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Default Australian plus-size fashion event

The Brisbane Times reports about a fascinating new plus-size fashion event that will be taking place in Melbourne, Australia, next month:

It's a good article, and worth reading. Here are some excerpts:

Big beauties throw a curve ball at ready-to-wear fashion

June 6, 2010

A COUPLE of years ago, Janine Mison...a size 20, walked into a popular Australian clothing store to buy her size-10 mother a gift for Mother's Day. As soon as she walked through the door she was approached by a shop assistant who told her: ''We don't have anything in your size, dear.''

''It was one of those lightbulb moments where it made me really think about what kind of impact this 'sorry, we can't help you' attitude was having on bigger women,'' says Mison. ''From that moment I realised I wanted to do something that made women feel good about themselves.''

...Next March, Mison, along with Brisbane-based businesswoman Erika Entz, will launch Australia's first plus-size-only fashion event in Melbourne.

''Currently Australia has very successful 'mainstream' fashion events, but unfortunately the plus-size industry gets overlooked time and time again,'' says Mison. ''We've been pushed out of these events for so long and I think it's come to the point where instead of chasing the traditional fashion industry to include us, we just have to grab the reins and create our own events and our own industry.''

The consumer and trade event, Real Women Revolution, aimed at women size 16 and over, seeks to bring together designers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers to help foster Australia's plus-size fashion industry.

The event will include shows, an expo for plus-size products and services, workshops, styling sessions, a keynote speaker, a body image forum and an evening gala to honour the Australian plus-size designer and model of the year...

Designer Harvest Powell from Hope and Harvest, the soon-to-be-launched size 14 to 26 label, will use the event to promote her new line.

''I'm a plus-size girl myself, so I know how difficult and demoralising it can be to find great fashion that fits,'' says the size 20 designer.

The article comes with a photo of the organizers. Above, I've bolded the name of the designer, Harvest Powell, as she's the blonde lady on the right:

Isn't she gorgeous? I love the fact that she's a full size 20 (U.S. size 18) and has soft, round facial features. She's been designing straight-size clothing up till now, so it's great to find that she's going to be launching a plus-size line.

Here are a few more images I found online of the lovely Ms. Powell:

I hope she ends up modelling some of the fashions she designs. She's lovely. She had the kind of face and figure I wish all plus-size models had.
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Default Re: Australian plus-size fashion event

Harvest Powell is beautiful. Sensual face and figure.

I found the Web site of the Melbourne event at the following address:

It comes with a charming silhouette graphic of curvy women. This reminds me a bit of Kelsey Olson's Disneyland silhouette in the her Judgment of Paris interview.

I like the fact that this is a plus-specific project - in other words, a waif-free environment. I hope it does very well.
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Default Re: Australian plus-size fashion event

If not strictly reminiscent of a formal silhouette, which is usually a headshot, the above graphic definitely does recall the figures from a Schattentheater, or shadow theatre.

The German town of Knittlingen is famous as the birthplace of the Dr. Faust, the necromancer who, according to legend, sold his soul to the devil in exchange for power and knowledge. The town's most renowned tourist attraction is its Faust-Museum, one of the most fascinating museums in Germany, with an extensive display of artifacts related both to the historical Dr. Faust, and to the literary/cultural figure realized by Marlowe, Goethe, etc.

Knittlingen's Faust-Museum appears in the following image (taken by yours truly, last summer) as the half-timbered building in the centre, situated right alongside the town church--a metaphysically intriguing geographical juxtaposition.

One of the exhibits inside this museum shows Otto Kraemer's figures for a shadow-theatre production of Goethe's Faust.

Here is the shadow-theatre figure of Helena, the spirit of Helen of Troy, whom Faust summons in order to gaze upon her beauty. Notice that the silhouette displays visibly full hips and thighs--much like the figures in the Real Women Revolution graphic, above.

At any rate, the Melbourne event is quite encouraging, and one earnestly hopes for its success. Harvest Powell is a true plus-size beauty, and a fine representative for the project--not just behind the scenes, as a designer, but in front of the camera as well.

- Faust-Museum, Knittlingen

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