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Default Ultimo campaign -- Hayley Matthews

The British label Ultimo Couture recently shot a noteworthy "real woman" campaign. Now, most such promotions tend to be disappointing, leaving one wishing that the company had instead booked professional plus-size models, so that the public could see the models' beauty and discover that full-figured women can be attractive.

However, this particular campaign included one girl who is very much worth mentioning. Her name is Hayley Matthews. Here's her picture:

I love her round, full facial features. She's beautiful.

The article includes a brief write-up about Hayley which indicates why I consider her significant:

'Beauty comes from making yourself feel good'

Hayley Matthews, 29, is a radio presenter from Edinburgh, and is a size 16. She says:

"I'm not a conventional model. I'm 5ft 5in and a size 16, but real women [have] completely different shapes and sizes. I believe that beauty comes from making yourself feel good and doing the best with what you have. I think women should support each other, which is what I always try to do on my radio show. I give advice and share my embarrassing stories.

I feel like Nigella Lawson on today's shoot, which is great as she's one of my role models! I've always tried to embrace my curves, and if no one else likes my big bum, it's tough, because I do."

The important point is Hayley's size and height. She is both the shortest and fullest-figured of the women who modelled in this campaign, yet she is also clearly the most gorgeous. In this image, the other participants appear matronly, while Hayley looks stylish and desirable, like an actual model:

It goes to show that being attractive has nothing to do with being overly tall, let alone with being underweight. As this example shows, a shorter, fuller-figured girl can completely outshine her taller, skinner rivals in beauty.

The article also comes with a video. Hayley appears at 00:48 and at 1:46. She was star of the shoot, without a doubt.

Although professional plus-size-model shoots are invariably more successful than most of the dreadful "real woman" campaigns, this promo is noteworthy because the girl who distinguished herself as being by far the most beautiful was also shorter and curvier than the rest.

Hopefully this will send a message to both fashion retailers and to modelling agencies that they can (and should) feature models who do not possess Amazonian heights, but are naturally proportioned, and have visibly full figures.

Here's the link to the original article:

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Default Re: Ultimo campaign -- Hayley Matthews

The Daily Mail has an article about this campaign as well.

The best part about it is that it comes with much larger pictures of Hayley Matthews, who really is stunning. The image posted above where she's part of a lineup is actually just a "before" shot in a before-and-after comparison, showing her before an Ultimo wardrobe makeover and afterwards.

Here's that "before" shot at a larger size. She looks great, but a bit too swaddled in black:

Now here's the stunning "after" shot. For once, the "after" image in one of these wardrobe comparisons really is an improvement. She looks much more buxom in this dress, but what's especially alluring is the sight of her full, round arms. The ruffles at her shoulders draw attention to those gorgeous arms and make you want to look at them.

I also discovered Hayley's talent page. The most intriguing aspect of it is that from the images that appear there, which obviously predate these Ultimo pics, you can tell how much fuller-figured (and therefore more beautiful) she has become from when those pictures were taken till now. It's another example of how weight gain significantly increases a woman's beauty.

I think Hayley has a great look. It's wonderful to know that she's 5'5. I hope she becomes a plus-size model.
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Default Re: Ultimo campaign -- Hayley Matthews

I just stumbled across a terrific article about Hayley Matthews, the breakout star of the Ultimo campaign:

I love the lead in:

Striking a body blow in world of fashion

Published Date: 13 July 2010
By Gina Davidson

TAKE a look at the girl on the right. Your reaction? Probably "beautiful girl", probably not "model material".

For a start her cheeks are plump, rather than concave. Her eyes sparkle rather than give off that skeletal "I'd kill for a sandwich if only I had the energy to move" look. She has breasts and hips and even, God forbid, a tummy.

Yet, this dark-eyed, curvaceous 30-year-old is one of a host of "real" women snapped up by lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone for her latest advertising campaign.

It's so wonderful to find a reporter writing appreciatively of a model's "plump cheeks" and even her "tummy." These are gorgeous features. It's about time that the media started recognizing this.

Hayley herself has a good attitude:

Hayley Matthews, from Hillside in Edinburgh, is 30, a size 16 (like 40 per cent of the female population), and one of 14 women who have landed the job with Ultimo after a Facebook competition. The part-time radio presenter for Kingdom FM in Fife will now have her face and body on giant posters in Debenhams stores all around the UK.

For her it's a validation of refusing to "conform" to beauty stereotypes...."I think that men love a bum to hold on to and boobs to look at. We are so obsessed with how people think we should look, instead of just being happy with how we look.

"The Ultimo campaign sends out such a positive message to 'real' women like me. I love seeing curvy women - that is the female body and we need to embrace boobs and bums."

Yes. It's wonderful to find that Hayley recognizes that her own full-figured beauty is the ideal. And there's absolutely no question that the majority of men do prefer curvaceous women.

Better still, she plans to pursue a career in front of the camera:

As for Hayley, she says she would love to do more modelling. She says: "I got made redundant 18 months ago from a media company and I haven't found full-time work, so this opportunity has given me a real confidence boost know your picture is going to be everywhere is quite overwhelming."

I hope she succeeds. The industry desperately needs more petite plus-size models, and Hayley is beautiful and has a great figure.

The rest of the article makes some important points about the media and eating disorders.
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