticipation for the episode's catwalk finale.

And those glimpses were tantalizing indeed. First, before the credits even aired, a shot of Christina in intimate apparel flashed across the screen. Note how her slip acknowledges the sensual roundness of her waist. Furthermore, the image suggests the grace and poise of her runway walk. (Be sure to view the excerpts video, linked below, to watch Christina "in action.")

Although the above ensemble may have debuted in last week's episode (the two installments having been taped on the same day), the next outfit was altogether new for this week's show:

And what an outfit it was! The low cut of the top showcased the model's generous decolletage, while the opulent gold necklace drew the eye toward her buxom charms. Christina's facial features look especially soft and pretty in this still, and the flowing hairstyle accentuates her feminine loveliness.

Those two fleeting views of Miss Schmidt would surely have been enough to keep every viewer tuned to the W Network for the next hour, but the program hedged its bets by offering further Chrsitina previews before the commercial breaks. In the first such teaser, the camera did a quick overhead zoom, showing Christina dressed in an attractive, figure-hugging dress.

The garment showcased her voluptuous curves and womanly hips. As this screencap indicates, the live audience was mesmerized by her Classical proportions.

The body-consciousness of the dress also accentuated Christina's sinuous runway walk--a polished, professional gait that is as attractive and fluid as that of any model in the world, straight-size or plus-size.

A subsequent teaser clip offered a second preview of Christina's irresistible lingerie ensemble. The slip is an irresistible enough item on its own, but note that what actually makes the outfit work are the black leggings, which are both chic and cozy, making the wearer seem sexy, yet approachable and fun.

When the runway show finally began, it launched with a repeat of the overhead-zoom shot pulling back from a glimpse of Christina's voluptuous assets. Despite the motion blur, the beauty of the model's facial features and flowing hair is utterly stunning.

Although Christina's catwalk prowl plays up her curvaceous hips, her walk is very natural and believable--an idealized presentation of how every woman wishes she could walk in an attractive dress.

No sensible person could ever think that such a garment would look better on an androgynous waif. It is Christina's well-fed figure that gives it its attractive shape, and brings it to life.

The climax of episode consisted of the models emerging in intimate apparel. Again, stylish as this outfit may be, its success is wholly dependent on the model's own alluringly proportioned figure, and on the ultra-confident manner in which she walked down the runway in it, making every viewer see her as a goddess of desire. This is, after all, the effect that intimate apparel is meant to achieve--to transform its wearer into a seductress--but only the most gorgeous and talented of models can actually put this into practice.

We loathe headless photos of models, but this particular shot of Christina is such a loving depiction of her sensual curves that we cannot help but share it. Her figure epitomizes the soft fullness of Classical perfection.

No Victoria's Secret waif could hold a candle to a goddess like Christina in sensual lingerie. After all, the attraction of intimate apparel stems not from the fabric, but from the curves that rise beneath it.

As the models did their final turn, fans were offered a glimpse of Christina from the reverse view.

The final scene showed Miss Schmidt enthusiastically applauding the show's makeover lady of the week, inviting her to emerge for her curtain call.

Seeing Christina on How To Look Good Naked Canada is a weekly thrill for all aficionados of timeless beauty. By featuring her modelling attractive outfits in real-life runway shows, the program demonstrates how much more appealing all of the world's fashion weeks, with their catwalk extravaganzas, would be if they cast genuinely full-figured goddesses instead of androgynous waifs.

The fact that this program also instils lasting body confidence in its weekly makeover subjects (to say nothing of its millions of viewers) is the icing on the cake. By virtue of her association with this show, Christina is helping to undo some of the damage that fashion otherwise does to women's self-esteem.

Imagine: fashion doing good rather than harm; embodying timeless beauty rather than modern emaciation. That is the power of the plus-size model.

- Click here to view excerpts video

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