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Default Languishing Kailee O'Sullivan

For months, fans have been dying to see new images of Kailee O'Sullivan, and these test images produced by acclaimed British photographer Dave Wise ( will amply satisfy those ardent wishes.

Mr. Wise captures Kailee at her very best, with the goddess projecting the tremendous range of emotions for which she is acclaimed. Perhaps no other model injects the kind of passion and feeling into her images that Miss O'Sullivan does, a fact that the main photograph in the series dramatically demonstrates.

Kailee is a supremely languishing beauty in this picture, not holding anything back, exposing her naked soul. She conveys such raw hunger, such neediness, that the viewer remains haunted by the image long after he manages to tear himself away from it. Her mouth is parted in desire; her eyes smoulder with a banked-down fire. Although the photograph does not indicate the overall fullness of her figure, it nevertheless communicates an alluring sensation of weight, from the model's buxom contours, to her languorous demeanour, to the thick curls that drape heavily, lazily over her lovely face. Always a genius at blending multiple emotions in a single image, Kailee mixes seductive indolence with insatiable appetite in this picture, resulting in a masterpiece of sensuality.

For the other images in this series, we only have smaller versions to share, but these photographs are every bit as captivating as the larger picture, above. Observe how the curled hairstyle still imparts a notion of the model as a fairy-tale beauty, even as her darker expressions play off against her innately doll-like features. The trajectory of Kailee's career comprises a fascinating narrative of a sweet princess whose more fiery, carnal inclinations emerge over time, taking her from angel to seductress--a progression that the image on the right, with its bold presentation of the model's voluptuousness, dramatically imparts.

Mr. Wise offers the following insight about his intentions in this shoot:

We were trying to move away from the "standard" happy smiley stuff and show that being a fuller woman doesn't mean you aren't a woman. I wanted to shoot a profile series, a set of images that help define and show her off as the beauty she really, really is.

The photographer's vision is evident in the following pair of images, with the picture on the left providing an effective complement to the photograph on the right, which we discussed above. In the left-hand image, Kailee moves away from the vulnerability and neediness that are indisputably her most compelling looks, and presents herself in an intriguingly more self-satisfied manner. She appears more aloof than usual, drawing in the viewer not through her longing and hunger but through her exciting vanity. In this image, she seems most aware of her own gorgeousness, and passively awaits the worship and tribute that she knows is her due.

The final pair of images are, in some ways, the most intriguing of all, as they represent relatively new territory for Miss O'Sullivan. The photographer catches her in a reflective mood, more introspective than usual. The left-hand image is especially arresting, as her face exhibits a somewhat wounded quality. This demeanour immediately involves the viewer, who reflexively longs to assuage any hurt that the model might be feeling, to restore the sensations of pleasure and comfort that Kailee deserves to experience at all times. The right-hand image, on the other hand, is deeply contemplative. Having won limitless acclaim for her beauty and talent, Kailee seems to be pondering what more accomplishments could satisfy her. Yet even in this pensive state, the model cannot help but be sensual, a quality that her seductive gesture and heavy curls impart.

Bravo to photographer Dave Wise for bringing out Kailee's superlative beauty and showcasing her most extraordinary talent--an ability to generate images suffused with such complex emotions that they grab the viewer's heart and are etched forever in his memory.

* * *

The following picture is not a part of Kailee's Dave Wise shoot. Indeed, we are unsure whether it is a casual test or a candid--but that is part of the fascination of the image, for Kailee's candids are every bit as accomplished as any other model's professional photographs.

It shows Kailee in the context of a world pilgrim, bunking down with a fellow female traveller. Her bewitching smile conveys with it a sense of mischief, but in a grown-up sense--the playfulness of a desirable young woman who is entertained by the overpowering effect that her beauty has upon the viewer. Her pouty smile displays the perfect beauty of her mouth, as well as the roundness of her facial features, with high cheekbones pleasingly softened by facial fullness. Her fair tresses, gilded by the sun, fall in romantic waves over her shoulders, drawing the eye downwards towards her voluptuous contours. She archly positions herself so as to exhibit her curvaceous figure, and her top, while casual and breezy, emphasizes her buxom allure. She appears adorably spoiled in this image, a self-aware enchantress who enjoys the privileges to which her incomparable beauty entitles her.

From the very beginning of her career at the tender age of 15, Kailee has consistently been one of the most gorgeous and exciting talents in plus-size modelling. These fascinating images display a new maturity and depth in her work, even as they showcase the signature qualities that have won her legions of loyal fans and made her one of the most popular girls the industry has ever known.

- Click to view b&w image at a larger size

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Default Re: Languishing Kailee O'Sullivan

Earlier today, Kailee's London agency, Hughes Models, released more of her images with photographer Dave Wise which further illustrate her extraordinary modelling talent.

First, here are larger versions of two of the photographs in the composite panel that we discussed earlier--the bold presentation of the model's voluptuous curves,

and the striking headshot.

The next two images, showing the model in a black tunic, do not delineate her figure, but they do present her in the darker look that fans raved about in her unpublished Modern Bride editorial. The blood-red lip colour is extremely effective on Kailee, bringing out an almost cruel side of her beauty, a wickedness that is ever-so-slightly softened by her innately doll-like qualities. Even in a still image, one senses that she moves slowly, languidly, her motions exuding sensual indolence.

A harsh-faced model could never successfully create images such as these. Only a goddess with gentle, rounded facial features such as Kailee's could depict such excitingly dark passions and remain so extraordinarily beautiful. Kailee projects uninhibited selfishness, even greed in these images, yet the viewer is more drawn to her than ever.

The dark emotions of the above images provide an effective lead-in to the next photograph, the most sensual in the entire series and one of the greatest of Kailee's career. It shows the model dramatically lit, her buxom contours in the foreground, the chiaroscuro shadows emphasizing the generous roundness of her proportions. The proximity of the viewer to the model creates a provocative sensation of intimacy. Kailee, for her part, seems less removed than usual, not setting herself on a pedestal for the viewer's worship, but personally affected by the passions of the moment. Her alluring gesture, stroking her own tresses, discloses a sensation of awe at her own physicality. To project such private feelings, the model needed to experience them in the moment that the photograph was taken, like a method actress inhabiting the role that she portrays. The result is an astonishingly personal portrait of beauty's worship of itself.

No image could possibly be more seductive than the above photograph, yet the model's expression in the following image remains deeply introspective, as if she were still shaken by the passions that she released to create such a visceral portrait. The hand gesture is now a distracted echo, or memory, of the sensual caressing gesture from the previous picture, suggesting that she is recalling the overpowering feelings that she experienced in that private moment. The eyes stare into the distance, yet one senses that they are looking inwards.

If those black-and-white images present Kailee in a kind of dream state, the last two, which bring back the muted colours of daylight, represent a return to reality. The abbreviate skirt discloses the model's soft thighs. Kailee currently inhabits that fascinating intermediate stage between girlhood and womanhood, still possessing the delicate vulnerability of youth (punctuated by her doll-like curls), yet projecting a carnality in her facial expression is pure woman.

The model's pose in the final image emphasizes the curve of her hip, transforming even this casual outfit into seductive wardrobe. Notice, throughout these images, how the model has created fascinating shapes for the camera by positioning her body not to display angles, but curves (the raised knee notwithstanding). Many of her poses play up the S-curve of her physique, so that even when her proportions are not defined, the viewer still perceives the classical roundness of her figure.

Kailee has always been one of the most compelling models in the industry, not only for her innate beauty, but for her remarkable posing prowess. Fans continue to wish that she were fuller-figured (at a size 14, she just barely qualifies as a true plus-size model), but her talent and loveliness are indisputable.

- Kailee O'Sullivan galleries

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Default Re: Languishing Kailee O'Sullivan

The word "beautiful" doesn't even begin to encompass Kailee's loveliness. She's one of the most stunning goddesses who has ever been photographed, in any decade.

I just discovered this close-up of one of her images from the shoot. It's such an intimate portrait.

Her facial features appear so soft and babylike- utterly adorable. But on the other hand, she seems pensive, deep in thought. I wonder what could be going through her mind? So much wisdom at such a young age. I remember her being described as an "old soul" in her Judgment of Paris interview, and that feels very true, all the more because her features are so youthful.

Kailee is always breathtaking.
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Default Re: Languishing Kailee O'Sullivan

The seated jean and t-shirt series is perfection. What a treat to have witnessed her career evolve in as she's developed her skill set and grown from a wide-eyed, refreshing girl to a confident, vibrant woman. Her success is absolutely deserved.
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Default Re: Languishing Kailee O'Sullivan

A visit to Kailee's page at Hughes Models has turned up a pair of stunning new Polaroids of the gorgeous Miss O'Sullivan.

The sheer top is quite seductive, intimating the model's buxom figure.

Pretty as her smile is, Kailee's most alluring looks have always been her smouldering serious expressions, as shown here. There is so much passion in her eyes, yet her doll-like beauty keeps the effect very youthful, which makes her even more irresistible.

Stunning images, as always.
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