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Old 22nd November 2010   #1
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Default Lindsey Garbelman on The View

I hope everyone was watching The View today, because gorgeous, genuinely full-figured plus-size model Lindsey Garbelman appeared in a segment modelling fashions by Tina Knowles - the accomplished designer who just happens to be the mother of curvy pop superstar Beyoncé Knowles.

Lindsey looked absolutely stunning - so luscious and opulent. She made the dress she had on look fantastic. She was paired with a waif model, and there was no comparison. The dress looked sooooo much better on Lindsey, with her womanly curves.

Here's the video:

When Lindsey came on, Tina Knowles mentioned that her style fits on everyone from a size-2 model to a size-20 model, and while a size-20 Lindsey may be wishful thinking (she would be so beautiful at that size!), Lindsey did look truly shapely and sumptuous, more than I've ever seen her before.

Better still, since Lindsey and her partner were the last two girls in the segment, they remained on stage as the discussion went on to other topics about Beyonce and such. This meant that everyone got to see much more of Lindsey than of the other models in the segment. She really looked amazing.
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Old 25th November 2010   #2
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Default The line vs. the curve

Lindsey's appearance on The View constitutes a splendid presentation of her beauty, showcasing the curviness of her figure as never before. But it also serves up an astonishing visual contrast between the timeless, full-figured ideal and the androgynous modern standard.

From the very first moment when Lindsey and her anorexic partner emerge before the cameras, the contrast is glaring. The waif on the left looks freakishly elongated and narrow, almost as if someone had taken a plasticine human form and stretched it into a comical shape, or as if the model were being viewed in a funhouse mirror. Miss Garbelman, on the other hand, looks gorgeous and natural, with her womanly hips abundantly on display.

Click to enlarge

Bear in mind that these images are not Ralph-Lauren-like Photoshopping distortions, but unedited screecaps of the video. The emaciated frame of the model on the left accurately represents her alarming, true-to-life appearance. Lindsey, meanwhile, looks voluptuous and healthy, with a real sense of substance to her body. As one gazes upon her figure, one muses that "This is how a woman is supposed to look."

Click to enlarge

As the pair turn and walk toward the presentation stage, the contrast becomes even more apparent. The stick figure on the left looks flat-chested and compressed, while Lindsey appears deliciously buxom, exhibiting showing generous reverse-view curves.

Click to enlarge

Another step shows us Lindsey's most gorgeous figure feature, her magnificent 38" waist. Bravo to The View for not trying to distort Miss Garbelman's sumptuous midsection in any way, but allowing the semi-fitted dress to showcase her rounded middle.

Click to enlarge

Another angle on the pair offers the most startling contrast in the entire clip. Many "beanpole" jokes come to mind when one sees how narrow and shapeless the skinny model appears here, like a literal walking stick. Whereas the minus-size skeleton personifies the idea of "line," Lindsey is all curve. Her well-fed figure fills out her dress in an intensely alluring manner, allowing the fabric to define her bountiful proportions. She is every inch a woman, while the other model is a wasted androgyne.

Click to enlarge

As the pair stands before the camera, the starving model's smile looks forced. Her limbs are as spindly as matchsticks--mere bones covered by a thin layer of skin. Lindsey, on the other hand, glows with vitality. She looks luxurious and replete. The pleasure that she takes in her own body is evident, her demeanour radiating the satisfaction of never starving, but eating as much as she likes, knowing that her proportions are those of a goddess.

Click to enlarge

Lindsey's admirers will be especially delighted by the moment in the video when she performs a 360-degree turn, allowing fans to appreciate her lush curves from every angle. The profile view provides another splendid comparison between the two physiques. The rich fullness at Lindsey's waist is overwhelming sensual, while the other model seems to have a substantial piece of her frame missing, like the victim of a shark attack.

Click to enlarge

The reverse view continues the contrast in bodies (or rather, the contrast between the actual body, on the right, and the absence of a person, on the left). Miss Garbelman's physique communicates a seductive sense of weight, while the other model's frame seems hard and unyielding.

Click to enlarge

Video appearances by plus-size models usually provide a much better sense of their actual physiques than still images do, since print photographers often choose angles that diminish the appearance of womanly curves. Needless to say, such a practice constitutes anti-plus discrimination. Plus-size fashion campaigns should instead be photographed to celebrate and accentuate the lavish curves of full-figured goddesses.

Click to enlarge

As the turn continues, viewers are treated to one more glimpse of Lindsey's soft, curvy waist. Rather than embodying any single body type (hourglass, apple, or pear), the most gorgeous plus-size models, like Lindsey and Kelsey Olson and Katherine Roll, possess an ideal combination of the best of all three classes, exhibiting the buxom voluptuousness of the hourglass, the womanly hips of the pear body, and most seductively of all, the opulent waist of the apple shape.

Click to enlarge

Lindsey's figure is so gorgeous that it could wholly monopolize one's interest, but also be sure to notice how effective she is as a model. As she stands before the camera, she appears lively and animated, casting flirtatious glances to either end of the studio, perhaps selecting which of New York's millionaire GQs she will allow to lavish her with gifts and satisfy her expensive tastes as they attempt to court her favour. One sense that she fully recognizes her own beauty and enjoys the pleasures to which it entitles her.

Click to enlarge

As the video continues, the discussion turns to Beyoncé, her mother, their clothing lines and concert tours, etc. However, not only does the director keep Lindsey on stage, but the camera even zeroes in on Lindsey's gorgeous face. There is no practical reason for this to be happening, given that the segment is strictly about the dress that she is modelling. Clearly, the show's director became instantly besotted with Lindsey's beauty and couldn't keep the camera off of her. And who can blame him? For all that we speak of Lindsey's stunning figure, her radiant facial features (beautified by the visible weight in her face) are breathtaking.

Click to enlarge

As you reconsider the two figures--the shrivelled frame on the left and the fleshy body on the right--just image the difference in lifestyles that the two girls lead. The meagre model likely has nothing to look forward to for the rest of the day but a glass of water and leaf of lettuce. She must go around all day, every day, feeling empty and tired, with hunger gnawing her innards, incarcerating herself for hours in a gym-prison, inflicting misery upon her malnourished self, then dragging her weary bones home.

Click to enlarge

The plus-size model, on the other hand, can enjoy snacks during the shoot, then indulge in a rich lunch at an Italian restaurant, come home, relax with a good book, catch a nap in her soft bed, then decide which of her GQ suitors she will allow the privilege of taking her out for an expensive dinner, followed by a decadent dessert, then a bit of partying. The wizened model lives a life of self-inflicted misery; the curvy goddess a life of satisfaction and pleasure and fun. Which is the preferable option?

Click to enlarge

Most importantly, however, not only does the well-fed model lead a happier, more enjoyable life, but she is infinitely more gorgeous than her underweight rival. No man would give the famine victim a second glance (except in repulsion), while every real man would instantly become infatuated with the curvaceous model, intoxicated by the alluring heaviness of her figure, enraptured by the loveliness of her soft face.

Click to enlarge

Bravo to Tina Knowles for selecting such a gorgeous and genuinely full-figured model as Lindsey to showcase her designs. And kudos to Lindsey herself for delivering such a captivating performance on national television, thus showing all of America what a truly ideal feminine figure looks like.

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Default Lindsey at the World Series of Poker

You have to be on the lookout for it, but plus-size beauty turns up in the unlikeliest of places.

Any Judgment of Paris readers who watched the recent "Final Table" episode of the World Series of Poker must have done a double-take when the camera caught glimpses of the cheering section of Florida-based poker star John Racener. There, amid Racener's friends and family, was none other than full-figured goddess Lindsey Garbelman.

(See her on the right, brushing her hair in a seductive way?)

Racener ended up doing remarkably well in the tournament, taking the runner-up spot (and coming away with some very respectable winnings as a result), but each of Lindsey's appearances on screen coincided with moments of great peril for her poker-playing friend. Just as well, though, because Lindsey looks so adorable in the following screencap, with her hand gently touching her cheek, that one would think that this was a bona fide fashion image. Born model that she is, Lindsey always knows how to look good in front of the camera.

Of course, given that Racener ended up as one of the final two players, the camera also caught several moments of Lindsey looking ecstatic about her friend's success. Here, she throws up her hands in jubilation.

Here, she lets out a shout of joy.

Lindsey appeared on screen two more times during the game--once during the following moment, at the left, as the camera panned over Racener's cheering section while he was in dire straits. Note the obvious concern in her countenance--but observe as well the soft roundness of her middle, as defined by her fitted top.

Racener's official team colour happened to be purple, which was an ideal choice, given that it is an especially beautiful hue on Lindsey, one that sets off her brunette beauty particularly well.

For the benefit of Miss Garbelman's avid fans, we have cut together a brief video--just under two minutes in length--showing Lindsey's fleeting appearances during this episode.

Don't blink or you'll miss her! She appears first at 0:12, looking concerned, then at 0:43, jubilant at Racener's success. She throws her head back in worry at 0:52, and finally appears at 1:18, just moments before Racener's luck finally runs out.

Little wonder that John Racener did so well in this tournament, since he had such a gorgeous plus-size model cheering him on. Lindsey's curvaceous beauty could inspire any man to reach new heights of accomplishment.

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Old 7th December 2010   #4
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Default Re: Lindsey Garbelman on The View

I think the key to Lindseys current beauty, which has blossomed over the past year to the point where she has matched or surpassed the loveliness of her very first Aurora Formals campaign (where we all fell in love with her), can be discovered on her Model Service Agency online comp card:

As you can see, besides the fact that the page lists her as having a scrumptious 38" waist, her dress size is given as a size 16/18. This is even better than the 16 that she was previously listed at, and her superior current beauty is evident in those screencaps from The View. Her face is rounder and more youthful; her figure is shapelier. In every way she is more goddesslike than before. No wonder Tina Knowles (or the show) chose her to represent those fashions. They look great on her curvy physique.

I wish all models were at least a size 16/18 or higher. Full-figured women would then be represented by truly curvy girls, and the whole plus-size fashion industry would become a force for positive body image. Thank goodness that we have models like Lindsey, Kelsey, Katherine, etc., representing curvaceous girls so beautifully.
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