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Default Eva Maria (Carisal Model)

Earlier this year, we enthused about the exciting spring/summer campaign from Carisal Fashion, a Spanish junior-plus retailer, which featured a gorgeous and genuinely full-figured blonde plus-size model.

That same model had also appeared, to great acclaim, in the company's fall/winter 2009 promotion, looking incredibly luscious and desirable.

Truly full-figured and attractive models being so rare in plus-size fashion, we have long hoped to discover the identify of this well-fed goddess, and now we have. Her name is Eva Maria Perez Llando (a suitably aristocratic moniker), and she may be the most gorgeous beauty that the Iberian peninsula has produced since Goya immortalized Doņa Isabel de Porcel on canvas, two centuries ago.

Eva Maria is represented by at least two agencies of which we are aware: XL Models in Barcelona (which lacks a Web site, but is a long-established continental agency) and Carmen Gil. She is listed as a size 48, which converts to a stunning U.S. size 18 (this accounting for her sumptuous curves).

In addition to discovering the model's identity, we are pleased to have obtained a number of Eva Maria's recent test photos, as well as a selection of her past images, which offer a rounded portrait of the model's look and talent.

Eva's most glamorous headshot is the following, in which she adopts a highly alluring glance. The fur against her bare skin creates a sensual effect. The overall impression is that of a goddess who is used to the finer things in life, and enjoys the lavish lifestyle to which her beauty entitles her.

Click to enlarge

One of the benefits of test images is that they allow models to explore creative opportunities that their catalogue work does not afford them. In this image, Eva permits herself to be daringly provocative, gazing at the viewer with a look of invitation. What makes the image so alluring, however is not how much of her figure the model discloses (because as intimate images go, this is still quite a modest photograph), but how visibly generous her physique appears. Her face, arms, and other aspects of her figure exhibit abundant fleshiness, and that is what makes the image so seductive, because it intimates the model's appetitive nature.

Click to enlarge

The most exciting image in Eva's portfolio is not a figure shot but a headshot--the captivating photograph shown here. Consider the nakedly vulnerable look in the models eyes, the irresistible neediness that she displays. Intriguingly, this is also the image in which her gorgeous facial features appear fullest. Even her hands look seductively plump, displaying an especially attractive feature--dimples at the knuckles. With her fair hair, blue eyes, and soft skin, Eva looks almost babylike in this image--yet the dark red lipstick introduces a touch of carnality that changes the effect from "innocent" to "seductive." The persona that Eva creates here is that of a fully grown woman who still possesses childlike cravings, yet realizes those desires in adult ways (indulging in passion and food and material goods). Her beauty enables her to attract powerful suitors who keep her in the lap of luxury and spoil her, and allow her to remain safe and protected, with her every want satisfied.

Click to enlarge

The styling for the following image is intriguing--a dress made out of a gold ropy material that binds Eva's soft physique and gently encircles her neck, symbolically intimating a notion of gilded captivity. The visible fullness of the model's figure is intoxicating, with nary a hint of muscle tone. Instead, her physique appears pillow-soft and feminine. The wind blows a few stray wisps of hair across her face, creating a seductive effect and framing her soft blue eyes. Note the proximity of her fingers to her sensually parted lips, this drawing the viewer's attention to her mouth.

Click to enlarge

Understandably, no other photographs in the model's portfolio are as boldly seductive as the previous images, yet the following pictures still exhibit the model's great beauty. This, for example, is an absolutely adorable headshot. The sunlight gilds her tresses, giving them an angelic glow. Her expression is youthful and playful. However, the image still offers considerable sensuality, from the sight of the model's deep cleavage to the plump fullness of her face. The hooded look reminds the viewer of Raphael's portraits of the Virgin Mary, who is frequently veiled in Renaissance art. With that historical association in mind, consider the model's name: "Eva Maria." In traditional religious texts, these two biblical personages, the Virgin Mary and Eve (whose sinful nature led to the expulsion from the Garden of Eden) represent the two polarities of female identity, the sacred and the profane. The model's name, "Eva Maria," unities those two conceptions, just as her look exhibits both angelic traits (her fair hair, blue eyes, and youthful features) and more carnal aspects (her uninhibited fleshiness).

Click to enlarge

Indeed, in the following image, Eva seems to be playing up her identity as Eve, history's first seductress, from the Book of Genesis. Surely if Adam's consort possessed such a well-fed figure and bit into the forbidden apple so suggestively, it is easy to understand how the fall of man came about--for who could resist such voluptuous temptation? Notice that Eva is not focussing on the apple, but on how her appetitiveness is inflaming the viewer's desire. Her action symbolizes her alluringly greedy nature.

Click to enlarge

Returning to her more saintly demeanour, Eva offers up this lovely headshot, which shows her at her softest and most innocent. The lighting allows her skin to appear porcelain fair, with just a whisper of flush at the cheeks. Her fair tresses fall decorously over her shoulders, terminating in doll-like curls. Her lips are tinted with that most deliciously girlish of hues--frost-pink lipstick. The slightly parted mouth invites a chaste kiss. Her demeanour is sweet, gentle and available, without a hint of guile. This delicate and truly feminine look is, in fact, even more irresistible than the sinful demeanour that she adopts in her most carnal images.

Click to enlarge

For a model who is particularly celebrated for her magnificent figure, a surprising number of the images in Eva Maria's book are headshots. Here is at least one image that gives a sense of her well-fed proportions, of the sheer substance of her goddesslike size-18 physique, with its buxom contours and especially full, alluring waist. The model's attitude is bold and confident, testifying to her awareness of the power and majesty of her sumptuous figure.

Click to enlarge

We are delighted to have discovered the identity of Carisal's wildly popular model, a true goddess who represents what plus-size models should look like--gorgeous and genuinely full-figured. Rather than resorting to faux-plus girls who do not represent curvaceous women, and whom full-figured customers reject and dislike, plus-size fashion retailers should enlist models such as this to be the faces (and figures) of their companies.

Eva Maria is a stunning beauty and a remarkable talent, and we eagerly look forward to her future successes.

(Click images to view larger.)

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Default Re: Eva Maria (Carisal Model)

A Web search turns up a host of articles about Eva Maria, who appears to be very well known in her native Spain. Alas, the articles are all in Spanish, but a run through a Google translator yields some helpful info, such as the fact that she is in her late 20s, has worked for many plus-size labels (all of which are listed in the articles), and has dreams of being an actress as well as a model -- even having appeared on a number of Spanish television programs.

Two of the best articles about Eva are the following, in case anyone here knows Spanish:,12,2008.html

The second article gives a lively account of her start in modelling, although the online translation program make a hash of it:

Her character is that of a "restless maverick", as she herself states. She decided not to give up when "one day I went out to buy clothes and went home crying because I found nothing in my size." That's when her "history" in fashion began, as in one of those "coincidences of life, that same day I heard on the news that there was a modeling agency for plus sizes. I saw my chance and I began to investigate."

Apparently, she moved to Barcelona with nothing but a suitcase in her hand and a few dollars in her pocket, but was immediately signed by a plus-size modelling agency, and her career has been progressing steadily since then.

Eva Maria is absolutely stunning, and has a gorgeously curvy figure. I hope that we see more of her in the future -- and not just working for Spanish companies, but hopefully for a host of European labels as well, and maybe even U.S. companies. Goodness knows that the American market needs to start featuring more models who are over a size 16, and Eva is a remarkable beauty.
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