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Default Mayara Russi: KauÍ Modas S/S 2010

It is likely that neither Mayara Russi herself, nor any other plus-size model on the planet, will ever create any images as gorgeous as her stunning recent swimwear pictures, which are well-nigh unsurpassable depictions of full-figured beauty. Nevertheless, we are extremely impressed with Mayara's brand-new spring/summer promotion for the Brazilian plus-size label KauÍ Modas. With the faux-plus mindset having ruined much of the American plus-size industry, leaving very few clients booking genuinely full-figured models, it is a pleasure to discover at least one country in the world (Brazil) that still recognizes what a plus-size model is supposed to look like.

(Incidentally, if you are wondering why a spring/summer collection should be debuting at this time, please keep in mind that the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere.)

To showcase its new collection, KauÍ has published a splendid online lookbook, as it has in past seasons; however, the current catalogue is much more extensive and elaborate than the company's past efforts. It bears the title Jardim Secreto (which everyone will recognize as meaning "the secret garden"), and as it turns out, much of the lookbook has indeed been photographed in an attractive garden setting, the natural look of which harmonizes perfectly with Mayara's lush, fertile beauty.

Click to enlarge

Miss Russi's figure is so sumptuous and desirable that it is easy to overlook how lovely her facial features are, and how accomplished she in terms of modelling technique. For the lookbook's cover page, she adopts a gently seductive pose--her hand stroking her tresses, her wavy hair flowing over her shoulders, and her buxom decolletage on display. She clearly realizes that she is the most attractive woman in Brazil, and one of the most gorgeous models in the world, and calmly accepts the viewer's worship of her.

Click to enlarge

The enchanting garden setting provides a perfect backdrop for the following romance-in-the-park photograph. Alas, the one drawback of KauÍ's lookbook is that it pairs Mayara with an out-of-shape portly fellow; but by cropping out the offending element, viewers can imagine this Brazilian bombshell in the arms of a properly Classical male model, someone worthy of this living goddess.

Images like the following masterpiece demonstrate how truly luminous Mayara's beauty is. While the steaming light may be merely a post-production effect, loveliness such as hers richly deserves such angelic radiance. The model's youth (22 years old) and the visible weight in her face gives her a look of overall softness and girlishness that is utterly irresistible.

While Mayara's steamy, serious expressions are among the finest that any model in the world can generate, her smiling expressions are not always as successful. Nevertheless, we include the following image because it suggests the sensual fullness of her midsection. Her size-20 figure is simply magnificent.

A profile shot shows a rather more successful smile. Her features are highly attractive, and the lacy top adds a feminine touch to her look. As elsewhere, the rich green hue of the verdant grass provides an ideal backdrop, transporting the viewer to an ideal world of idyllic visual perfection.

By far the finest of the "secret garden" images is the following, which shows Mayara in a fitted pink top that lovingly embraces the seductive swell of her waist. No red-blooded male could possibly resist the allure of such well-fed femininity. The model's luxurious tresses amplify the opulence of her look, as does the richness of her facial features. The garden backdrop appears especially bountiful here, with a profusion of flowers in late bloom to match Mayara's full-blown beauty.

The final page of the initial section of the lookbook is an elegant black-and-white collage. Note that these photos of Mayara are particularly romantic. Her expression in the bottom-right image is lyrical and dreamlike, while her demeanour in the top-left image is more carnal and appetitive.

* * *

The middle section of the lookbook is the least accomplished. It showcases a series of nautical styles that, while practical, aren't quite as pretty as KauÍ's other designs.

Click to enlarge

The photographs in this portion of the catalogue appear to have been shot in a studio, then superimposed over thematic backdrops--a process that is never fully successful, and always proves distracting to the viewer.

Mayara still looks deliciously curvaceous, of course, especially in this white top, which closely embraces her figure, including her shapely middle; however, she seems more self-assured and enticing when she shoots on location.

* * *

The third and final section of the lookbook is the most elaborate. It brings Miss Russi back to an outdoor setting, but one that incorporates attractive stonework as well as lush greenery--in keeping with the less colourful, more earth-toned aspects of this collection. The finest image in this portion of the book appears on the first page, shown here. The thin white top clings to Mayara's every luscious curve, showcasing her buxom contours and attractively displaying the intoxicating roundness of her waist. We must give particular praise to the KauÍ photographer for displaying the model's sensual midsection in this manner. Mayara look so comfortable and confident in this picture, truly an inspiration to all full-figured women.

Camouflage is emphatically not our preferred pattern for any form of women's wear, but notice how the model's shapely figure endows this outfit with feminine appeal. No mere size 10 or 12 could make this ensemble look so attractive. Also, consider how the refined stonework of the setting gives the image an injection of elegance, and subconsciously reminds the viewer that Mayara is a Classical goddess, regardless of what she may be wearing.

The seductive swell of Mayara's waist is evident in the following picture as well. In this photograph, the stairs have an almost prehistoric feeling, turning the impression away from an Arcadian Parthenon to that of a ancient temple of a lost South American civilization. It is easy to imagine an Amazon tribe worshipping Mayara as an incarnation of divine beauty, lavishing her with rich foodstuffs and Inca gold. Indeed, we expect that more than a few modern men would be no less inclined to venerate her in this fashion.

We would be remiss not to offer the KauÍ styling team a word of praise. Note the decoratively primitive-looking necklace, bracelet, and belt in this outfit, which harmonize with the ancient-looking backdrop. Mayara's accessories add greatly to the appeal of her ensembles, as do her pretty hairstyles. When a model has tresses of sufficient length, as Miss Russi does, she can even wear her hair in a braid, which accentuates her attractive girlishness.

The final main image in the lookbook shows the model in an elegant black dress. Observe how the curve of the stonework, placed prominently in the foreground of the image, visually echoes the generous rondeur of the model's well-fed physique, as defined by her dress. Note too the marvellously weathered, ancient tree behind her. Every element contributes to a sense of warmth and richness in the image, qualities that accentuate the model's own lavish, timeless beauty.

Before we conclude, let us take note of two small images cropped from larger pages. In this picture, Mayara displays a very successful smile, a delightfully vain, self-satisfied look such as a woman might wear if she had just ensnared the heart of a suitor through the power of her own beauty.

This smile, on the other hand, is rather more conventional, but is still one of the better non-serious expressions in the book.

* * *

We continue to be greatly impressed by Miss Russi's current work. We also much admire the KauÍ Modas photography, both in its visual quality and in its admirably size-celebratory nature. This client clearly appreciates Mayara's size-20 figure and proudly shows it off, knowing that the company's clothing looks better in her fleshy body than it would on a smaller model.

Would that more American companies might follow Brazil's lead and rediscover the true proportions of timeless beauty.

Click to enlarge

- Click here to visit the KauÍ Modas site

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Default Re: Mayara Russi: KauÍ Modas S/S 2010

A little Web browsing turned up something extra with regards to Kaue's new campaign - the company's online shopping site, which features many further images of Mayara.

These photos all seem to have come from the same shoot that produced the lookbook, except that many of them are even more size-positive than the selections in the catalogue. The following image is especially gorgeous, showing off the sensual fullness of Mayara's curvy waist.

This picture is exciting because it suggests that Mayara is straining to close the sweater, but that her curves are too abundant to permit it. Her expression is all-out sexy.

Magnificent profile, showing off her voluptuousness.

This photo acknowledges the luscious fullness of her thighs.

Steamy, seductive eyes.

I love the way Mayara poses. She never tries to cave in her chest, the way the waifs do for ugly "high fashion," but stands proudly showing off her sumptuous proportions.

Stunning in sleeveless, with her round, shapely arms.

It's true - Mayara's smiling expressions aren't as thrilling as her serious looks. But her unrivalled size-20 figure makes every picture a masterpiece.

Even her "angry" looks are beautiful, because her facial features are so soft.

Dramatic pose.

And here's that pink top. This is the one case where the lookbook image is better than the shopping-site photo.

Anyone who likes the Kaue fashions that Mayara showcases might be able to buy them from this shopping site - if it delivers overseas.

Miss Russi is stunning. Only a few North American models (Kelsey Olson, Katherine Roll) are in her league of truly ideal plus-size beauty.
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Default Re: Mayara Russi: KauÍ Modas S/S 2010

In my opinion, she is hands down, then most perfect plus-size model working today. Take note retailers, if you want to inspire your customers to celebrate their bodies, then put this girl on your walls and in your catalogues and on your mailers, etc. She is spectacular, truly special.
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Default Re: Mayara Russi: KauÍ Modas S/S 2010

Since Mayara's Kaue campaigns are proving to be very popular, I did some searching on the web and found some examples of her work for this company from past seasons. I don't think any of these have been posted on the forum until now.

First, here are a few covers and two-page spreads. Click on the links below each to see them larger.

Now some pages from the previous catalogues. I especially like this picture, because it shows the weight in Mayara's beautiful face. So many plus-size companies choose plus-size models with thin faces, but the truth is that the majority of full-figured women also display fullness in their faces. I wish the industry would reflect this. Mayara shows how beautiful a full face can be.

A glamorous evening dress. The Brazilians are so size-positive. They don't try to hide the model's shapely waist, but allow her to show it off. We need more pro-curvy promotions like this.

This is a very alluring pose, with the hand in the hair.

Pretty headshot.

An attractive seated image, again showing Mayara's curvy middle.

Now, here's something extra. For those of you who mentioned that a Classically proportioned female model should be paired with a Classically proportioned male model, I found the following tear sheet. I love the natural association that the image suggests - a hard masculine ideal and a soft feminine ideal, just as in Greek statuary.

I hope that Mayara's Brazilian successes encourage the North American industry to embrace its own gorgeous size16+ models, and thereby to represent fuller-figured women.
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Default Re: Mayara Russi: KauÍ Modas S/S 2010

For the Mayara fans, here are a few new images of Ms. Russi on the Kaue Modas site.

A cute picture linking to the Kaue shopping pages:

A new promotion on a "Barbados" theme:

Most interestingly, a link to a new holiday Kaue catalogue:

Here is the URL of said catalogue.

The cover shot is truly stunning. I love the makeup artistry and the gentle softness of Mayaras facial features.

Unfortunately, most of the pictures in the catalogue are smiling photos, while Mayara definitely looks best when she adopts non-smiling expressions. This, for example, is an eye-catching headshot.

Kaue also runs a company Web log where pictures of Mayara often turn up first, even before they are released on the main site, like this new denim outfit.

This shows the full-length view of her "Barbados" dress, seen above. The print is a bit busy for me, but I love the pink bow detail at the waist, and how the makeup was matched to the dress.

Speaking of waists, this shot shows the sensual roundness of Mayaras midsection.

Oh, and here is one more photo from the shopping site, which also indicates the attractive fullness around the middle that Mayara displays.

Any time I get sick of seeing the faux-plus models foisted on us by the many American plus brands, I turn to some of the Brazilian sites, like Kaue, to delight in seeing what a plus-size model is supposed to look like. Gorgeous AND full-figured - Mayara shows all North American plus-size labels how curvy their models should be.
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