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Old 17th August 2010   #1
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Default OneStopPlus at NY Fashion Week

I say that this company will be "at" New York Fashion Week, not "in" New York Fashion Week, because from the description in the article, it isn't clear whether this is an official part of New York Fashion Week or something...alongside it.

NEW YORK, Aug 17, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ --, a brand under the Redcats USA umbrella and the premiere online destination for curvy women who demand high style in plus size fashion, will produce the first ever plus-size-only runway show during New York Fall Fashion Week. Set for September 15th, 2010 at The Atrium in Frederick P. Rose Hall, home of Jazz at Lincoln Center, famed curvy models will walk the show featuring the latest collections for Spring 2011. is taking a stand to prove that curvy women are equally as beautiful and as fashionable as their size two counterparts with a plus-size runway show coinciding with the high-fashion shows located at Lincoln Center.

Note that: "coinciding with the high-fashion shows located at Lincoln Center." Coinciding? So it is a part of the event or not?

Still, the title of the press release states that this will be "in" New York Fashion Week, so maybe it will be part of it.

Either way, I feel somewhat ambivalent about this news -- cautiously pessimistic. The models named in the press release are on the smallest side of plus. Will there be any truly full-figured models, size 16 and up? Or will this be as disappointing as the biannual Elena Miro shows, where the models look scarcely different from the waifs?

The fact that this company,, is notorious for using faux-plus and even outright straight-size models to display its clothing, also doesn't fill me with confidence.

Give me FFFWeek, or the Brazilian equivalent, "Fashion Week Plus Size," with models size 16, 18, 20, etc., any day.

But who knows? Maybe something good will come out of it. The theme, "Belle Epoque," sounds opulent enough.
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Old 9th September 2010   #2
M. Lopez
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Default Re: OneStopPlus at NY Fashion Week

News about this forthcoming event has reached Time magazine.

Here's the pertinent portion:

Plus-Size Runway Show: A Fashion-Week First


The old supper-sized vs. super-skinny debate is set to rear its ugly head again this week at New York Fashion Week. Organizers have announced that it will host the first plus-sized runway show in its history.

The official definition of plus-size is U.S. dress size 14 or higher- not particularly big by most of our standards- especially considering that two thirds of American women are over size 14.

One of the show's organizers, Nancy Le Winter, editorial director at, said, “It's simply about time that fashion speaks to all women.” She hailed the show as “the first time that women can look around and say ‘Oh my god I can wear that!'” “It's fashion democracy at its best.”

Note the bolded passage. Even Time magazine states, clearly, that "the official definition of plus-size is U.S. dress size 14 or higher." Ergo, will the models at this event be "U.S. dress size 14 or higher"? They clearly should be, and if they're not, the event will be a disappointment, despite its symbolic nature, as it will not be using models who fit the official definition of plus-size.
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Old 16th September 2010   #3
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Default Re: OneStopPlus at NY Fashion Week

There's quite a bit of coverage about this event in the news, but I'm still trying to find a really good complete photogallery of the looks. The best I've come up with so far is at Start with this link, then press "Next" to go through each of the looks. I think Richard Lew does a better job shooting the runway for FFFWeek.

What I like right away is (a) the beautiful white setting, and (b) the fact that there were two size 16s in the show, Ashley Graham and Jennifer. At least it wasn't all 12s, although the majority were that size. The only thing that I'm not altogether keen on is the hairstyle that the girls were given on the front/top. On the other hand, I do like the braid seen in this photo.

Behind the scenes.

I found one of the better summations of the intent of the show in this article:

Vice president of [One Stop Plus] design Zahir Babvani says he hopes other designers start lines that allow for plus-size customers.

"The only obstacle for designing for plus-size is not investing a sincere interest in designing for plus-size," he says. "When you design for a fuller-figured woman, you have to take the integrity of the curves of her body, and yes, the design changes because you're looking to accentuate shape, not just show clothes as you'd hang them on a hanger."

But Babvani adds that his clothes are only part of a bigger message, one that he hopes to send to the fashion industry about the plus-size market.

"The most gratifying part of this show is the message we're sending. The fashion is secondary. I see 'plus-size' as the last okay prejudice, and I hope this show gets rid of that.

I wish some of the models were fuller-figured, of course, but it's wonderful that the show was produced.
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Old 16th September 2010   #4
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Default Re: OneStopPlus at NY Fashion Week

The runway fashions are nice, but perhaps the prettiest dress I've seen in the coverage of the event so far was Whitney Thompson's:

With the lace, it fit the "Belle Epoque" theme of the show. I discovered the photograph at this nice 'blog about the event, which features some attractively unofficial "incidental" pictures that give a sense of what the overall look of the show was like:

Whitney had a lovely comment that has been publicized widely, for example in this source:

Whitney Thompson, winner of America's Next Top Model, said: “There is no reason a size 16 model should not hold their head up high like everyone else.”

I admire her for specifying "size 16," even though she herself is smaller than that. Whitney can always be counted on to deliver a truly size-positive message.

Stephanie Sobel, the president of the One Stop Plus Group, gave a significant statement in a piece that she wrote for HuffPo:

For the first time ever, there will be a plus-size runway show during the prestigious New York Fashion Week with women size 12, 14 and 16 looking fabulous in high heels and high fashion. Instead of a token size 14 walking the runway so everyone can feel PC,, the authority in plus size fashion and the third largest pure-play website, presents a full-fledged show with 18 of the industry's top plus-size models working their stuff.

Now, that is a vital point- the fact that having merely one model attached to an otherwise skinny show is mere tokenism, while an all-plus runway show is infinitely preferable.

(Mind you, that also indicates why a whole plus-specific fashion week is the best possibility of all!)

Oh, and there's a small gallery, but one with top-quality photos, at the Washington Post:
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Old 16th September 2010   #5
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Default Re: OneStopPlus at NY Fashion Week

The nicest pictures Ive seen so far are to be found at

Here are a couple of thumbnails, but if you click the link above, you can see the whole series of photos at a larger size.

I like the Corbis pictures because they show the pristine whiteness of OSP's elegant set. The curtains looks a little darker/bluish in some of the other pictures, whereas the pure whiteness better sets off the pastel colours of the collection.

Getty images also has a selection, but surprisingly, unlike Corbis, it doesnt have each look represented.

It IS a relief to see that two size 16s were included in the show, although I rather wish that the fuller-figured girls had been given some of the more closely fitted pieces rather than the looser tops. The more snugly fitting outfits went to the smaller girls.

There is a "Greek goddess" feeling to the collection, an airiness that is nice for spring.

In the few short video excerpts of the show, the models walked very well. The only slight area of improvement could be in facial expressions. Straight-size models learn the ability to maintain steady, neutral facial features that look good in still photos. Some of the OSP models narrowed their eyes, which is distracting in stills. (Katherine, Kailee, and Lindsey adopted excellent facial expressions in the FFFWeek shows.)

I do wish that some Judgment of Paris favourites had been part of the show, but OSP put on a nice event. Let us hope for more 14s, 16s, and hopefully 18s and 20s in future incarnations.
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Old 17th September 2010   #6
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Default Re: OneStopPlus at NY Fashion Week

Of the many video reports about the event, this is one of the better ones:

A nice statement from Whitney, looking gorgeous in her lace dress, and showing a hint of a curve under the chin and even a slight, sensual swell at the abdomen:

"I was boycotting New York Fashion Week for years," she said. "These designers would put me in the front row and dress me and have me get all the press for them, but they wouldn't put a girl on the runway that was my size."

Kudos to Toccara for actually eating on camera, and even saying:

"We don't departmentalize and be like, 'Oh! You know, lose 10 pounds! Your hips have to be this size, your waist has to be this size! Don't eat, don't drink.' We get to eat cheeseburgers!" she gushed.

Applause for that. Much better than the statements of some of the other models in other video segments about the event, who have immediately defaulted into apologetics about how much gym-torture they do to themselves, as if to give an "excuse" and needlessly justify themselves.

Also, it was nice to see that the brief video from the runway showed a glimpse of Ashley from the reverse view. The most significant part about this event was that it included two size 16s. (Indeed, one might argue that those were the only two true plus-size models in the show.) It's nice to see a size 16 on camera.
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