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Default FFFWeek: Lindsey Garbelman

[NOTE: The following images have been commercially licensed from Mr. Richard Lew, the official FFFWeek photographer. Their appearance here does not sanction any further distribution beyond this site. Any bloggers or publications seeking Mr. Lew's FFFWeek images must obtain them from his Web site, which can be found here.]

As everyone is surely aware, yesterday marked the launch of the second annual Full-Figured Fashion Week in New York City. Although the "Opening Night Runway Showcase" is not nearly as grand or glitzy an affair as the main catwalk event (which takes place on Saturday night in the ballroom of the Park Central Hotel), last night's show did have its distinguishing features.

True to their word, the organizers of FFFWeek did cast models size 14 or up. A cursory glance of the images from the event shows no faux-plus models, but rather, a host of genuinely full-figured girls. Furthermore, the fashions on display were quite appealing.

Although it was a pity not to find Katherine Roll or Kailee O'Sullivan among the participants, since they were the headliners of last year's event, we were delighted to see images of at least one Judgment of Paris favourite--the gorgeous Lindsey Garbelman (MSA New York/Dorothy Combs, Miami).

Click to enlarge

Lindsey, who was indisputably the star of the night, modelled two looks, the second of which comprised this abbreviated black skirt and cute top in official Judgment of Paris purple. The royal hue perfectly complements her magnificent brunette tresses, and the wrap neck design, with the attractive ruching, plays up the model's buxom curves. The black skirt lovingly embraces her generous hips.

Click to enlarge

What makes the image so gorgeous, though, are the model's luscious facial features, particularly the seductive curve under her chin. Her face possesses true supermodel beauty, yet she also appears sumptuously well-fed. Lindsey has been modelling for several years now, but she is currently at the peak of her beauty, lovelier and more curvaceous than ever.

Click to enlarge

Another image shows the model doing a final turn at the end of her runway walk. Notice her sunny smile and charming demeanour. Simply looking at Lindsey is sure to prompt many women to feel better about their figures, and to want to obtain her outfit for themselves.

Click to enlarge

Although the top is comfortably loose at the waist, it still intimates a sensual curve at the model's midsection. Lindsey stands, beaming and happy, conscious that she is one of the loveliest women in the world.

Click to enlarge

The close-up shows the alluring curve under her chin, as well as her opulently voluptuous contours. What a refreshing change she is from the sullen, androgynous skeletons who glumly stalk down the runways of the minus-size fashion industry.

Click to enlarge

The hat and the slacks may be an acquired taste, but no one can deny that the angelic top that Lindsey wore for her first FFFWeek look is one of the prettiest items that any model has ever showcased. The ruffles and flounces play up Lindsey's innate femininity, giving her a doll-like appearance.

Click to enlarge

More exciting still, this piece is sleeveless, thus displaying Lindsey's soft, full arms. Under the strong runway lights, Miss Garbelman looks fairer than ever, and the whiteness of her skin tone makes her rounded arms appear even more luscious than usual. The hair arrangement is straight, but romantic and seductive, flowing over her shoulders. The slacks define her womanly thighs.

Click to enlarge

Once again, though, it is the allure of her facial features, with the sumptuous curve under her chin, that takes viewers' breath away. Fans adore Lindsey's energetic, self-satisfied demeanour on the runway, her sense of excitement at her own gorgeous appearance, and her love of the crowed applauding her beauty.

Click to enlarge

A second photograph showing this look is somewhat washed out by the strong lighting, but it still displays Lindsey's curvaceous appearance. Not only is she obviously preferable to any anorexic waif, but she is also much more desirable than the faux-plus models who otherwise dominate the few runway events that admit token, thin-looking plus-size models.

Click to enlarge

Lindsey, instead, is truly curvy, genuinely full-figured, and the attractive pieces that she wore in this show would have looked nowhere near as appealing on either a faux-plus or a minus-size model. Their diminished frames simply cannot compete with her robust proportions, let along her lavishly sensual face.

Click to enlarge

The opening night of Full-Figured Fashion Week benefitted greatly from Lindsey's appearance on the runway, as last year's FFFWeek was distinguished by the talents of Katherine Roll and Kailee O'Sullivan. Miss Garbelman completely stole the show with her timeless, full-figured beauty, showing the world what a true runway goddess looks like.

And just think--this was only the warm-up. We cannot wait to see what the main event, on Saturday night, will bring.

Click to enlarge

- Full-Figured Fashion Week

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Default Re: FFFWeek: Lindsey Garbelman

A few low-res videos of last night's show have turned up on YouTube. It turns out that the purple outfit that Lindsey modelled was for Kiyonna. I've seen it on the Kiyonna site, but it looks far better on Lindsey's figure.

Here's the YouTube vid of the Kiyonna show. Fast-forward to 00:21 to watch Lindsey's turn on the catwalk.

And here's the Pure Energy show. To see Lindsey you have to fast forward all the way to 1:21. I love how Lindsey blows the audience a kiss at the end of the catwalk.

The runway seems very short, and the production values for the grand finale of FFFWeek are always much higher. I can't wait to see how that turns out.

In the meantime, Lindsey looks curvy and gorgeous. Bravo!
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Default Re: FFFWeek: Lindsey Garbelman

The New York Times ran a couple of pieces about FFFWeek yesterday. This one is a shorter blurb:

And this one is more substantive. It's not particularly penetrating - rather, more of a round-up of the plus-size fashion situation. Still, it's wonderful to see this event getting more mainstream exposure:

The only shortcoming is that, at one point, the event's organizer is quoted as acknowledging that plus-size is not an aspirational fantasy. Not true! There is no reason to concede like that, no reason to adopt mainstream-media thinking. Being a plus-size beauty most certainly can be a fantasy. Throughout the history of Western civilization, it was the ideal fantasy of feminine beauty; and that's what it can be once more.

In fact, it should be. If young girls fantasized about being gorgeous, plus-size models instead of fantasizing about being androgynous straight-size models, then the incidence of eating disorders would decline sharply. Being curvaceous and womanly is a healthier and more natural fantasy than aspiring to be anorexic. The timeless ideal of full-figured beauty can and should be an aspirational fantasy. Society would benefit greatly from such a turn in thinking.
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Default Re: FFFWeek: Lindsey Garbelman

It helps that Kiyonna has great clothes, but the models make all the outfits look beautiful. It really makes a difference to use all genuinely full-figured models.
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