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Old 5th September 2010   #1
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Default Karen Vermeiren: Pure Woman

It's fantastic to see Karen Vermeiren's career taking off. Europe is arguably in even worse shape than North America when it comes to faux-plus girls being ludicrously passed off as plus-size models, so it's wonderful to see so many clients enlisting this genuinely full-figured size-16 beauty to showcase their lines.

I was recently tipped off to another new campaign featuring Karen from a company called "Pure Woman":

I find the headshots on the landing pages quite glamorous.

This gesture, with the model gently touching her face, is very sensual.

The headshots show the gorgeous fullness of her face and even the soft roundness of her forearms. This is why true plus-size models are so appealing - they display fleshiness in every aspect of their bodies.

The clothing is so-so, but I'll cut the label a lot of slack because it employs such an attractive, curvy model.

Here are the company's catalogue pictures, which you can find on their Web site under the "Collectie" tab. The picture on the left is especially attractive. The top shows off Karen's buxom contours and suggests the fullness of her waist. To me, this grey item looks fine as a dress; I don't really see why someone would wear a black skirt underneath.

I love the decorative ribbon trim in the outfit on the right. It adds a much-needed feminine touch to an evening ensemble that would otherwise be too "just black":

Dark blue is a nice colour on Karen - preferable to the profusion of solid black. Karen's voluptuousness is evident in the right-hand image.

The Pure Woman clothing is characteristically European, especially for fall collections, in that it is rather loose. Still, here's where having a size16+ model is so vital. On a skinny size 12 (let alone on anyone even thinner), these items would just hang like empty sacks, but Karen's opulent curves give the ensembles a semblance of shape.

One more evening look:

Personally, I would love to see Karen do something really exciting and size-celebratory, like a swimwear editorial of the kind that Mayara Russi recently produced in Brazil. But Karen's beauty is so remarkable that she turns even a commercial catalogue shoot like this into something memorable. She has a soft, full face and a stunning figure. It's always a pleasure to see more of her work.
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Old 20th September 2010   #2
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Default Re: Karen Vermeiren: Pure Woman

The latest issue of the European plus-size magazine Big Is Beautiful includes several Pure Woman ads featuring Karen. One of them even appears online at the magazine's Web site:

Stunning beauty with a soft, full-figured appearance. Perfect.
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