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Default Sem Medida - Brazilian plus sizes

While the U.S. plus-size industry is becoming ever more disappointing, with its models steadily shrinking and looking less and less plus all the time, the Brazilian industry is providing a welcome alternative.

Meredith's recent post about several gorgeous and truly full-figured Brazilian models was very encouraging. Well, I just discovered another example of Brazilian brilliance- a plus-size e-zine published in South America that is very, very size-positive.

It's called Sem Medida, which means "Without Measure." The magazine's site has a mission statement which, when run through Google, translates as follows:

Without Measure is a digital publication of free access...that addresses various subjects, ranging from interviews with subjects on food, beverages, tourism, among others. It is addressed to all kinds of people, but mainly to an audience that is [full figured] (as in Europe and the United States is known as plus size) and especially look for a guided reading to their cultural, leisure and entertainment besides, of course, self-acceptance and increased self-esteem.
Sounds good, right?

In addition to the lifestyle content, each issue features a different plus-size model on the cover and gives her an editorial. The latest (July) issue features a gorgeous junior plus-size model named Stephane Cavalcante.


She is definitely a true plus-size model. Just look at her soft, shapely arms. Better still, she looks like she actually loves her body.

The editorial is playful and takes advantage of her youth. This is a very cute shot.

It seems to have been photographed in an amusement park, which is a perfect place for a junior-plus photoshoot.

The June issue featured one image that I found especially size-positive.

This model really fills out her jeans and appears confident. What I wouldn't do to see U.S. companies produce pro-curvy photography like this.

The February issue introduced another gorgeous top Brazilian plus-size model named Marcia Spinelli.

Marcia's editorial included this fantastic picture. You can definitely perceive the fullness of her figure beneath the sweater. She's luxuriating in her own beauty. Nice setting too.

I'm not crazy about the dress, but her facial features and hairstyle look very soft and pretty in this photo.

The March issue featured more images of Marcia, including a two-page layout,

as well as this soft, pretty image.

The issue also included an appearance by Mayara Russi, who was mentioned in Meredith's thread.

Mayara was the star of the December 2009 issue:

At a size 48 (which equals a U.S. size 18, I believe), Mayara is very curvy.

The issue also featured another striking model named Agatha Godoi in a highly alluring image. Her eyes are so steamy and seductive.

I LOVE the fact that all of these Brazilian beauties are truly full-figured, and look it, and are photographed to show off their fullness, not to hide it. Every one of them is at least a size 16, and many are considerably bigger.

I also adore the fact that these girls show their weight in their faces as well as in their figures. This makes them very beautiful, and it's what the plus-size public actually wants to see- just as much here in North America as in Brazil.

Thank goodness that at least one country understands what plus-size models are supposed to look like. I wish the U.S. industry would learn from Brazil's fine example.

You can read each Sem Medida issue online from the links on the magazine's Web site, here:
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Default Re: Sem Medida - Brazilian plus sizes

Wow. All of the Sem Medida models are beautiful, although I still think Mayara is my favorite (and that is such a lyrical name). The rest of the magazine is definitely worth noting. Every issue has a feature on food, wine, spirits or beer, a profile of an elegant restaurant, and articles on travel, art, culture and new sporty or luxury cars. The message is so clear: Sem Medida women appreciate the finer things and enjoy life to the fullest. In keeping with their matchless beauty they expect to be treated to the best of everything. Without Measure indeed!
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Old 10th August 2010   #3
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Default Re: Sem Medida - Brazilian plus sizes

The models are gorgeous and the magazine is a great idea. I only wish that I could understand the Portuguese text! If the words are as affirmative as the images, then it could indeed be a great publication.

The same company that publishes the e-zine apparently also has a "Plus-Size Models Guide" featuring all of the girls who appear in the magazine:

My own favourite is Stephane Cavalcante.

According to her stats, she is 19 years old, a size 50 (which is either an 18 or a 20, I think - perfect!), and her measurements are 43-37-51. Better still, her height is given as "1,68 mts.," which I am guessing means "metres," and that converts to 66 inches, or 5'6." No wonder she looks so gorgeously curvy! Those are the kinds of proportions plus-size models should have.

Here is the direct link to her page:

The pictures in her online portfolio are even better than the ones in the magazine. Included are several more delicious photos from her amusement-park shoot.

Talk about a luscious pair of legs. Wow. This is what size 18/20 on a model 5'6 looks like. Stunning!

She has even included a very alluring swimwear photo. Her arms are so beautiful. Amazing expression too.

In the last photo, as well as in her Sem Medida cover, she appears to be adopting a darker hair colour, which looks good on her. If she were to grow out her tresses and wear her hair longer, she could be a goddess. I hope her career in Brazil takes off.
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Default Re: Sem Medida - Brazilian plus sizes

Originally Posted by tkds
The rest of the magazine is definitely worth noting. Every issue has a feature on food, wine, spirits or beer, a profile of an elegant restaurant, and articles on travel, art, culture and new sporty or luxury cars. The message is so clear: Sem Medida women appreciate the finer things and enjoy life to the fullest.

The publication does seem to have an above-average culture level. Sem Medida also includes works of art about once every issue, which is wonderful to see. For example, one issue featured the famous Hayez painting called The Kiss:

Another included Fuseli's eerie Romantic masterpiece, The Nightmare.

The layout is also clean and professional-looking, especially for an e-zine. If there were a plus-size magazine in print, this would be a good template to follow -- especially in the most important area, which is model size (as the models are all full-figured goddesses above a size 14, which is what plus-size models should be).
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Default More plus-size imagery from Brazil

While we're giving plus-size modeling in Brazil some attention, I checked out the web site of plus-size retailer Lepoque (, whose current online catalog features a very beautiful model (who appears in a Lepoque advertisement on page 2 of the current issue of Sem Medida).

Definitely a well-fed beauty (click for a larger picture). Note her very luscious arms, as well as a hint of her buxom curves:

Note that the model also poses on page 6 and page 7 beside an elegant grand piano, and on page 11 with a guitar (which is reminiscient of a forum post from 2004).

This is yet another example of how Brazil's plus-size industry is getting it right, while the industry in North America is unfortunately going in the wrong direction.
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