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Old 6th November 2010   #1
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Default Mayara Russi - Tricot

One can never let too much time go by without posting new images of size-20 Brazilian goddess Mayara Russi. No model this curvy is having similar success in North America - which is a tragedy, given how absolutely luscious and gorgeous she looks in every single campaign.

These images are from Tricot, a Brazilian label that specializes in sweaters. It's from half a year ago, but since in South America the seasons are reversed, with their winter being our summer and vice versa, the pictures are actually timely.

Although the pieces are quite conservative, Mayara's curves make them amazingly sexy.

I love how, in the first pair of images, you can see the sensual fullness of Mayara's waist pressing open the sweaters. And she always has that "I'm such a goddess" look in her eyes. She knows that her size makes her alluring.

On a skinnier model, these pieces would be boring. But Mayara's figure conforms them into a seductive shape. You can discern the curves of Mayara's midsection in the image on the right.

There's more to Mayara than just a sumptuous figure, though. Her brunette tresses are magnificent and regal. I love the windblown look in the picture on the left.

Still, the most daring feature of Mayara's delicious figure is her luscious waist. The sweater on the left has a very Mad Men look about it. But with her caved-in waist, Christina Hendricks can't hold a candle to Mayara. In the picture on the right, it's as if the sweater can barely close around her middle. Insanely seductive.

More gorgeous hairstyles, which add to the opulence of her look.

My favourite Mayara expressions are the ones where she looks vain and spoiled, especially in the image on the left. You get the sense that a suitor could shower her with jewels, take her on exotic vacations, treat her to the best food at the most expensive restaurants, and it would never be enough to satisfy her. She would always demand more. Intoxicating.

There's a weight and a substance to her proportions that makes her gorgeous, from the full waist that's evident at the left to the womanly hips that are discernible on the right.

These sweaters are a bit more daring, especially the one on the left, which showcases her generous decolletage.

She does "elegance" so well, no matter what she's wearing. In these images, she has a posh, high-class look. It's something in her eyes and her demeanour.

Even though these are smiling expressions, she achieves the same effect here, a "She's-out-of-your-league" look of wealth and status. She is definitely used to the finest things in life, and gets whatever she wants.

Plus-size goddesses are never as gorgeous as when they bare their soft shoulders, as these sweaters do:

Finally, just for fun, here's Mayara sporting some accessories - sunglasses on the left, and something really pretty on the right, a hair scarf.

No faux-plus model, not even a size 14, could look one tenth as seductive in these outfits as Mayara does. Once again, she proves that there is absolutely no reason why the U.S. plus-size industry should be using meagre size 12s to promote clothing when a richer, fuller model can look twice as good in every style and make it more appealing - and help full-figured women feel better about themselves in the process.
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Old 7th November 2010   #2
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Default Re: Mayara Russi - Tricot

I think that makes it official. Mayara OWNS the designation "sweater girl."
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Old 27th November 2010   #3
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Default Re: Mayara Russi - Tricot

There is nothing more alluring than a sensuously fulled-figured woman in a fitted knit sweater. The styles showcased here are quite lovely, and Mayara was a wonderful choice to display them.
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