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Old 14th November 2010   #1
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Default Sweet Hearts Bridal plus-size model

I think I'm about to make every reader of this forum very happy. I've just discovered one of the most gorgeous plus-size models...ever.

I don't know her name, but she stars in the first campaign for a brand-new plus-size bridal label called "Sweet Hearts Plus." The company doesn't have a Web site, as far as I know, but it does have an official Facebook page, which is where I located these photos.

Isn't she an absolute goddess? She reminds me a little of Shannon Marie, or a fuller-figured Blair from The Facts of Life. A living doll.

Just look at how gorgeously full and fleshy her arms are. With her blonde hair spilling over her shoulders, it looks as if that gown was made just for her.

I love the settings too, with all the greenery and the flowers. Looking at these pictures, I feel like I've stepped into heaven itself, and this model is the most gorgeous of all the angels. She has such a soft, soft look. You can see the beautiful fullness in her face.

I like how the little touches of red in this photo play off against the green. The model's expressions are very gentle and pretty.

This may be my favourite photo in the entire campaign. The contrast with the underweight model is glaring. It's like a side-by-side comparison of timeless feminine beauty versus the unappealing modern look. The plus-size goddess looks very well fed, her arms sensually full and soft, while the skinny model looks older and harsher. The full-figured beauty is a golden blonde with an alluringly natural, untoned figure, and carefully keeps the sun off of her fair skin, while the thin model is meagre and narrow.

She looks so radiant in the following picture, where she reclines on the grass, as if she were dozing lazily in the afternoon warmth. Only Shannon Marie herself, or maybe Katherine Roll, might have arms as full and beautiful as hers. All of the elegant vintage artifacts give the picture a Victorian quality.

The last photo shows a behind-the-scenes shot. I love the fact that while the photographer is thin, the model she is shooting is plump and gorgeous. It's a reversal of the usual fashion-industry stereotype, but it's actually the more natural idea of who should embody each role.

Here's the brand's Facebook page. Bravo to them for finding such a stunning beauty. I think this is an Australian company, so if this model isn't represented by an agency, she should be.
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Old 14th November 2010   #2
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Default Re: Sweet Hearts Bridal plus-size model

It turns out that her name is Hayley, and she is represented by a small agency in Australia called Roseys Model Management. They have an online portfolio for her, but it only features Polaroids. I'd love to see her do another gorgeous bridal campaign like this, or a professional test shoot.

Her measurements are a womanly 45-37-48, which puts her in the U.S. size 16-18 range. That's why she looks so luscious and shapely in the images. As others have suggested, that should be the baseline size for full-figured models, because with those stats, if a model is beautiful, her images will help persuade society that plus-size women can be gorgeous at a naturally curvaceous size.

Interestingly, the agency page also gives her weight, which converts to 243 pounds. It would be wonderful if more agencies listed this stat as well, as doing so would help women get comfortable with these numbers; to learn not to fear them, but to embrace them, because of the kind of beauty that is associated with such curvy proportions.

It will be interesting to see if Hayley now moves to BGM Models or Bella Models. She has the potential for a great career. I just hope she keeps her gorgeous curves!
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Old 1st December 2010   #3
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Default Re: Sweet Hearts Bridal plus-size model

I was going through the Facebook page of "Glamour Plus" bridals, which is a sister line to the Sweet Hearts brand, and was delighted to find several more images of Hayley.

These pictures lack the enchanting locations and Old World photography of the Sweet Hearts photos, but they still show how curvaceous and gorgeous the model is.

For example, this Greek-goddess-style gown, with a one-shoulder strap, beautifully exhibits her soft, rounded arms.

Another picture on the site has a close-up of that photo to display the model's hairstyle, which is very pretty. But what I especially appreciate is how full her facial features are. You can see the weight in her face, which makes her very attractive. Also, her skin looks fair, and her clavicle is submerged in flesh. She is a true plus-size model, and a very pretty one.

The reverse view is also lovely. I like her expression in this image, which is very tranquil and serene, very romantic.

This may be my favourite picture of all, even though I prefer sleeveless styles. Hayley's arms look very full and luscious in this picture, and the gown has an appealing design at the bust, which accentuates voluptuousness. When you see plus-size models with shapely arms, like Hayley's, you understand why the Victorians enthused over womens' arms the way that today's men praise women for their legs.

Here's the Glamour Plus FB page where I discovered these extra photos:!/glamourplus
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