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Default Lois: Size-20 Australian model

Compelling the straight-size fashion industry to use curvier models may be a worthy goal, but is not nearly as important as the mission to push the plus-size industry to feature fuller-figured girls.

At best, minus-size fashion will only ever accept faux-plus talents--and it will force even those models to diminish themselves to single-digit sizes. Since the real purpose of our cause is to increase the visibility of genuinely full-figured models, this can only be accomplished by influencing the plus-size industry to reject the faux-plus look and to embrace more generously proportioned feminine beauty.

With goddesses such as size-20 Mayara Russi, the Brazilian plus-size industry demonstrates an uncorrupted and ideal vision of full-figured fashion, favouring models who possess a Mode-worthy level of beauty, but who come in sizes even more sumptuous than Mode at its best.

On the other side of the world, Australia has long had a reputation of being ahead of the game in plus-fashion advancements. Unwilling to be shown up by the upstart Brazilian industry, Australia too is now fielding genuinely full-figured models. Most notably, BGM Models has recently added to its roster a size-20 girl of its own: 31-year-old Lois Wheatley.

At 31 years old, Ms. Wheatly represents the more mature side of the industry, but--and this is the key--she is genuinely attractive. Both Brazil and Australia realize that it is not enough to accept larger models of any sort. These girls need to be photogenic as well, to overcome entrenched industry prejudice against well-fed womanly bodies.

Lois's dress size may be given as an Australian 20, but she is likely even more lusciously proportioned than that, because her measurements translate to a stunning and truly goddesslike 47-43-55.

For the industry to start embracing models with 43" waists and 55" hips would be a dream come true. Not even Charlotte Coyle possesses such lavish proportions. Lois's body is 10" more opulent in each dimension than that of most plus-size models. Truly the Australian industry is leading the way when it comes to size celebration.

Ah, but the pessimists among you may be thinking that while her figure is truly stunning, her test photos (though attractive) do not clearly showcase the fullness of her curves. While it is true that Ms. Wheatly's portfolio does not include size-positive swimwear pictures of the kind that Mayara just shot, it does feature the following utterly breathtaking image--a masterpiece in every respect, and by far the best item in her portfolio. The vibrant citrus dress displays a generous expanse of her neck and shoulder area. The design at the bust showcases her voluptuous curves, with her soft fullness escaping over the lip of her garment--a highly seductive detail. Lois's arms are visibly round and seductively untoned.

The one advantage that size-20 Mayara has over Lois is in the round fullness of the Brazilian beauty's facial features. Ms. Wheatley's face is a bit harder, whereas the most beautiful plus-size models display more weight in their faces, which gives them a sensual, feminine look. Nevertheless, Lois has an attractive smile. A pity that this headshot is in black and white, as it appears to have been photographed in an appealing natural setting.

The emergence of Brazil's bombshells, as well as Australia's new size-20 stunner, bodes well for the industry internationally. Rather than diminishing the size of its models in an attempt to appease the straight-size industry (a tactic that results in nothing but the complete exclusion of genuinely curvaceous women from the media), plus-size fashion should always work toward the goal of introducing larger talents.

And of course, the U.S. industry does have true plus-size models as well; indeed, the most gorgeous legitimately full-figured models in the world. From size-16 angels such as Kelsey Olson and Lindsey Garbelman to size-18 starlets such as Charlotte Coyle and Melissa King and beyond, American agencies represent many authentically curvaceous girls. If only the U.S. industry would capitalize on this remarkable reservoir of talent, it would become a beacon to the rest of the world in size celebration.

Let us hope that the growing acceptance of fleshier female bodies in other parts of the globe will show the American plus-size fashion establishment that bigger models look gorgeous in whatever they wear, and will prompt the U.S. industry to employ its own goddesses, size 16, 18, 20 and beyond, in presenting plus-size fashion. The customers whom they serve will be greatly empowered as a result.

Lois's comp card, showing those magnificent womanly measurements:

- Online portfolio

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