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Default Model Service Agency: Lindsey, Andrea

Model Service Agency has long been held in the highest esteem by timeless-beauty aficionados for its willingness--nay, its eagerness--to represent true plus-size models, including 16s, 18s, 20s, etc.

However, perhaps no agency in the industry was perennially as much in need of a Web revamp as MSA. That made last week's launch of the agency's new Internet portal a highly welcome event.

MSA's fabled "Goddess" division boasts no less than three Judgment of Paris favourites, making it one of the strongest boards in the industry. And while fans eagerly await the inclusion of the gorgeous Katherine Roll on the new site, the online portfolios of Lindsey Garbelman and Andrea Horblitt are currently available, and both are well worth a look.

* * *

Regular Judgment of Paris readers will have already seen the majority of the new images in Lindsey's portfolio in our recent "Glittering Obsidian" post. However, the model's MSA book includes three further examples of extraordinary beauty.

The first is this alluring recumbent shot. Although the tunic is too loose to define Lindsey's figure, the glimpse of bare thigh and leg is highly seductive. The most sensual detail is how generously the model's shapely legs fill those leather boots, as if the boots were barely wide enough to encompass the sumptuous fullness of her calves. This reinforces a styling dictum that full-figured goddesses should always keep in mind: whatever the item (top, dress, boot, etc.), the tighter the fit, the more alluring the effect.

Equally captivating, though, is the model's opulent hairstyle, with her magnificent brunette tresses shaped into thick, heavy curls, betokening Lindsey's innate opulence. The model's high-temperature expression makes the viewer's heart race. Her eyes transmit carnal desire; her parted lips communicate raw hunger, which plays off against the refined elegance of her hairstyle.

Click to enlarge

Dorothy Combs Miami previously released a cropped version of the following image, but the MSA site features it as a stunning full-length. The pose is confident and self-consciously showy, displaying the model's womanly hips. The only possible criticism might be that the outfit compresses Lindsey's middle; however, her MSA portfolio gives her waist measurement as a luscious 38 inches (just one inch shy of Kelsey Olson's gorgeous proportions), so fans can rest assured that Lindsey remains as shapely as ever.

Click to enlarge

The agency's portfolio also includes an example from the model's implied-nude shoot, but the following masterpiece is even more thrilling than the one which Dorothy Combs released. In this image, Lindsey explores the darkest passions that she has ever revealed. She looks intoxicatingly vain and haughty, creating the exciting persona of a goddess who is unreservedly selfish and spoiled, who considers herself the most desirable woman in creation, who believes that her beauty allows her even to be cruel to those who adore her, for they will remain enslaved to her, no matter what. And in that belief, she is absolutely right, for the more beautiful that a goddess is, the more pain she is entitled to inflict on the world and still be cherished. Such a princess would indulge herself without restraint, would cause her worshippers utter misery--yet know all the while that she would but need to let down her hair and have it fall over her bare shoulders, and all would be forgiven.

It is a testament to Lindsey's modelling talent that with a single image, she can generate such a captivating narrative.

Click to enlarge

* * *

Several examples from the test that produced Andrea's new MSA photos also recently appeared on our forum; however, her MSA book features even lovelier examples from this shoot.

The most delightful of all of the new pictures is this one, which shows the model teasing her long blonde tresses. We have never seen an image quite like this. It has an innocent, girlish charm, along with a marvellous, gentle sensuality. There is something so adorable about the way in which Andrea plays with her hair, which impels the viewer to feel joy in his heart, even as he dreams of similarly plunging his hands into that mane of golden hair. Observe the touch of fullness at the model's waist. This is one of the most original photographs that we have ever encountered, a truly unique and captivating composition.

Click to enlarge

Another photograph showing the model in the same outfit is also striking, mixing intensity with cuteness in a most appealing way. Andrea creates a powerful connection with the camera, her eyes communicating the deepest sincerity. Recalling of the name of her brand, Need, want, love, the viewer responds urgently to that neediness.

Click to enlarge

If Lindsey's images, above, demonstrated the allure of darkness, then Andrea's, by contrast, show the beauty of light. Her fair complexion, with just a hint of a flush at her cheeks (accentuated by the pink/lilac top), is dazzling; her tresses are the softest gold. Andrea's aquamarine eyes contrast vividly with Lindsey's mysterious, obsidian pools. In this mesmerizing headshot she appears soft and gentle, doll-like, open-hearted and free of any guile. Her beauty is soothing--sweet, yet vibrant.

Click to enlarge

Another image from her "college life" dorm-princess look shows her appearing friendly and approachable, cozy and comfortable. One senses her warmth and playfulness, and can't help but adore her. Still, the way in which her blonde tresses flow over her shoulders in big, heavy curls confirms her goddesslike status, and reminds the viewer that Andrea is deliberately tamping down her overwhelming gorgeousness to reassure him and put him at ease, for he would otherwise be humbled in her presence.

Click to enlarge

In just one image, however, Andrea delivers a heightened dose of allure, as if to remind the viewer of the seductive power that she could unleash if she chose to do so. Her golden tresses flow heavily, lazily over her shoulder, their luxurious weight palpable and intoxicating. Her neck-touching gesture is most enticing. She fixes the viewer with a look that mixes intrigue with a dash of desire.

Click to enlarge

The outfit is simple, yet elegant, keeping the focus directly on the model's visage and tresses and passionate gaze. Yet even with this demeanour, Andrea maintains an element of softness, allowing the viewer to remember the kindness that she revealed to him in her other images, and not to be threatened by her intensity.

Click to enlarge

* * *

Both Lindsey and Andrea--the dark princess and the princess of light--are extraordinary beauties, and together they give MSA a truly impressive roster. When Katherine Roll's portfolio will be added to the Goddess board as well, Model Service Agency will boast one of the most powerful conglomerations of talent anywhere in the industry.

Never has the agency's plus-size division as richly deserved the "Goddess" moniker as it does now. We are pleased to see MSA finally represented by a worthy Web site, and earnestly wish each of its Goddesses the greatest success.

(Click images to enlarge.)

- Model Service Agency: Goddess division

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Suzanne R
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Default Re: Model Service Agency: Lindsey, Andrea

In my humble opinion, Lindsey is probably the prettiest plus-size model. Wow!!
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