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Old 21st September 2010   #1
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Default Lique Fleur: Dutch plus-size model

I think everyone here will be absolutely thrilled with a gorgeous Dutch plus-size model whom I discovered earlier today.

Doesn't she have the most angelic, doll-like facial features this side of Kelsey Olson and Shannon Marie? This is one of the most beautiful headshots I've ever seen. Her golden tresses seem to be glowing with heavenly light, and she's dressed in pure white. She has fair eyes, round facial features with visible fullness. She's perfect, just perfect -- a definitive timeless beauty.

Her name is Lique Fleur, and she is represented by an agency that I've never heard of before called Maatje Meer Model.

But it gets better. Her stats, as given by her agency, are "Confectiemaat: 52/54, Lengte: 170 cm," which translate to this:

Size: 22/24

Height: 5'7

Can you believe it? She's too good to be true. Here is another photo from her agency portfolio.

Alas, in all of her pictures, I've only found one full-length photograph, and while it does not precisely indicate her size, observe her luscious legs, perhaps the most attractive of any plus-size model, which attest to the truth of her exciting stats.

The photography of Lique's pictures is phenomenal. It's by a Dutch photographer named Lizet Beek, who has a lovely natural style of shooting in soft pastel colours. She features a host of Lique's pictures on her 'blog and on Flickr.

I'm amazed at how vividly she captured Lique's beauty. Here are two more takes on that celestial headshot.

Her features are so gentle and babylike, so soft and full. The photos are like something out of a dream.

I also adore this photo, in which Lique appears adorably spoiled.

Such a pretty smile.


Lique is easily one of the prettiest models I have ever seen, and for once, not only is this a case of a model whose facial features are gorgeous, but one whose opulent figure matches the stunning beauty of her face.

I hope that she will do more tests in the future to show off her generous curves, and that her career as a plus-size model will really take off.

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Old 22nd September 2010   #2
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Default Re: Lique Fleur: Dutch plus-size model

What a fascinating name: "Lique Fleur." At first I assumed that it was a pseudonym, but no, it turns out that Lique is a not-uncommon name in Holland. I presume that it's short for "Angelique" - which would be very fitting, given Lique's angelic appearance.

The first picture in this thread, that doll-look headshot, is an unsurpassable masterpiece. She mixes the purity and gentleness of a young girl with grown-up goddesslike touches. And no photographer could have better captured such a look, because I browsed through Lizet Beek's portfolio and saw that she frequently shoots children and even babies (showcasing their plump rolls and soft skin), so she was perfectly suited to bring out the adorably childlike quality of Lique's beauty.

I found a few more images of Lique that are also quite lovely. By showing a glimpse of the model's abundant decolletage (as only a sumptuous size-22 model could possess), this photograph is infused with great sensuality.

Here the colour palette is a bit different, more mature, but the childlike wonder in her big blue eyes is magical.

Round face and full cheeks.

This image is by a different photographer. It's a bit severe, in the pulled-back hair and fuchsia lip colour, but it shows the attractive fullness of the model's hand and fingers.

I find it interesting how even though the "core" of the industry is poisoned by the faux-plus mindset, a celebration of truly full-figured beauty can be found in the periphery of the industry - in Europe (especially the Benelux countries) and of course in Brazil. I hope that the emergence of these genuinely full-figured goddesses and their lovely work will help persuade the U.S. industry to start embracing its own fuller-figured models.
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Old 22nd September 2010   #3
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Default Re: Lique Fleur: Dutch plus-size model

She is absolute perfection. That is EXACTLY the way a plus-size model should look and exactly the kind of model who could inspire plus-size women to truly embrace their bodies.
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Old 6th October 2010   #4
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Default Re: Lique Fleur: Dutch plus-size model

Excellent pictures! She IS a true plus-size model.
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