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Default Karen Vermeiren in ''Margriet''

Although some parts of the U.S. and European plus-size industries insult the public by featuring faux-plus models, other aspects of the business thankfully continue to feature truly full-figured goddesses.

Karen Vermeiren may be the most gorgeous plus-size model on the European continent, and, at a full size 16, she is authentically curvaceous. This makes every one of her editorial appearances especially satisfying.

Click to enlarge

The July 2010 issue of the Dutch magazine Margriet features Karen in a two-page plus-size fashion layout which shows our favourite Belgian goddess looking more gorgeous and lusciously proportioned than ever.

Click to enlarge

In the main image, Karen's facial features appear seductively full. She possesses the high cheekbones of a supermodel, but rounded by abundant weight in her face, which gives her a sensually well-fed look. Her tresses fall over her shoulders in romantic waves.

Click to enlarge

The second image on the page offers an all-too-rare view of Karen's shapely legs. Notice the width of her boots, which are designed to encompass the generous circumference of her full, luscious calves.

Click to enlarge

A larger scan offers a better view of her sumptuous legs. What a pity that European plus-size fashion is not as feminine as its North American equivalent. With her full legs, Karen would be an idea model to showcase miniskirts and abbreviated dresses.

Click to enlarge

The three views of Karen in a basic black leotard along the left side of the page are likewise sure to delight her fans. Notice in particular the bottom image, showing the model in profile.

Karen's silhouette displays the ideal proportions for a plus-size model--voluptuous at the bust, a decadently full waist creating a swell around the midsection, and abundant reverse-view curves. This body type speaks of a life of pleasurable self-indulgence and uninhibited womanliness.

* * *

The second page is no less intriguing, and in this case, at least one of the outfits is quite curve-friendly.

Click to enlarge

The eye is immediately drawn to Karen's gorgeous body shape as defined by the middle outfit, which especially accentuates her broad, womanly hips. The model's inviting expression adds to the appeal of the look. She appears fully confident in her own opulent beauty, showcasing her delicious proportions for maximum effect. The belt emphasizes her alluring width, while not binding her lavish waist.

Click to enlarge

Karen's open-armed pose seemingly invites the viewer's embrace. Of this you may be sure: to hold such a well-fed beauty in his hands is the dream of every red-blooded male on this planet. Karen's is a very wholesome, comfortable kind of sensuality. The ruddy glow of her soft facial features harmonizes with her robust physique, which testifies to a love of food and ease and pleasure.

Click to enlarge

The outfit on the left is unremarkable, but the image on the right deserves attention. Karen's surprised expression is very effective and is, in its own way, quite alluring. It communicates the model's vulnerability and shows off the beauty of her facial features to great effect. Notice in particular the sensual fullness of her lips. These days, most models who have full lips look horribly artificial, as their mouths have been disfigured by collagen. But Karen's soft, kissable lips are very pretty because their fullness is entirely natural. The "measured messiness" of the hairstyle is also quite seductive.

Click to enlarge

A smiling take from Karen in the same outfit appears in her portfolio. However, while this may be a pretty shot in its own right, the "surprised" look that the magazine published is actually the much more enticing picture.

* * *

Bravo to Karen for yet another stunning editorial appearance, and kudos to Margriet for choosing a genuinely full-figured model--and one who is so intensely seductive--to appear in its pages.

Despite the limitations of European plus-size apparel, this goddess always transforms her work into a celebration of plus-size beauty. We continue to be thrilled by Karen's every new image, and eagerly look forward to her future successes.

- Karen Vermeiren galleries

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Default Re: Karen Vermeiren in ''Margriet''

I think Karen Vermeiren is a real gem. She's stunningly beautiful, exceptionally talented and quite a good model. I think it comes from being a woman who had to embrace her body from a young age, because her body is an intrinsic and essential vocal component. The shape and size of her body is a significant part of what makes her voice so special. Karen has the potential to be a real force in the fashion and entertainment industries.
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