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Default The Carpenter's Daughter

As readers may have noticed, the Judgment of Paris has lately been endeavouring to look beyond the North American plus-size market and spotlight full-figured goddesses from other shores.

We are pleased to announce that now, for the first time in 12 years, we have the opportunity to celebrate a voluptuous vixen from . . . New Zealand.

The same nation that produced the magnificent Lord of the Rings trilogy (among the greatest films ever created) can now boast of possessing an equally splendid presence in the modelling world.

* * *

For several seasons, a label called the Carpenter's Daughter ( has been staging a plus-size fashion show at the biannual New Zealand Fashion Week. For the company's latest catwalk event, which took place just a few weeks ago, TCD issued a nationwide casting call, and among the many girls who were selected to walk in the Carpenter's Daugther runway show was this remarkable beauty:

Not only does she exhibit an adorable, girlish face, with high cheekbones softened by facial fullness, but she also possesses a luscious, curvy figure. Observe how this lace lavender dress--by far the finest piece in the TCD collection--defines her curvaceous abdomen. Note too the model's pouty, preening smile.

The model is distinguished by a magnficent mane of rich dark hair. Capitalizing on this, TCD's cosmetics artist gave her a blood-red lip colour that created a Snow White look, and added a deliciously wicked touch--black nail polish.

The Carpenter's Daughter also kindly provided us with several photographs of the model taken by the company's official NZFW photographer, Colin Morison, who did a splendid job of capturing her beauty on film.

Click to enlarge

Naturally, the most exciting images of the model are those that show her in the body-embracing lace dress. Observe the sensual swell at her middle. Not only is the model youthfully lovely, but she also boasts the kind of soft, natural physique that full-figured customers find inspirational and empowering in the models who represent them.

Click to enlarge

A closer look at the model's enchanting face is well warranted. She appears fresh and vibrant, with a rosy glow to her complexion. Her pouty smile communicates vanity and self-satisfaction. This goddess clearly knows exactly gorgeous she is, and (rightly) considers herself irresistible.

Click to enlarge

The black hue of the model's attire accentuates her "Gothic" quality, but hers is a very pretty, very feminine kind of Gothic, not hard or aggressive, but soft and subdued. Those blood-red lips, shapely but not overly full, are hauntingly kissable.

Click to enlarge

Whatever one thinks of animal prints, the black lace skirt in the following ensemble perfectly suits the model's look. One marvels at how effectively she created a dark yet feminine persona to suit the clothing that she wore on the runway.

Click to enlarge

In many of her images, she exhibits a predatory, vampiric look. Her eyes flash forth a vivid self-awareness of the power of her beauty. This femme fatale would enjoy seeing her admirers suffer in their longing for her.

Click to enlarge

The official TCD Web log also features two behind-the-scenes images of the model. Shorn of her runway persona, she appears gentler and friendlier, displaying a flawless complexion and wearing a pretty smile that highlights her rounded cheekbones.

Click to enlarge

Although a tad grainy, this candid snapshot illustrates the attractiveness of her youthful face.

Click to enlarge

Anyone interested in seeing images of the entire TCD runway show can peruse the links included in this post on the company's official Web log. The best of the lot is undoubtedly this article, which is naturally illustrated by a close-up of the model.

This model is a gorgeous young woman with striking facial features and a soft figure. Kudos to the Carpenter's Daughter for enlisting her to walk in their show, and for giving her such a splendid look.

We earnestly hope to see her modelling career blossom, and look forward to future runway shows and print campaigns from TCD.

- The Carpenter's Daughter

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Default Re: The Carpenter's Daughter

The first thing that caught my eye about the model was her gorgeous hair, and on that score, the NZ Herald article was quite interesting.

It talks about how the TCD hairstylists deliberately looked to the past for inspiration. That's always a winning strategy for showcasing plus-size beauty.

The Carpenters Daughter creative director and head of design, Caroline Marr and Sarah-Jane Duff have been mining back through the years looking for eras where curvy women are celebrated.

Last season it was Thirties depression, this year they have ticked back a couple more decades to the Edwardian period.

The natural female form was freed from corsets...and big, beautiful hairdos supplanted up-tight Victorian chignons and ringlets.

Koreen Morrell and her hair and makeup artists from Grandeur built on the theme of feminine wiles, creating sexy big hair with a slightly Gibson Girl twist.

"Wenchy big hair suits the proportions of the models' bodies," explains Duff.

"Freed from corsets" is a must -- just look at how good the model's figure looks in her lace dress because she is not constricted. And all the talk about the beauty of "big hair" and how it "suits the proportions of the models' bodies" reminds me of the "Voluptuous Volume" post on this forum, which talked about the same idea -- that plus-size models look best with opulent hairstyles that match their opulent figures.

This model is a real beauty, and I definitely like the "wenchy," voluminous updo that she wore for this show.

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Default Re: The Carpenter's Daughter

The Carpenter's Daughter has now posted a video of their fashion show. Unfortunately it's an abbreviated version, but it still gives the flavor of the event.

The highlights are, of course, our favourite model's appearances. She is seen at 0:46 and again at 1:52, with the first of those two moments showing her in the lovely lace dress that so attractively embraces her figure. You can also see her Mona Lisa smile.

It's a pity that this video left out her third look (seen in the top picture in this thread), which I really liked. Regardless, this model proves to be every bit as lovely in living motion as she is in still pictures.

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