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Default Color Pencil: Plus-size fashion in Taiwan

I know how earnestly this site keeps trying to find evidence of plus-size beauty and full-figured fashion in the Far East, so I was pleased when I discovered a Taiwanese label called "Color Pencil."

I don't know if I'd go so far as to call this the "Taiwanese Torrid," but it does seem to offer teen/twentysomething clothing for curvier women.

Unfortunately, the models aren't as opulently proportioned as the Hint Style model who was mentioned here a few months ago, but they're very pretty and do at least have full legs, which the Color Pencil outfits are expressly designed to show off:

Dresses and skirts abound in the collection, and many of the dresses are quite lovely - this one in particular:

Many of the settings are quite nice too. No studio stuffiness, but rather pretty outdoor locations with lots of vibrant greenery and colourful flowers.

This sheer fabric offers a hint at even more leg than the dress displays.

East Asian models are not traditionally as buxom as Northern European models, but the Color Pencil girls do at least have a touch of voluptuousness.

Did you notice the accessory in the above photo? Many of the Color Pencil pictures, adorably, show the girls with what looks like a small picnic basket. I can't even begin to express how charming this is. It immediately makes the models appear younger and more girlish.

Could these picnic baskets be an official style of handbag that is common in the Orient? I hope so. It's a delightful style element, whether trimmed with flowers, as above, or with ribbons and bows, as in this case:

A closer look at the model's pretty face.

Of course, the models in these images are only "plus" by the very skinny standards of the Far East. The pictures show just the slightest touches of fullness in the girls' figures, apart from their curvy legs. Here, for example, you can sense a bit of weight at the model's waist.

A faint curve at the abdomen in this image.

A couple of the images indicate womanly hips.

The Color Pencil models have a way of posing that is very demure, very traditionally feminine. One doesn't see this very often in fashion photography. It's refreshing.

This outfit is more of a professional look, but still feminine. The hair scarf is a nice touch.

This ensemble, on the other hand, is more casual and fun.

A number of the Color Pencil outfits appear to be either school uniforms, or inspired by the look of school uniforms. They've even been shot in an actual schoolyard. Visually this is very clever, as it gives the whole collection a charmingly girlish quality.

In one case, the image even shows the bright primary colours of a playground.

While most of the Color Pencil pictures show the models looking very sweet and demure, this is a bit more of a "bad girl" look:

But not too bad! The client always brings it back to softer, sweeter impressions.

It's a pleasure to find an East Asian label producing plus-size fashion for teens and twentysomethings. While the models aren't as full-figured as one might wish, they are at least bigger than what one usually sees in Japanese/Chinese advertising.

Let's hope that this is a small step toward increasing the presence of plus-size beauty in the Orient.
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