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Default Lindsey: Glittering Obsidian

She walks in beautyŚlike the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies,
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellowed to the tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

-Byron, "She Walks in Beauty" (1814)

Since her appearance at Full-Figured Fashion Week earlier this year, size-16 beauty Lindsey Garbelman has been growing ever more popular with the public. Lindsey's many fans, new and old alike, will thus be delighted when they see the stunning new test photos of Miss Garbelman that her Miami agent, Dorothy Combs (, released just yesterday.

Never before have we seen images of Lindsey that so dramatically illustrate her dark sensuality. Her luxurious brunette tresses fall over one eye in romantic waves, giving her beauty a mysterious quality. Her black earrings resemble gleaming onyx. Her haunting eyes glitter like polished obsidian. The sight of the model's decolletage is highly seductive. But the true fascination of this picture derives from the babylike smoothness of her complexion, the delicacy of her facial features, and the gentle yet bewitching look in her eyes. This juxtaposition of sable inscrutability with delicate youthfulness creates a fascinating blend of effects, forming the persona of a woman-child who precociously possesses the seductiveness of a mature temptress.

In the second image, the camera draws back a little, allowing the viewer a more substantive look at the model's buxom curves. Lindsey's masses of black hair captivate the eye, causing every viewer to dream of plunging his hand into those thick tresses. No man alive can resist the sight of a goddess whose thick locks fall over one of her eyes in such a bewitching manner. Lindsey's gaze is a tad bolder here than in the tight headshot, above, but still exhibits a desirable softness, if betraying a trace of selfish wickedness--the latter quality making her particularly exciting.

In the third image in the series, the camera pulls back further to luxuriate in the model's sumptuous figure. Now acknowledged by DCM to be a full size 16, Lindsey is a true goddess, one whose impressive measurements (38D-36-47) give her much to be proud of. She openly flaunts her curves, lazily draping her arm over her head in a languorous, sensual manner. The vest fits snugly around her generous waist. The viewer's eye traces every inch of her romantically wavy tresses, admiring their opulent thickness.

The next two images provide a blue interlude amid this elegant, sable-themed shoot. Lindsey is justly famous for her warm, endearing smiles. (Indeed, this is the first shoot that we have ever seen where her serious expressions are even more captivating than her lovely smiles.) The braided hair is an adorable, Old World touch, while the denim shirt is pure Americana.

An urban image finds Miss Garbelman in an appealing daytime look, the chandelier earring providing a welcome dash of opulence. The romantic waviness at the ends of her tresses similarly adds an appealing, decorative touch. The blouse displays a modest expanse of her bare person. Each of these subtle elements endow what could have been a merely professional look with much-desired femininity. Again, the model's smile is warm and approachable.

In this particular test series, however, it is the sensual, serious looks that impress themselves most dramatically upon the viewer. The following headshot finds the model gazing at the viewer with a rapacious look in her eyes, her parted lips suggesting an appetitive nature. However, her rounded cheeks, which exhibit the smooth skin of a newborn, endow her with a touch of vulnerability, like a baby tigress that is as adorable as it is dangerous.

Continuing the black-and-grey styling theme of this test, the sole new full-length shows Lindsey is a dark jacket and light-hued denim. Although skirts and dresses are always preferable to slacks in showcasing timeless feminine beauty, light-coloured denim is always a winning look for genuinely full-figured models. Dark denims are flat and pointless, but lighter denims--from sky blues to acid-wash looks to light greys--admirably showcase a model's nether curves. The ideal vantage point is the reverse view, but even a frontal image, such as this, shows how the denim attractively defines the model's womanly hips.

The final new image that we will share is a dramatic black-and-white figure study that we have judiciously cropped, to preserve the model's modesty. Even in this abbreviated form, however, the photograph is quite steamy, thanks to Lindsey's hungry gaze, as well as the magnificent sight of her abundant tresses cascading over her bare shoulders. Miss Garbelman abundantly demonstrates why full-figured models should never cut their hair short, but should allow their tresses to grow long and luxurious, thus heightening their goddesslike qualities.

Bravo to Lindsey for a spectacular new test. At a full size 16, she has never been more gorgeous. Fans eagerly look forward to her every shoot.

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