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Default Justine Legault: Soft and gentle

We are always please to share new images of Quebec goddess Justine Legault. Her recent editorial in Clin d'Oeil magazine caused an absolute sensation, and was widely acclaimed as one of the most gorgeous plus-size-model layouts ever published.

The following set of headshots was shot by Jean Valade, and admirably displays Mlle Legault's stunning beauty. Pride of place goes to this image, one of the loveliest photos that Justine has yet produced. In it she appears irresistibly delicate and gentle. She possess attractiveness on a true supermodel level, a degree of beauty that can almost become intimidating; yet here, through her prodigious talent, she softens the effect, appearing yielding and available, seemingly inviting the viewer to gaze endlessly upon her beauty.

For the following headshot Justine adopts a very different demeanour, appearing more boldy seductive. The wisp of hair brushing over her face is a highly alluring detail, intimating a touch of the model's wildness--a unique characteristic for a goddess who is known for appearing coolly controlled. There is hunger and appetitiveness in this expression, yet the model avoids introducing an unwelcome element of challenge in the gaze, instead exuding raw desire.

Returning to her gentler mode, Justine flashes an inviting smile in this breezy, over-the-shoulder look. Observe how the pastel blue of her top adds to the soothing quality of the image, and picks up the azure hue of the model's eyes. At a size 14, Justine just barely qualifies are a true plus-size model, but observe how appealingly soft her limbs appear--testifying to a sensually untoned physique. Of course, the view of the model's buxom contours makes the picture overwhelmingly alluring, as does the sight of her long, golden tresses flowing down her back.

The fourth of Mlle Legault's new headshots has an intriguingly Parisian quality. Justine displays a measure of chicness and sophistication in her images that is absolutely unique for a plus-size model. The thick mass of hair flowing over her eye is seductive, yet in a controlled manner. She has an aristocratic bearing that effectively plays off against her fair features.

Justine is represented by Scoop Models in Montreal and by Ford Toronto. Not only is she one of the most gorgeous models in the industry, but she has a quality of poise and refinement that makes her truly unique. She is one of only three or four plus-size models whose beauty is so extraordinary that she could personally restore the ideal of Classical feminine beauty to public consciousness.

- Justine Legault gallery

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Old 16th July 2010   #2
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Default Re: Justine Legault: Soft and gentle

Just yesterday, Ford Toronto released new Polaroids of its star model, Justine Legualt--Polaroids that are so beautiful that they take one's breath away. Only someone with true supermodel beauty could create snapshots as gorgeous as these, all the lovelier because they are so simple and natural.

The eye is drawn immediately to the full-length image, which offers an enticing indication of the model's gorgeous figure. The wardrobe styling is excellent, featuring Justine in an attractively abbreviated skirt in a very pretty floral pattern. Although the location is urban, the background is a neutral stone colour, like the backdrop for a sculpture in a museum, and the warm earth-and-leaf hues of the skirt, punctuated by floral reds, convey an impression of the natural world, even in this city setting. The skirt suggests the womanly fullness of the model's hips and reveals her gorgeous legs. (When a model has legs are soft and attractively untoned as Justine's, miniskirts are practically mandatory.) The sash is an appealing touch, indicating the waist without compressing it in any way, and is wonderfully colour-coordinated with the skirt. Justine's pose is relaxed and casual, endowing her with a gentle and approachable quality.

A closer shot demonstrates why Mademoiselle Legault is now more gorgeous than ever. Her increased beauty is due to the magnificent length of her honey-blonde tresses, so thick and luxuriant, which cascade heavily, lazily over her shoulders. This romantic waviness reinforces one's impression of the model's own sensually passive nature. The white top clings lovingly to her figure, defining her generously buxom contours. As noted before, Justine's beauty is so stunning that she could easily be an intimidating presence, but she has perfected a range of poses and expressions that soften her bearing and make her seem accessible to the worship of mere mortals.

The profile shot is more playfully provocative. Justine's voluptuous curves are boldly displayed, yet the viewer also perceives an alluring touch of fullness at the waist. Even the model's arms, which sometimes appear thin, display a hint of more substantial softness. The hairstyle is weighty and romantic, cascading like the golden mane of a true goddess, the lone curl draping over her shoulder being a bewitching touch. Conscious of the allure of her pose and the luscious proportions of her figure, Justine more openly displays her vanity in this image, proudly gauging her effect upon the viewer, pleased to see how her beauty has humbled him and made him her adoring servant.

Whether in her splendid editorials for Clin d'Oeil and Coup de Pouce or in her simplest test images and Polaroids, Mlle Legault is easily one of the most gorgeous models in the industry. With her longer tresses and growing repertoire of soft, gentle poses, she becomes more irresistible with every shoot.

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Default Re: Justine Legault: Soft and gentle

Originally Posted by HSG
The profile shot is more playfully provocative. Justine's voluptuous curves are boldly displayed...

Once again, Justine's lovely photo prompts a strong visual association with another famous image of curvaceous beauty, just as her Coup de Pouce swimwear spread recalled Barbara Brickner's legendary Mode layout.

This time, the above image recalls the most famous scene in the film that launched Jennifer Connelly's career, the John Hughes movie Career Opportunities (1991) -- the scene in which Jennifer rides the toy horse in the Target supermarket, wearing a similar top to the one that Justine wears in her polaroids. This image was surely the greatest vision of beauty ever seen in a Target store until Kelsey Olson's Target campaign from earlier this year.

Here's a second screencap. Jennifer starved herself after this movie, and was never again this attractive. Although she wasn't plus-size in Career Opportunities, she was much softer and fuller than today's actresses, and she even have beautiful curves along her back. Pretty as she was, though, Justine still outshines her both in face and figure.

Here's the full-size version of the second screencap:
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Old 20th August 2010   #4
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Default Re: Justine Legault: Soft and gentle

One more image from Justine's soft and gentle test series has turned up, and it may surpass all the rest in sheer attractiveness.

Mlle Legault's eyes resemble pools of crystal-clear water from a mountain lake. Her blonde tresses cascade over her face and shoulders, gently caressing her apple cheeks. Her skin glows with its own inner light. Her pink lips, tenderly parted, are full but natural. Her expression is mildly bemused and intrigued, yet delicate and non-threatening. She knows that her dazzling loveliness humbles the enraptured onlooker, so she generously allows him to gaze upon her for long, long, blissful moments, to drink his fill of her beauty, soothing him with her soft fairness.

She seems to have stepped out of a dream of heaven, this goddess-on-earth, who is surely one of the most beautiful women who have ever inhabited this terrestrial sphere.

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Default Re: Justine Legault: Soft and gentle

There is something about Justine Legault's face that demands to be acknowledged. She is so authentically beautiful, it just feels effortless. I hope her career is as timeless as she is, because I don't think I'll ever get bored seeing her images and I don't think the industry can afford the loss.
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Default Re: Justine Legault: Soft and gentle

Justine's German agency, Model Team in Hamburg, has added two photos that appear to be from her Jean Valade test.

Like the previous examples from this shoot, these images are marvellous studies in tranquility. Looking at them evokes a soothing sensation. The model's light-teal top complements her blue-green eyes. The fair skin, pink lips, and golden hair blend together in a gentle mixture of pastel hues. The dash of eyeshadow draws attention to the model's eyes. Her gaze is direct and thoughtful, but not unpleasantly assertive. Even her tresses seem relaxed and flowing. Her complexion is so radiant, it seems lit from within.

Click to enlarge

The other headshot draws even closer. Her tresses seem fairer--truly the colour of spun gold. But the real magic in this picture is in the appearance of the model's eyes. They seem almost three dimensional--crystalline glass shaped into perfect spheres. So vivid, yet, with their aquamarine hue, so serene and placid.

Click to enlarge

Among European agencies, in addition to Model Team, Justine is now also signed with Model Management UK. Absurdly, though, she is the curviest girl on both agencies' plus boards. At a mere U.S. size 14 (U.K. sizes run two numbers larger), Justine's figure should represent the minimum possible dimensions for a plus-size model, and every other girl on either board should have her proportions at least, or be larger. This is a testament to the lunacy of plus-size modelling in Britain and Germany, where faux-plus tyranny still dominates.

Nevertheless, the fact that Mlle Legault earned a place with both agencies despite their incomprehensible size restrictions is a testament to her all-conquering beauty. Hopefully, in the future, both boards will start representing bigger girls.

(Click images to view larger.)

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