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Default Rosie Mercado, Measure for Measure

At Full-Figured Fashion Week in L.A., each of the attendees of the Friday seminars received a barrage of promotional material--ads, brochures, business cards, etc. Nestled among these unremarkable items, though, was the most priceless treasure imaginable: Rosie Mercado's official composite card.

To see Rosie proudly listing her stats on her comp card is truly inspiring. Her proportions are every bit as shapely as one would imagine them to be. Her dress size is given as a full 28, and her waist measurement is a luscious 45 inches. But the most empowering number of all on her zed card is her weight, which is listed as an opulent 315 pounds.

Words cannot convey how positive the effect of having those numbers printed on her card could be. Women often exhibit a regrettable ambivalence about their weight. They experience a palpable uneasiness about crossing the 300-pound threshold. (Some women even become apprehensive about surpassing 200 pounds, which is actually a below-average weight and a rather slim measure.) But why? There is no reason whatsoever why women should give even a second thought to a mere number. To see someone as utterly gorgeous as Rosie taking ownership of her sumptuous weight is truly liberating. Just as Miss Mercado is comfortable with every inch and every pound, so should all women feel proud of their naturally well-fed figures.

Click to enlarge

* * *

Something else on Rosie's zed caught our attention as well. We had previously encountered the card's black-and-white images, as well as its outtakes from her "neon" shoot and her celebrated Indian Princess series. But we were awestruck by the small picture at the top of the card, which showed Miss Mercado in a ruffled blue dress. Never before had we seen her looking so utterly delicious. We implored her to provide us with the original photograph from which that graphic was taken.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now pleased to bring you the two most gorgeous images of Rosie's career.

Shot by Oscar Picazo (the man who has consistently photographed Rosie better than anyone), this picture is absolutely stunning. It shows the model in the loveliest dress that she has ever worn, a vivid-blue ruffled gown that lovingly embraces her rounded contours. She turns her figure to the side to further emphasize her magnificent hips. The retro setting finds her amid vintage automobiles at a petrol station from the early 20th century. This historical context enhances Rosie's allure, associating her unmodern, well-upholstered beauty with a better age, a nobler era when elegant cars such as these roamed the streets of a more civilized America; a time when plump goddesses such as Lillian Russell (whose luxurious figure Rosie echoes) embodied the ideal of feminine beauty. The rich colours of the photograph bring that dignified time-period to life, and prompt the viewer to imagine what our world would be like if society still valued true beauty as it once did: beauty in its environment, in its designs, and in its appreciation of the richness of the feminine figure.

Click to enlarge

Coming closer to Rosie, the viewer is awed by the majesty of her stance, by the nobility and drama of her demeanour. With the breeze blowing her tresses, and her imposing figure proudly on display, she appears regal and aristocratic. There is an epic grandeur to the image--an effect that no meagre faux-plus model could ever achieve. Her sheer physical presence is thrilling and irresistible. She generates desire in the viewer in equal measure to the splendour of her physique.

Click to enlarge

Another factor that makes the image so effective is that although it recalls the beauty of a bygone age, it is wholly contemporary as well. Rosie appears youthful and vixenish, a true "diva" in the present-day understanding of the word (a fact that the star alongside her face subconsciously underscores). One feels the power of her being as a humbling force, which is an effect that only a true goddess can achieve. Consider how memorably the resplendent measurements that she lists on her card are juxtaposed with this mesmerizing image. "This is what 315 pounds of sheer beauty looks like," the picture seems to say, and one cannot imagine a more dazzling sight. One wouldn't wish her diminished by a single pound, not a single inch. Her body is the glory of creation.

Click to enlarge

And yet, impossible as it may seem, the above image isn't even the finest photograph from this extraordinary shoot. That distinction belongs to the following picture, which takes female sensuality to an entirely new level. This is without a doubt one of the most alluring images that any model has ever created.

Click to enlarge

This photograph celebrates Miss Mercado's generous contours even more openly than the above image. The bountiful measurements that her card itemized as now freely displayed. She glories in her voluptuousness, her full waist, and the exquisite softness of her physique. That softness is key to what makes Rosie so gorgeous, because for all of the robustness of her figure, there is an exquisite delicacy to her person as well, an impression created by the untoned beauty of her rounded limbs. Her elaborate, romantic hairstyle harkens back to the 19th century and complements the opulence of her proportions, as well as the richness of her gown.

Click to enlarge

Yet the central factor that makes this photograph such a masterpiece of seductiveness is Rosie's astounding modelling technique. Her expression is utterly captivating--a look that contains within it a blend of the most arresting emotions. It is a look of longing, of smouldering passion, of neediness and vulnerability, and of insatiable appetites. One sees here the uncontrollable desires that have given Rosie her lavish proportions, the self-indulgent nature that has bestowed upon her such full-blown, unrestrained beauty.

Click to enlarge

And yet, there is also a sense of comfort and relaxation in the picture, of pleasurable indolence, of freedom from exertion. It depicts a life of ease, of romance, of liberation from all inhibitions. A life of contentment.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to Rosie Mercado for producing these masterpieces of feminine sensuality, and kudos to her as well for proudly listing her womanly measurements on her composite card. The juxtaposition of those luxurious stats with these gorgeous images is highly effective, as it shows the world what such generous beauty actually looks like.

Let us hope that all women who see these pictures will learn to love their figures, for they should all realize that if a goddess as sumptuously proportioned as Rosie can adore herself and look so attractive, then surely they can as well.

(Click images to view larger.)

- www.Miss

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Default Re: Rosie Mercado, Measure for Measure

I thank the Administrator for posting this wonderful thread. The positive size affirmation of this site is unparalleled. Many here on the site have favorite plus-size models. I have found my favorite, and it is Rosie Mercado. She is truly a plus-size vision, beautiful in form and appearance. She exemplifies confidence and fortitude in a society that is hostile towards women with full figures. Viva Rosie Mercado! May she continue to blaze a trail for voluptuous, curvy women everywhere.
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Default Re: Rosie Mercado, Measure for Measure

Rosie is utterly stunning. I applaud her for owning her measurements and proudly proclaiming herself to be a gorgeous and unapologetically full-figured woman.

These really are the most beautiful pictures that she has ever created. She dramatically distinguishes herself her from many of the models who are on the bigger side of plus. In their photoshoots, other models over a size 20 often seem to go for exaggeration in their poses or facial expressions or wardrobe; or worse, go for a comedic effect.

But these images are exactly like a layout from a top-quality fashion publication. This is what a true Plus-Size Elle magazine could look like. These are chic, yet very sexy. Rosie's dress is stylish and feminine, and she poses with the intense allure of a Victoria's Secret or Guess model -- except such a model who is actually curvaceous, and actually attractive.

These are the types of images, and not outlandish or so-called "edgy" (which really means ugly) shoots, that actually will change society's views of beauty.

Absolutely breathtaking.
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