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Old 8th March 2010   #1
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Default Crystal Renn: June cover of Glamour

You heard it here first--if it's true.

So far, we only have the evidence of one article to confirm the news, but it appears as if Crystal Renn has just shot for Victoria's Secret.

It makes us sick to post a link to the following article, as it is the worst kind of pro-skinny rubbish, since its focus is not on Crystal, but on Alessandra Ambrosio, who is a pointedly emaciated and androgynous Victoria's Secret regular. But here it is:

- Click for article (but avoid if possible)

The only reason we are posting it at all is because it comes with the following picture, showing the skeletal Ambrosio on the left, a model who looks like Crystal in the centre, and a third model on the right, who is actually the most buxom of the trio, and with a nicely curvy waist.

Are you not yet persuaded that this is Crystal? We weren't. But then the following candid showed up at Ambrosio's forum, featuring Ms. Renn. Confirmation enough.

So now the question is, was this shoot in fact for Victoria's Secret?

Well, that's what the linked article says, noting that Ambrosio

"was this week found shooting the latest Victoria's Secret catalogue in the Caribbean,"

and then posting several pictures--including the trio, featuring Crystal.

Bottom line--Crystal has shot some sort of campaign with a Victoria's Secret model, and possibly for VS itself, given that the location, St. Barth's, is the company's stomping grounds.

It's a definite breakthrough, although we dearly wish that Crystal were fuller-figured, to make this a bolder development.

And if a straight-size VS angel needed to be involved in such a campaign, we very much wish that it had instead been the lovely Doutzen Kroes.

* * *

Now, let's be cognizant of the fact that this could just be some sort of body-love promotion for a size-positive organization. That's what we were initially thinking. However, if the images were indeed photographed in the Caribbean, as the article asserts, then that would be out of the budget for most non-profit, size-acceptance organizations.

Furthermore, Victoria's Secret is currently running a "Love Your Body" campaign, a promotion that, so far, is undermined by the universally skeletal appearance of its models.

Could they have brought in Crystal to lend this campaign some credibility? Anything is possible.

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Old 9th March 2010   #2
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Default Re: Crystal Renn: Victoria's Secret?

But of course, "Love Your Body" is really a new slogan for a VS product line. Seeing those three words blazoned across the skinny torso of a model with artificial-looking lips on the cover of the latest catalogue made me a bit sick. Moreover, these candid shots confirm that Miss Ambrosio's catalogue images are manipulated to make her look larger and healthier. Why not cast naturally shapely women in the first place?
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Old 10th March 2010   #3
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Default Re: Crystal Renn: June cover of Glamour

No, not Victoria's Secret, it turns out, but the June cover of Glamour, as reported in this article:

The info:

WWD has learned that Matthias Vriens-McGrath shot Alessandra Ambrosio, Brooklyn Decker and Crystal Renn on the Caribbean island over the weekend for the cover of Glamourís June issue.

Amazing that Glamour spent the money to fly Crystal out to join the two VS models while they were at St. Barth's.

However, not only is this not as exciting as Victoria's Secret, but it's a bit of a let-down in this sense: while it's nice that Renn gets a Glamour cover, it's rather disappointing to think that she needed to be joined by two straight-size models (including one painfully emaciated one, Ambrosio). Was Glamour trying to hedge its bets? Did they not think that a solo Crystal cover was good enough?

Well, let's hope that the cover will at least show Crystal looking somewhat plus-size.
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