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Default Justine: Coup de Pouce, July 2010

While the rest of the fashion world restricts editorial appearances by plus-size models to those girls who are disappointingly only faux plus, here in Canada--in Quebec, in particular--one authentically full-figured goddess is accumulating an impressive string of editorial triumphs.

When was the last time that you heard of a size-14 model with major layouts in not just one, but two major publications on the newsstands at the same time?

Well, Justine Legault (Scoop Montreal, Ford Toronto) can make just such a boast. Justine recently made headlines by appearing on the cover of Clin d'Oeil magazine in March, then returned for an eight-page fashion layout in the July issue of the same magazine, in what is, without a doubt, one of the gorgeous editorials that any plus-size model has ever shot.

However, not to be outdone, another A-list Quebec magazine named Coup de Pouce also features the gorgeous Mademoiselle Legault in its own July 2010 issue, and in a swimwear editorial, no less.

That's right, Justine fans. You are about to see Mlle Legault modelling swimwear in a major publication.

The centrepiece of the layout is this stunning two-page spread showing Justine reposing by poolside like a latter-day Odalisque. Her beauty staggers the senses. She has the face of a supermodel and the body of a Classical goddess. Notice how uncommonly soft and delicate an expression she has adopted, wholly non-threatening--thus creating a soothing effect, and humanizing her potentially intimidating beauty. Her hairstyle is lovely--long, blonde tresses tied into a braid and allowed to fall over her shoulder. That girlish hairstyle, along with her gentle expression, make her seem remarkably youthful, like an innocent girl with the figure of a seductive vixen. The styling touches are brilliant, from the plum-like bauble of her earrings to her array of bracelets, all colour-coordinated with her attractive swim garment. Her swimsuit may be designed to draw attention to the model's bustline, which is surely does, but admirers will nevertheless perceive the soft, sensual fullness of the model's midsection, clad though it is in black.

Click to enlarge

But where the image truly becomes alluring is in its display of the model's luscious legs. Justine may possess the most gorgeous legs of any model in the industry. Her thighs are generous and womanly, rounded like those of a Classical Venus. Even more seductive is the sight of her calves, which appear soft and attractively untoned, their curvy shape due to natural fullness. The supreme artistic element in the image is Justine's graceful pose. Observe how she gently places her hand on her thigh, as if caressing it--thus drawing attention to her legs, and creating a longing in the viewer for similar tactile engagement. She appears well-fed and self-satisfied, not thinking for a minute about actually entering the water, but content to relax indolently by the poolside and be admired by everyone who gazes upon her, eagerly drinking in their worshipful, longing looks.

Click to enlarge

A second page in the editorial is even more enticing. Once again, Justine is shown lounging sensually by the water, her alluring arm gesture (resting her hand over her head) being a provocative movement of display. Two models appear in the picture, but no one even notices the brunette. All eyes are focussed on Justine alone--and she knows it. Her golden braid tumbling over her shoulder appears to have loosened, as if echoing the model's own languid idleness. She is a true goddess--one who shuns all exertion, knowing that her beauty entitles her to a life of ease and pleasure.

Click to enlarge

Looking closer, we discover what makes this image so impossibly sensual. Justine has carefully positioned herself so as to emphasize her most seductive figure feature--her luscious thighs. She coquettishly twists her body toward the viewer, offering a clear view of the decadent fullness of her legs. "Look at me," her eyes seem to say. "Adore me." And who could resist? Her eyes exhibit soft sensuality mixed with a coy touch of availability and invitation. This is Justine's signature glance, a blend of appetitive desire, flirtation, and reassuring vulnerability. She is pleasingly docile, yet engaged. Such well-fed beauty turns all viewers into her devoted worshippers, eager to fulfill her every whim, to satisfy her every want.

Click to enlarge

Nothing could match the beauty of the two images posted above, which are among the finest swimwear photos that any model has ever created. Yet Coup de Pouce has included a third picture of Justine in this editorial for good measure. Here too we see the model reposing on a lounge chair by poolside, gazing at her admirer with greater intensity, more directly than before.

Click to enlarge

Justine is so extraordinarily gorgeous that it is easy to forget how brilliant a model she is, but she notably heightens the effectiveness of each picture by her clever, feminine poses. In this photograph, notice how she lazily drapes her hand over her thigh, drawing attention to that part of her body. Although she is more covered up in this image--corresponding to her more assertive, less sensual facial expression--the hand placement reminds the viewer of the beauty of her legs, which she discreetly covers with her skirt, offering a promise of greater treasures to come. By contrast, the brunette model appears to be envious, as if she is the ostensible girlfriend of the starstruck viewer, but has discovered his preference for the golden-haired Justine. The dark-haired model is consumed by bitterness as she realizes that she can never compete with her younger, softer, fairer rival.

Click to enlarge

Although the first two images are clearly the masterpieces of the editorial, Coup de Pouce appears to have taken a shine to the third. It is duplicated on the cover page of the July issue's cosmetics/fashion section, thus tantalizing the reader to proceed and discover the still-more-gorgeous treasures to follow.

Click to enlarge

A thumbnail of the same image also appears in the magazine's contents page. The editors clearly realized that even a tiny glimpse of Justine in swimwear would be enough to hook any casual reader at the newsstand, compelling him to immediately purchase the issue.

Click to enlarge

Justine Legault is emphatically one of the most gorgeous models in the industry, and at a shapely size 14, she qualifies as legitimately full-figured--thanks particularly to her curvaceous midsection, opulent thighs and soft, full legs. Her editorial successes are well deserved. Indeed, she sets an example for all plus-size models, for in her magazine layouts she makes no concessions to fashion-industry minimalism, or androgyny, or ugly "edginess." Rather, she displays gracefully seductive poses and hauntingly sensual expressions which accentuate the essential femininity of plus-size beauty.

If Classical goddesses existed in the mortal world, or if Helen of Troy were to be reincarnated in our time, and if these beauties were to appear in modern fashion magazines, they would surely pose the way Justine does. She is one of the most exciting talents in the industry. Let us hope that she keeps (or enriches) her delicious curves, and continues to appear in numberless magazines and campaigns, thereby restoring the timeless ideal.

(Click images to enlarge.)

- Justine Legault gallery

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Default Re: Justine: Coup de Pouce, July 2010

I kept thinking that Justine's two-page swimwear photo reminded me of another image, and I just realized what that image was -- Barbara Brickner's unforgettable "Sirens of Swim" layout from MODE magazine.

Here's how the two compare:

Both poses are similar, especially the positions of the legs. The hand placement is only superficially different. One is poolside, the other on the beach. Justine has the advantage of longer hair worn down and a fairer complexion, but Barbara's beach setting is more idyllic.

Figure wise, Barbara has the more voluptuous upper body, but Justine has the fuller and more gorgeous legs (at least in this image comparison).

Both are absolutely stunning images; both models are curvaceous goddesses. No faux-plus models could even begin to approach their beauty.
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