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Default Rosie Mercado: Figure of FFFWeek

Inasmuch as our other thread about Rosie Mercado--the Face of Full-Figured Fashion Week--proved to be very image-heavy, we decided to start a new one to showcase the phenomenal results of the Nevada-based beauty's latest shoot.

Like Rosie's previous photo sessions, this test is every bit as accomplished as a magazine editorial, and offers intriguing narrative possibilities.

According to Classical myth, Venus, the goddess of love, was born of the sea, and in these stunning images, the waves rolling onto shore appear to be delivering Ms. Mercado to the world, bequeathing her to humanity like a gift of unsurpassable femininity.

Click to enlarge

The "goddess" analogy has never been more aptly applied to any model, for these pictures (at last) offer Rosie's admirers a sense of her majestic size-26/28 figure. This, one imagines, is what a goddess of beauty would truly look like if she were to exist in our world, for she would have no reason to deny herself any pleasures, but would indulge herself freely, without restraint, and would develop full, womanly proportions as a result.

Click to enlarge

What makes the photographs so sensual is that they communicate an alluring sense of the model's weight. Yet observe what a graceful pose she adopts in this image. One imagines that her movements would be slow and indolent, as lyrical as those of a dancer, each motion languid and free of exertion. This pose also enticingly displays her reverse-view curves.

Click to enlarge

Consider too the beauty of Rosie's wardrobe, which accentuates her shapely figure. The strapless, sleeveless dress exhibits her soft, luscious arms as well as her bare neck-and-shoulder area. We are not generally fond of wide belts, preferring thinner ones, but in this instance the belt is an effective touch. It is worn high, so as not to compress the model's sumptuous midsection, and by its effective placement it defines her noble bust and presents an alluring view of her round waist, which swells sensually below it. Also (if it is possible to divert one's attention away from her regal physique for a moment), consider how effective a model she is, in terms of technique--here adopting a natural arm movement and a marvellously candid, naturalistic facial expression.

Click to enlarge

The other element that makes these images so accomplished is the fascinating and original setting. These appear to be the pillars beneath an oceanside pier, but with the muted colours, the moss-bedecked timbers, and the shallow waves lapping at the model's feet, the effect is almost surreal. The environment calls to mind a blighted forest, or the columns of an ancient temple that has weathered centuries of decay. Somehow, the location makes Rosie appear even more desirable, as her robust, swelling youth plays off against the aged quality of the backdrop--as if a goddess had returned to the ruins of the temple where she had been worshipped in ancient times.

Click to enlarge

The organic qualities of the setting also evoke a certain primeval quality, to which Rosie's epic beauty is perfectly suited. The allure of her opulent figure predates even Classical civilization, and extends back to the dawn of humanity, when bodies like those of the Venus of Willendorf were celebrated. A closer view of her full, round facial features confirms just how seductive she is. The animal print of the dress, the model's long hair, her hungry gaze, and the organic elements of the setting tap into mankind's most ancient desires. Upon seeing these images, male viewers access distant memories, deep within their collective unconscious, of a prehistoric epoch when they would hunt wild game in order to bring copious quantities of provender back for a goddess such as this--someone whom they desired, and whose favour they hoped to win by lavishing her with the food that she craved.

Click to enlarge

* * *

After experiencing such intoxicating images in so surreal an environment, it is a shock to return to a more contemporary setting. Yet this final image provides an effective coda for the series, for it reminds one that the beauty-goddesses of yesteryear can still be found in the modern world. Their attire may be different, but they still walk among us. Observe how Rosie adopts a more playful pose to showcase this night-on-the-town ensemble, in contrast to the more languorous poses that she employed to display her animal-print dress. This off-the-shoulder number is very effective on her figure, and it is encouraging to see how often Ms. Mercado bares her full, shapely arms. With the tiny fountains, the regimented trees in the background, the artificial illumination, and the model's more contemporary styling, the image is veritably a "translation" of the former setting into the present, showing how each element (water, woods, light, fabric, even hairstyling) has been circumscribed by modern man. Yet through all of the intervening millennia, Rosie's well-fed beauty is the constant, linking past to present, and reminding the viewer that her figure is just as ideal today as it would have been in prehistory.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to Ms. Mercado for another fascinating shoot, and particularly for disclosing her sumptuous proportions. She may be distinguished as the "Face of FFFWeek," but her greatest impact will be as the "Figure of FFFWeek," showing the industry that genuinely full-bodied models can be every bit as gorgeous as their underweight rivals--indeed, more so--and that plus-size fashion deserves to be seen on goddesses as curvaceous as this.

(Click images to enlarge.)

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Default Re: Rosie Mercado: Figure of FFFWeek

I enjoyed the other Rosie thread, which mostly featured headshots, but I love this thread even more. I've come back to it several times, and it keeps inspiring me. These are some of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. The setting is fascinating, the dress attractive, and Rosie truly has one of the most gorgeous figures of any plus-size model, ever -- so luscious, so alluring, so uninhibited. I'd much, much rather see a curvy model like Ms. Mercado than a faux-plus model any day. Her proportions are womanly and magnificent, and she poses in a very sensual way.

I'm also extremely impressed by the high technical calibre of every shoot that Rosie appears in. Every image seems high quality, chic, and fashionable -- definitely magazine-worthy. However, whereas most of the current crop of magazine editorials with faux-plus models are boring, since the models are barely different from the waifs, Rosie's images are exciting and challenging.

If the plus-size fashion industry had any sense, it would regularly feature models with curves like these. I see Rosie at the forefront of a movement to get the plus-size industry to finally appreciate genuinely full-figured models.
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Default Re: Rosie Mercado: Figure of FFFWeek

Coming off of her triumph as the Face (and Figure) of Full-Figured Fashion Week 2010, Rosie Mercado continues to produce captivating images with a host of exceptional photographers.

First, here is a dreamily sensual photograph shot by Kevin Bailey. The implied nudity infuses the picture with considerable sensuality, for although only subtle glimpses of the model's bare person are visible, the viewer nevertheless perceives the seductive softness of her figure. The way in which the gauzy fabric gently envelops the model, as if it were a white gown that was being lovingly lifted off of her body, heightens the allure. Ms. Mercado unfailingly chooses the perfect expressions for her images, here adopting a demure, downward-looking glance (a Barbara Brickner trademark) that adds to the quiet sensuality of the photo and effectively displays the beauty of the model's rounded cheekbones. The hairstyle is especially gorgeous, a full, wavy style that underscores the theme of the image, which is one of romantic femininity.

The next two pictures show Rosie through the lens of New York photographer Michaela Dalzell. These images were shot at the height of Full-Figured Fashion Week, and Rosie's position as the official Face of the event seems to have infused her with body confidence. Fans of Ms. Mercado will be delighted to see that Michaela acknowledged the luscious curves of the model's figure, here framed so well by a vintage dress with an ornate trim at the neckline. The strapless, sleeveless style (always ideal for plus-size goddesses) exhibits the alluring fullness of her neck-and-shoulder area, as well as her enticingly soft, untoned arms. The hairstyle is an updo, but one that displaying considerable volume, therefore attractively complementing Rosie's opulence. Her expression is carnal and hungry--a glance that is her own personal trademark, testifying as it does to her unchecked appetitiveness. The pose will be familiar to those who watched Cycle 10 of America's Next Top Model (won by Whitney Thompson, the show's first-ever plus-size winner), in which Tyra Banks included a lesson describing the modelling technique known as "posing with pain"--a skill that Rose has perfected.

Most exciting of all, though, is the following image--a rare full-length picture of Ms. Mercado, one that celebrates the sumptuous proportions of her size 26/28 figure. Her strapless, sleeveless dress exemplifies the body-as-fashion-accessory principle, whereby the beauty of the model's bare shoulders and limbs completes the overall look. The bow at the waist is an enchanting touch, introducing an element of femininity into the picture. The leggings are fitted enough that they intimate the womanly allure of her full thighs. (Fans now dream of seeing Rosie modelling a miniskirt.) Her aristocratic hairstyle is no less magnificent than her figure. Indeed, it is one of the most gorgeous hairstyles that we have ever seen on a plus-size model. It is voluminous and extravagant, a successful 21st-century interpretation of a Victorian 'do that Lillian Russell herself might have worn. And yet something about the romantic curls and the sculpted front also intimates a definite girlishness, marking this as a hairstyle fit for a young, adorably spoiled Victorian princess. With her confident stance, a hands-on-the-hip pose matched with a direct, unwavering gaze, the model seems to ask, "Are you man enough to be worthy of a woman like me?" The overall aesthetic is one of opulence in every detail, intimating the personality of a seductress who has no doubts about the allure of her well-fed body, and plays up her sumptuous look with an equally voluptuous hairstyle. This is a goddess who doesn't restrain herself in any way, but allows the world to see her extravagant tastes and lavish appetites--and expects her suitors to satisfy her insatiable wants.

FFFWeek could not have made a better choice than to select Rosie Mercado to be the face (and figure) of its second annual incarnation. Rosie is an exciting presence in the plus-size fashion world, one who is helping to do away with the industry's absurd restrictions on size, and demonstrating that genuinely full-figured models can be far more gorgeous than the faux-plus girls. Her photoshoots are among the most creative that any plus-size model has ever produced. We eagerly look forward to her future work.

- View first image at a larger size

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Default Re: Rosie Mercado: Figure of FFFWeek

Rosie has such a magnificent, full-bodied figure, and her posing technique is extremely sensual.

I happened to come across a larger version of the third image posted above, which I'm sure fans will enjoy seeing. It offers a better view of her elaborate hairstyle and of her stunning proportions.

Gorgeous legs...
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