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Default Kelsey Olson: Nordic Princess

At long last, after a steady stream of requests from the model's countless fans, we are delighted to share the second installment of Kelsey Olson's recent test, photographed by Elke van der Welde.

These images are even more breathtaking than the ones that we featured in the first set of four looks. Here, the hairstyles are far lovelier, the poses more sensual, and the wardrobe more attractive--particularly in the case of the final look, which comprises the most priceless treasure of all: a rare series of images of Kelsey in . . . intimate apparel.

Can your heart stand it?

We begin, however, with a look that illustrates why Miss Olson is the most popular and important of all plus-size models working today. Observe how, through her soft femininity and timeless beauty, she transforms this comfortable, casual attire into the wardrobe of a princess. For if a storybook heroine of fairy-tale and legend were actually brought to life to inhabit the modern world, she would look exactly like Kelsey Olson. Even with Kelsey's hair tied back--as if to damp down her radiant beauty, which would otherwise overwhelm the viewer's senses and disclose the model's divine nature--her golden tresses appear enchantingly angelic. Indeed, that one stray lock, which has teasingly escaped from its binding and veritably caresses her cheek, seems to signify a struggle to escape, as if Miss Olson's beauty were simply too dazzling to be controlled or restrained. Her peaches-and-cream complexion is radiantly celestial. Her azure eyes--the loveliest eyes in all the world--seem to shine an even deeper blue against the pale backdrop. The model's pose is reflective, yet gently so. One knows instinctively that only kind and good-hearted thoughts could occupy her noble mind. The white of her jacket symbolizes her innate purity. The black tights seductively define the fullness of her legs.

Click to enlarge

But the point of greatest beauty in the image, beyond all others, is the sight of the intoxicatingly sensual curves along the model's back, so clearly defined by her fitted jacket. Those soft undulations are overwhelmingly seductive, compelling the viewer to yearn for tactile engagement. They speak of the fullness of the model's alluringly untoned physique, and establish her as more than a distant angelic ideal--as a physical flesh-and-blood goddess.

Click to enlarge

One of the many qualities that particularly distinguish Kelsey Olson is her ability to appear tasteful and wholesome, even when adopting poses that are surpassingly alluring. Take for example the following breathtaking image--literally breathtaking, for one gasps audibly when one first sees it. The model appears so delicate, so gentle, yet at the same time so seductive, with her captivating hands-in-the-hair pose, that one feels light-headed just looking at the photograph. It is a dream-vision of perfect beauty. The baby-blue colour of the model's top, as well as its girlish ruffles, bring out Kelsey's childlike qualities, which raise her attractiveness even further. Furthermore, these pacific shades, white and baby blue, are the hues traditionally associated with the Blessed Virgin Mary in Catholic iconography. The attire thus subconsciously intimates the sacred purity of the model's beauty. Yet the way in which the model daringly exposes her unconstrained waist, veritably flaunting it, invites the viewer to perceives the soft fullness of her midsection, even though the loose fabric. Her sumptuous 39" waist is Miss Olson's most desirable figure feature, testifying as it does to her self-indulgent nature. This blend of effects, merging heavenly, ethereal qualities and appetitive sensuality, renders Kelsey unsurpassable as an embodiment of beauty. One would worship her as a sacred celestial ideal and be in throes to her physical seductiveness at the very same moment--the fusion of the two impulses representing the essence of femininity.

Click to enlarge

If there is any celebrity whom Kelsey Olson resembles, it is the young Hilary Duff. Not the anorexic Hilary of today, mind you, who is a mere wizened shell of her former self, but the soft and pretty Hilary Duff circa 2004, at the time of films such as Raise Your Voice, when she was at the peak of her girlish beauty. In this image, Kelsey recalls that (very) brief period during which there was at least one actress in Hollywood who possessed a touch of timeless femininity. But of course, Kelsey far surpasses the former Disney star in loveliness. This image is a marvel of warmth and approachability. Even the stray wisp of hair gently touching her cheek appears to intimate the model's playfulness and likability. She seems so inviting and friendly. One would want to be in her company all day, every day--not just to gaze upon her extraordinary beauty (although there is that), but simply to be in the presence of a girl who exudes complete sincerity and openness. Seeing her looking like this, the viewer wishes to treasure her and keep her safe, so that the degenerate modern world could never harm her in any way. Nevertheless, this would not be a Kelsey picture without at least one surpassingly sensual detail, and in this picture, that detail is the sight of the pretty dimples at the knuckles of her soft right hand--an irresistibly seductive characteristic, again testifying to her well-fed physique.

Click to enlarge

As we noted in the previous thread about this test, Kelsey always looks best when shot in colour, which showcases the peaches-and-cream freshness of her complexion. But she is also a goddess in black and white, as evidenced by the following picture. What makes this photo especially interesting is how, with just the slightest alteration of her demeanour, Kelsey turns up the temperature to produce a much more overtly alluring image than the other photographs of this look. Here she displays an expanse of bare flesh leading down toward her buxom decolletage, her voluptuousness abundantly evident. Her gaze is smokier, more adult, trading childlike innocence for the knowing gaze of a precociously mature young vixen. The change in her demeanour coincides with the photographer's switch to a black-and-white palette, which replaces the gentleness that the pastel hues introduced with more dramatic contrasts. Consider the model's extraordinary talent in adjusting her mien to suit this change in the nature of the photography. Yet the angle at which Kelsey faces the camera emphasizes the gorgeous roundness of her facial features, and it is this feminine roundness which still softens the image and produces the signature Kelsey "delicate" style, which is aesthetically pleasing rather than hard and abrasive.

Click to enlarge

In the final example of this look, Kelsey once again flirts with a "thoughtful" demeanour. Always experimenting--and always succeeding in her experiments--Kelsey explores new territory with this intent gaze. Yet it is that stray lock of golden hair (echoes by a smaller lock behind it) which initially catches the eye. That wisp of gold plays off against her seriousness, creating an effect like that of a kitten which attempts a fierce look, but appears even cuter in its adorable earnestness. Observe the styling brilliance in how the gold bangle complements the model's fair tresses. With the model's light hair, blue eyes, milk-white skin, and pastel attire, his image perfectly encapsulates the notion of "fair beauty."

Click to enlarge

If, in the previous images, the sensuality was subtle, and arose out of Kelsey's innate desirability rather than through any conscious effort on her part, in the following images the seductiveness is overt and conscious. These are without a doubt some of the most exciting looks of the model's career.

Just as, wardrobe-wise, the model had exchanged lights for darks, so has she shed her innocence and now appears more boldly provocative. Her pose in the following image is thrilling--an arched-back stance that unapologetically exposes her voluptuousness. The glittering shirt catches the light, indicating her buxom curves. One senses the alluring weight of her figure, the sheer, irresistible heaviness of her person. With her hand thrust in her hair, and her head reclining backwards upon it, she echoes the appearance that she would have if she were laying back on a bed. Her heavily lidded eyes smoulder with an icy radiance, exuding a carnal fire. "Desire me," she seems to say, and the viewer is helpless before her unleashed seductiveness.

Click to enlarge

The second "take" on this look surpasses its predecessor in sheer allure. Indeed, of all of the hands-in-the-hair images produced to date, none has ever come close to matching this, the most provocative such pose that we have ever seen. The model's tresses are voluptuously dishevelled, as if in a passionate context. Viewers imagine plunging their own hands in her hair, and watching it tangle in such a delicious fashion. Observe the thick, heavy golden curls along the side of her face, loosened and half-uncurled, as if abandoning their propriety, yet still evoking the model's princess-like identity. Her eyes exude wanton appetitiveness; her pink lips are parted, as if in expectation of a kiss. The persona that Kelsey so memorably creates here is that of a princess who has surrendered to her desires--and enthusiastically so, abandoning herself to self-indulgence.

Click to enlarge

Note too that Kelsey's expression in the above image is less imperative than in the previous photo, more beseeching, thus betraying some of the model's vulnerability. Instead of humbling the viewer and finding delight in his abjection before her, as in the prior image, in the above photograph she openly yearns for his adoration, craving it as surely as she might crave rich delicacies.

The third image featuring this look, below, draws yet closer to the model's lovely face, which exhibits even more enticing vulnerability. Now we see her insatiable neediness, her untrammeled appetitiveness. Having been showered so liberally with the viewer's worship, she now hungers for it, addicted to the adoration, seeking even more. She now permits herself to reveal her softer qualities to the viewer--her gentleness and tenderness--certain as she now is of his loyalty and devotion to her. Her gaze is melting; her mouth draws in breath like a succubus inhaling a human soul. Her facial features also appear especially full here, rendering her even more seductive.

From a pure modelling standpoint, consider the extraordinary control and technique that Kelsey exhibits in these night-time looks--three pictures featuring the same wardrobe, yet each conveying a profoundly different emotional state through the subtlest alterations of expression and demeanour.

Click to enlarge

Before we proceed to the apex of this post, we offer, as an interlude, a fascinating and unique headshot of the model. The wardrobe seems primitive, even Neolithic, possibly consisting of feathers, possibly of fur, like what the princess of a stone-age Scandinavian tribe might have worn. The concentrated light plays up Kelsey's dazzling Nordic beauty--her fair eyes, her white complexion, her pale golden hair, her pink lips. Her bare limbs--so soft and white and full--intimate a disrobed state. One easily imagines that in the Northern Europe of the heathen ages, Kelsey would have been enshrined as the queen of a Viking clan. Great warriors would have competed as to which of them could supply her with the freshest provender from their hunts. Her beauty would have become legendary in her own lifetime, immortalized in Icelandic Sagas. Tales would be told of how tribes went to war and pillaged rival lands to shower her with gold and jewels. All this they would have done simply for her pleasure--for such is the power of timeless beauty. Her languorous pose in this image testifies that she would have relished such worship, would have fed off of it, and craved more, knowing that her beauty entitled her to the adoration of the world.

Click to enlarge

And now, at last, we come to the moment that Miss Olson's fans have been waiting for. Ever since she produced her unforgettable Guess-style lingerie test and developed a reputation as the finest intimate-apparel model in the industry, Kelsey's admirers have yearned to see the model shoot more sleepwear images. Her, at least, she makes those dreams a reality.

Nothing is more challenging to photograph than lingerie, since the line between sensuality and vulgarity is so thin. But this being Kelsey, she achieves absolute perfection, and produces images that are essays in restraint and taste and subtlety, and which are even more alluring for that very reason.

The first image is a marvel of softness. The model's eyes, blue and wide, communicate openness and sincerity. Here, at last, we see the archetypal Kelsey hairstyle--big and loose and flowing, like a cascade of golden waves tumbling over her shoulders. Her robe exhibits the dizzying sight of her buxom beauty, yet the image suggests more than it discloses, leaving her generous midsection veiled and covered in shadow. Her clavicle is submerged in soft fullness. The model's gestures are tantalizingly ambiguous: Is she in the process of loosening the drawstring of her robe in a prelude to opening it, or has she coyly closed it, in a gesture of modesty? Her arms are sensually soft, suggesting the untoned sensuality of her overall physique. Youthful, yet knowing, her gaze suggests a touch of invitation, but also lingering innocence. The viewer yearns to protect her and take care of her, sheltering her from the vicissitudes of the world.

Click to enlarge

Observe how, in the following image, Miss Olson dramatically intensifies the effect. Even with her figure partly disclosed, the first thing that captures the viewer's attention is the look in her eyes. As in the latter "evening" images, above, Kelsey now reveals her neediness and vulnerability. There is a beseeching look in her eyes that is overpowering. The image creates a fascinating narrative: Is the model exhibiting a hint of her figure out of a need to enslave the viewer's soul, or is her girlish, needy look actually the means by which she knows that she can best capture the viewer's heart? Is she in fact vulnerable, or does she take on such an appearance because nothing is more desirable than feminine neediness? Either way, she is irresistible. Observe how seductively soft and full her arms appear, especially just above the elbows. Her voluptuousness is most generous, yet the image is all the more powerful because it conceals more than it reveals, leaving much still hidden from view. Another way in which this picture is even more alluring than the previous lingerie photo is that with this pose, Kelsey exhibits her womanly hips--this indicating the heady fullness of the model's figure.

Click to enlarge

And now, for the pièce de résistance, here is the most exciting image of the entire test. In this photograph alone she very nearly reveals her most gorgeous figure feature: her curvy waist. Note the intriguing change in demeanour. Paradoxically, she appears even more relaxed and casual with her robe partially open than when it was closed. It is as if the revelation of her physique were a liberating act. Or perhaps it is the rapt admiration that she perceives in the viewer's eyes that makes her appear so relaxed and confident. The hand in the hair is an unfailingly seductive touch. The thick golden curl falling over her shoulders suggests her languorous, indolent disposition. She appears incapable of any exertion, secure in the knowledge that her physical beauty had entitled her to a life of ease and pleasure. Her fair complexion is dazzling and radiant, giving her an angelic glow. Yet at the same time, notice the alluring touches of reality in her figure: the dimpled flesh, and the curve at the waist. These honest details make Kelsey even more attractive, because they confirm her as a true-to-life physical being with an appealing penchant for self-indulgence, and not merely an insubstantial fantasy. She is both real and ideal at once--the most perfect blending of the two qualities.

Click to enlarge

This grand new test of eight looks is an extraordinary achievement even by Kelsey's standards. In the daywear images, she demonstrates how much energy and fascination she can bring to even the most casual wardrobe. This is a crucial skill, because such simple attire comprises much of a plus-size model's work. Kelsey demonstrates that she can take basic garments and transform them into gorgeous fashion choices, simply by her innate glamour, and by the way in which the outfits fit on her figure. Then, in more overtly alluring attire, she turns up the temperature and unleashes a degree of seductiveness that ensnares every viewer's heart. Finally, in her lingerie images, she communicates such intense desirability, such irresistible sensuality, as to leave every viewer breathless and spellbound--all the while preserving taste and decorum.

Other, less attractive, faux-plus models continually resort to outlandish gimmicks and crude vulgarity to garner attention, turning themselves into spectacles of so-called "controversy." But Kelsey, chic and lovely, a true goddess, needs no such trickery, instead capturing every viewer's imagination through her graceful beauty and Old World femininity. She is the aesthetic restoration personified.

(Click images to view larger.)

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Default Re: Kelsey Olson: Nordic Princess

I believe. That's my reaction when I see these incredible images: I believe. I believe that plus-size goddesses are more gorgeous than waifs. I believe that women do not need to starve to be attractive. I believe that the timeless ideal of feminine beauty was much healthier and more natural than today's anorexic standard. And most important of all, I believe that it can come back. I believe all these things because of Kelsey's stunning beauty.

I know that this site is cautious about posting lingerie images, but in this case, the intimate-apparel photos are the loveliest and most important of all. They're so lyrical, almost dreamlike, yet they show Kelsey's womanly figure so honestly. What makes them so phenomenal are Kelsey's expressions. The look in that last photo, so daring yet so tasteful, is perfect- so free of any inhibition, so comfortable, so sensually relaxed. An image like that is the cure for any self-consciousness that a curvy girl might feel. Any full-figured girl who has doubts about her size can look at Kelsey and practically hear her say, "It's wonderful to be plus-size; just look at how pretty being curvy can be," and feel good about herself, and liberated from all inhibitions.

Originally Posted by HSG
Other, less attractive, faux-plus models continually resort to outlandish gimmicks and crude vulgarity to garner attention, turning themselves into spectacles of so-called "controversy." But Kelsey, chic and lovely, a true goddess, needs no such trickery, instead capturing every viewer's imagination through her graceful beauty and Old World femininity.

Yes! So many plus-size models seem to forget their core mission. They start getting involved in exercise-torture promotion, or politicking, or (worst of all) cheap editorial stunts designed for shock value, to stay in the public eye. They get caught up in all these diversions, which the general public couldn't care less about. It's as if these models resent their primary identity: which is to be embodiments of full-figured beauty.

I don't care what extracurricular activities plus-size models are involved in. I want them to do the one thing that they can do better than anyone else; the one thing that they can do and no one else can do, which is to show the public that women can be truly and authentically full-figured and gorgeous. Plus-size models are inspiring to me when they are plus-size and when they are models. That's what society needs from them. Anyone can do activism; anyone can mug for publicity; but only plus-size models can overturn the skinny-is-beautiful myth, by embodying size celebration.

A photoshoot like this, where Kelsey looks stunningly gorgeous and truly full-figured, is worth more to me that all the extracurricular trivia that other plus-size models get involved in. This is truly inspiring.
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson: Nordic Princess

Gorgeous images. It is in shooting intimate apparel that Kelsey is especially vital and significant as a model, because with her soft and natural physique, she shows women that they can be beautiful without undergoing horrifying surgeries or enslaving themselves to gym torture, and can instead feel confident with their normal curvy body shape.

Nowhere is it more insulting to see images of faux-plus or "toned" models than in lingerie promotions, since such pictures imply that full-figured women need to look artificial and unnatural to be acceptable. Kelsey proves that women are even more beautiful with their God-given feminine physiques.

I also adore Kelsey's look in that soft blue-and-white outfit, especially the first two pictures. Her eyes are so expressive.
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson: Nordic Princess

Kelsey's intimate-apparel images are so steamy that they burn a hole through the computer screen. Wow. I love the "ice princess" theme of the whole shoot. I think Kelsey has cast aside her prior reservations about shooting lingerie and is ready to show the world just how all-out alluring she is.

The Web is filled with images of celebrities and models in states of undress, usually in Maxim or FHM-type shoots, with radioactive tans, leathery skin, shrivelled figures - and those things are supposed to be "sexy"? Not even close. Kelsey's lingerie images blow them all away. This is what a truly seductive woman looks like.

Kelsey could melt even the stoniest heart.
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson: Nordic Princess

These pictures are all sooooo beautiful. Kelsey commented in her interview that lingerie isnt her first love, but I think she should be considered a lingerie specialist, because every time she does shoot intimate apparel, the results are more beautiful than those of any other model Ive ever seen shoot lingerie. She knows just how to create a mood thats inviting and approachable, steamy but not aggressive, sexy but chic. She always hits the perfect note with her intimate-apparel pictures.

I also adore the first look, with the whites and baby blues. I kept thinking that it reminded me of something, but couldnt place it. Then I remembered: it resembles the wardrobe that Kelsey wore for one of her very first shoots, a Bon-Ton campaign from a few years ago:

There was even a short discussion about that picture in the third part of her profile:

“Oh, that’s Bon-Ton,” she announced, identifying the next image.

“I love this because it evokes the idea of an Ice Princess, with you in white, with the delicate blue.”

“That was one of my first jobs. That was interesting.”

“What was interesting about it?”

“Well, just because it’s catalogue, and it’s very slow moving, and each frame has to be different, but not too different,” she delineated.

“I see. So if catalogue is shot the way that you just described, how would that compare to a different type of shoot?”

“Well, for campaigns, or what they call “lifestyle,’ it’s free moving and not as posed, while in catalogue you’re basically just showing the item—you know, very soft,” she stated.

Very soft indeed. It was a perfect look for Kelsey, and whoever chose the wardrobe for this shoot made a great selection in coming back to that look. The pastel blue complements her fair complexion, bubblegum-pink lips, and light hair. And white always looks gorgeous on plus-size goddesses.
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson: Nordic Princess

Originally Posted by HSG
The wardrobe seems primitive, even Neolithic, possibly consisting of feathers, possibly of fur, like what the princess of a stone-age Scandinavian tribe might have worn. The concentrated light plays up Kelsey's dazzling Nordic beauty...One easily imagines that in the Northern Europe of the heathen ages, Kelsey would have been enshrined as the queen of a Viking clan. Great warriors would have competed as to which of them could supply her with the freshest provender from their hunts. Her beauty would have become legendary in her own lifetime, immortalized in Icelandic Sagas. Tales would be told of how tribes went to war and pillaged rival lands to shower her with gold and jewels.

Click to enlarge

When I first saw the title of this thread, I opened it and eagerly looked at the pictures, then went back and read the text. Interestingly enough, even before I read the commentary, I associated this picture with a Viking setting. Maybe it was because I remembered Kelsey talking about her own Danish and Germanic heritage in her interview. I think the image is gorgeous and captures something of who she really is.

And of course, the lingerie pictures are breathtaking and inspiring. Kelsey is my favourite model who is currently in the industry.
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Default Re: Kelsey Olson: Nordic Princess

All of the images are breathtaking, but if I had to choose two favorites, I would select these:

Originally Posted by HSG

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Both of them show Kelsey with her softest, gentlest expressions, the pictures where she looks most princess-like. But at the same time, they are completely believable as contemporary photos too.

I think they tell a story. The whole series does, but these two photos especially. They testify that a girl can be feminine even in contemporary life. She can inhabit the present-day world and do all of the things that she wants, but she doesn't have to become a feminist, or try to be masculine/androgynous, or over-compensate by being hard or aggressive. She can always retain her true femininity, her sweetness, her vulnerability. She can be kind and gentle, girlish and tender, even as she lives in the 21st century. She doesn't need to compromise herself or become "modern." Even her attire can have softer touches, while remaining chic and stylish and up to date.

I don't think any other model could have told this story as well as Kelsey does. She is utterly gorgeous, yes, but she is also a remarkable talent. I always look longer at her pictures than I do those of any other model.
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